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Social media and education


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Social media and education

  1. 1.  Schools use Facebook and Twitter to promote themselves as well as recruit students
  2. 2.  68% of students use social media to research schools 38% use it as a resource when deciding where to enroll. 55% use Facebook to research a school’s background. Maintaining accounts that allow for conversations between the school and prospective, current, and former students is important for promoting the universitys culture.
  3. 3.  Facebook and Twitter are becoming part of the classroom experience. 91% of college faculty engage in social media as part of their work, as opposed to 47% in other industries.
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  5. 5.  Create a Twitter feed for class so you can tweet about upcoming assignments, events, etc. Connect with other schools, classrooms, teachers to build a community and increase communication. Record lessons and put them on youtube so students can review them Create a class blog for students to share ideas, ask for help and build community with each other
  6. 6.  Teachers can use sites like Pinterest to share ideas for their classroom.
  7. 7.  Social learning theory- studies show that people learn most effectively when they interact with other learners. Facebook, Twitter, blogs can become “virtual study group”. Social media can attract young learners Allows for engaging classroom activities where students can interact and share ideas with each other.
  8. 8.  Enhances student engagement—student may be more comfortable commenting on Facebook or a blog then in class. Improve communication between students and teachers Prepares students for successful employment—use LinkedIn to make contacts, follow businesses on Facebook to hear important developments in their field.
  9. 9.  Social media can be a distraction during class, especially for younger students. Cyber-bullying. Discourages face-to-face communication. Students could be viewing material that is inappropriate for the classroom- especially for younger students. Privacy issues and parental concerns.
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