When Employees Should Watch Videos


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A new video series for employees who need fast information on paying less for college and getting their students into their first-choice colleges. Ideal for companies that want to reduce non-work related activities and increase employee satisfaction.

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When Employees Should Watch Videos

  1. 1. How would you react if yousaw how time was spent byyour child’s high schoolguidance counselor? www.precollegeprep.com
  2. 2. Only 29% of a counselor’s time isallocated to college planning. – Students are given little or no direction. – Parents are frustrated. – College major is undetermined. – College selection becomes guesswork. – Lack of focus follows the student into college. Result? More than 60% of these students will graduate from college in 5 or 6 years, not in 4 years. www.precollegeprep.com
  3. 3. Quality time with a college-boundstudent is the issue of greatestconcern.But where is it going to come fromif not from the high school? www.precollegeprep.com
  4. 4. From parents?They will spend hours researching colleges,both off and on the job.So where is the source of information comingfrom that gives employees what they need? www.precollegeprep.com
  5. 5. From your company.It will help you make a long-lasting andpositive impression on employees withcollege-bound children.How? www.precollegeprep.com
  6. 6. Your company does it with… valuable information the easiest delivery system hands-off effort every week. Here’s how… www.precollegeprep.com
  7. 7. We email parents & students one video every week. Videos from this DVD, created by one of America’s leading experts in college admissions, Paul Hemphill, are sent to parents and students for a 6-month period to answer the most common questions about getting into college. What are the end results? www.precollegeprep.com
  8. 8. a more competitive studenta more satisfied employeea more productive employeeHow do you get started?www.precollegeprep.com
  9. 9. Place a web form on your website, likeReceive 1 free videoeach week on getting the one you see here. into college and paying less. Send an email to each of your employees, notifying them that they can go to your company’s website and sign up for these weekly videos for free. That’s all you do. We provide this web form with your logo, and we send the weekly videos until the recipient decides to unsubscribe. There’s no employee Your Company obligation. Logo Here That’s all there is to it. www.precollegeprep.com
  10. 10. Email addresses will not be sold to anyentity due to privacy issues.Duplicate emails will be sent to eachdesignated company official each week tomonitor content.No employee is charged for their weeklysubscription to these videos.The author is available to conduct companywebinars and onsite seminars.The author of the videos can be hired by alimited number of employees to work one-on-one with their student(s). ________________To begin this weekly video program, contact thecreator of the videos, Paul Hemphill at (508) 520-6642, or at paul@precollegeprep.com ### www.precollegeprep.com