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Introduction to search marketing given to Ithaca College internet marketing class on 10/03.

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Search marketing-10-02-12

  1. 1. Search Marketing
  2. 2. A little about me… Class of 2005, Sport Media B.S. Marketing Analyst @ IC since July 2012 Search Intern, 2007-2008 SEM Coordinator, 2008-12 Search Engine Optimization Analyst, 2009-12
  3. 3. Overview• Overview• What is Search?• Paid • Campaign • Ad Groups • Keywords• Organic • HTML • Content • Links
  4. 4. Dissecting Search Results Paid Search Image Results Organic Search Universal Search Local Feeds News Results4
  5. 5. 6 Search Engine Marketing Paid Search Organic Search•Also known as: Also known as: • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) • Natural • SEM • SEM • SEO• Advertisers pay for placement insearch results • Unpaid listings (FREE)• High control over rank and frequency • Advertisers/websites appear based on• Full control of ad copy and landing relevancypages • Less control over copy, rank and landing pages
  6. 6. Paid Search
  7. 7. In order to maintain a high quality advertisement, a PaidSearch Account should be relevant to the searcher, toGoogle and to the advertiser. Creating a solid structuregenerates a lower cost per click, higher positioning, and abetter quality score.Account Structure
  8. 8. Campaigns - Account Structure Broad Theme Localization - City, Zip Code, Country etc. Ability to Set Daily BudgetA Proposed Campaign Breakdown: Beer Party Drinking Beirut Pong Pong Games
  9. 9. Advanced Location Targeting Location Keyword Searcher’s Keyword in Person Sees Targeted Location Search Query: Your Ad? New Jersey new york beer pong  tablesNew York State “beer pong New York beer pongOnly tables” tables  New Jersey beer pong tables Refine location settings by adjusting reach based on: – People in the targeted region – Those using terms specific to your targeted location
  10. 10. Ad Groups - Account Structure Ad Groups are a collection of commonly themed keywords This helps create targeted ads for each group theme Cost per click (CPC) and landing page can be adjustedAd Groups Example for a Beer Pong Campaign: History Tables Rules Cost Instructions
  11. 11. Ad Copy - Overview Each ad group should rotate at least two ads in order to maintain: – Viewer Freshness – Testing Opportunities – Quality Ads These ads are tailored to speak to the keywords in each ad group:Campaign Ad Group Ads KeywordsBeer Pong Tables “beer pong tables”Beer Pong Tables “tables for beer pong”Beer Pong Tables “beer pong table”Beer Pong Tables “best beer pong tables”
  12. 12. What is Quality Score?Quality Score is how likely auser will click on your adScore ranges from 1-10 (10being the best)Determines eligibility of akeyword auctionA negative QS can effect theentire accountAd Rank = CPC Bid x QualityScore Quality Score Factors
  13. 13. Keyword Research Keywords are words or phrases that people use in a search box Relevant and targeted keywords are the cornerstone to a successful SEM strategy Several factors are considered to when choosing which keywords to target: – Keyword Popularity – Keyword Relevance – Keyword Competitiveness – Searcher Intent14
  14. 14. User Intention Funnel What is Beer Pong?, What is beriut? Who sells beer pong tables?, cost of beer pong tables Best beer pong tables, types of beer pong tables Shop for beer pong table, buy beer pong table15
  15. 15. What are Keyword Match Types? Match Type Punctuation Used Description ExampleBroad Match beer pong tables Synonyms, related • beer pong tables • top new york colleges searches, and other • new york universities variationsBroad Match Modifier +beer +pong +tables Close variations, but • beer pong table • tables for beer pong not synonyms or • beer pong tables related searchesPhrase Match “beer pong tables” Exact keyword with • best beer pong tables • beer pong tables in ny additional words Will not show for: before or after • tables for beer pongExact Match [beer pong tables] Only shows for exact • ping pong tables phrase or keywordNegative Match beer pong tables Searches do not Will not show for: - ping pong -ping contain this term - ping pont tables
  16. 16. 18Organic Search
  17. 17. What do Search Engines Do?
  18. 18. What is SEO? Social/HTML Content Links SEO
  19. 19. 23HTML
  20. 20. On-Page HTML Factors Description Tag URL Title Tag Naming HTML Alt Image Sitemap Tag
  21. 21. Dissecting Search Results Title Tag URL Description Sitelinks
  22. 22. Title Tag• 5-10 words or 65-70 characters• Place related keywords close to each other and most important terms at start of title tag• Keywords used in title tag should appear on that page’s viewable text• Create unique titles for each page and use targeted keyword terms
  23. 23. Meta Description – Best Practices• 250-character (including spaces) description of the page• Should be unique for every page• Should elicit a call to action or be descriptive of what your site offers.• Target important keyword terms in the first 200 characters.• Most important keywords are placed at the beginning.• Use keyword variations like both plural and singular versions of words
  24. 24. URL Naming – Best Practices URL Naming• Place targeted keywords within the URL file name• Use Dashes (not underscores) between each keyword• Should elicit a call to action or be descriptive of what your site• Each folder should move from broad to specific •
  25. 25. Alt Image Naming – Best Practices • Avoid keyword stuffing • Place image text into alt tag • Avoid lengthy descriptions • If no text is present, a simple one line description including keywords should be used
  26. 26. 30Content
  27. 27. Content Factors Anchor TextKeywordDensity Content Headings Freshness
  28. 28. Headings - Content <h1> <h2> <h3>
  29. 29. Freshness - Content #1 #2 #3News Content Fresh Content #4
  30. 30. 34Internal Anchor Text - Content
  31. 31. Keyword “Density” Keyword usage should be balanced throughout page content
  32. 32. Link Building
  33. 33. Linking Factors Anchor Text Link Quality ofQuantity + Source Diversity Content Link to Social Intended Signals URL
  34. 34. What is PageRank?Page APage BPage C
  35. 35. 40
  36. 36. Quality & Quantity - Links
  37. 37. Anchor Text & Deep Linking - Links Page A Custom Pong Tables Page B Custom Pong Tables Page C Custom Pong Tables
  38. 38. Social SignalsSearch engines are using social media sharing as signals to determinesearch engine rankings.Optimized social media profiles can appear on page 1 of search results forbranded search terms.Social buttons can be added to site to encourage sharing » Optimize profile & individual videos » Optimize profile. Encourage discussion & likes which may be used as signal to search engines » Share PR and other information. Encourage Tweets which may be used as signal to search engines » Set up Business profile once available. Will be used by Google as rankings factor
  39. 39. Thank YouFollow Me: @Colleen_Clark Email: