Making the Most Out of College


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Powerpoint presentation presented by Ms. Laurie Davis of the Yeshiva University Career Development Center at the Second Annual College EDge Seminar and Fair Day, March 23, 2012.

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Making the Most Out of College

  1. 1. Making the Most Out of College Laurie Davis Director, Counseling & Programming Career Development Center
  2. 2. Agenda Taking advantage of resources Extracurricular activities Faculty Professionalism Thinking about your career early
  3. 3. Resources at College Academics: Advising, Tutoring, Faculty Support: Counseling, Disabilities, Health Services Student Life: Housing, Activities, Athletics Financial Aid Registrar
  4. 4. Getting Involved On Campus Network Enhance your resume Gain skills Gain exposure Options: clubs, athletics, student council, newspaper, tutoring, volunteer, etc.
  5. 5. Faculty Building relationships Office hours Letters of recommendation Networking Conflicts
  6. 6. Email to a ProfessorHey,I am applying to an internship for this semesterand was wondering if you would be a referencefor me. i’d really appreciate it- thx!Jon Now let’s discuss!
  7. 7. Professionalism: Writing Impressions of you and your work Think before you write Keep your audience and purpose in mind Do not write as if you are talking to the person Do not use IM/text abbreviations Proofread! Use spell check but with caution
  8. 8. Professionalism: Verbal Interactions Don’t approach when heated Giving people context Listening Prepare in advance Eye contact and body language Dressing appropriately
  9. 9. Career Development Process Step 1: Self reflection Step 2: Research - explore different career fields Step 3: Narrow and focus Step 4: Implement decision Step 5: Review, assess, analyze, learn
  10. 10. What You Can Do Now Contact admissions and ask to speak with current students Explore subjects and career areas that might be of interest: – Read online ( – Speak with professionals (informational interviews) – Gain experience: volunteer / shadow / intern Review course catalog and school website
  11. 11. Final Thoughts? Questions? Career Development Center