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Patients Pushing the Boundaries of Privacy - Good for Them. Good fo You


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A presentation for oncology nurses demonstrating how online patient and caregiver communities can support them in their practice and the families they care for.

Thanks to the social Web, people facing a new diagnosis, undergoing treatment, or living with chronic illness can tap into larger networks online. Patients and caregivers know things – about themselves, about each other, about treatments – and they want to share what they know to help other people and ask questions. Increasingly patients and families participate in online communities to connect with peers and health care providers.

In this presentation, Heather Sinardo and Colleen Young discuss the evolving digital landscape of connection and isolation, and the pros and cons of disclosing of illness and cancer in the digital age. We examine online patient communities, what makes them work and why. Learn how to evaluate the quality of an online community where self-disclosure discussions deepen the sense of community, and how these stronger ties enhance the health and well-being of the online community members and their community.

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Patients Pushing the Boundaries of Privacy - Good for Them. Good fo You

  1. 1. Patients Pushing the Boundaries of Privacy - Good for Them; Good for You Heather Sinardo, Canadian Cancer Society Colleen Young, Canadian Virtual Hospice
  2. 2. “A group of people who share a strong common interest, form relationships and interact online.” ~Richard Millington What is an online community?
  3. 3. Ingredients of successful communities
  4. 4. Self-disclosure • Creates connections • Builds circles of trust • Deepens sense of community • Maintains respect
  5. 5. Privacy
  6. 6. Dive right in or not
  7. 7. Role of the Community Manager
  8. 8. If I were an oncology nurse… how would I know if I should recommend an online community?
  9. 9. “...this forum [is] like a big cozy blanket when I need someone to lean on ...” ~Virtual Hospice community member
  10. 10. “Between medical appointments, we have a lot of living to do.” ~Kathy Kastner
  11. 11. Thank you | | @cancersociety @virtualhospice @colleen_young