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WolframAlpha matrices


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WolframAlpha syntax for queries on matrices

Published in: Education
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WolframAlpha matrices

  1. 1. WolframAlpha Matrices Colleen Young
  2. 2. Check matrix examples with WolframAlpha
  3. 3. Each slide is hyperlinked to a WolframAlpha query which you could easily change to check your own examples Hyperlinks here
  4. 4. Multiply two matrices See next slide for an alternative
  5. 5. ..... or use the matrices operations calculator Or choose subtraction or multiplication
  6. 6. Properties of a matrix Simply enter a matrix to return Several properties
  7. 7. Properties of a matrix J: Diagonal matrix eigenvalues on leading diagonal S: Eigenvectors in columns, note order – see J Inverse of S
  8. 8. Find the inverse of a matrix Many properties can be found by simply entering the matrix, or specify a particular property
  9. 9. Compute the determinant of a matrix
  10. 10. Compute the eigenvalues of a matrix
  11. 11. Diagonalize a matrix
  12. 12. Matrices Enter the query ‘matrices’ and many examples of matrix queries will be returned.
  13. 13. Note option for matrix operations calculator
  14. 14. Check the definition Select the hyperlink to see a basic and more detailed definition and many related topics
  15. 15. Colleen Young