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Social Innovation for Business

In this presentation, given at the 2013 SEHK forum, I speak about the future of social innovation within corporate structures to bring scale to ideas that benefit society, the environment, and promote a stable economy.

If interested in seeing the video, you can click here:

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Social Innovation for Business

  1. 1. 1 4x
  2. 2. Image Image Business Has Traditionally Assumed an Infinite Capacity Planet • Resources were cheap • Consumption was key Image Image • Waste went “Away” • No one “responsible”
  3. 3. Social Entrepreneurship was “cute and cuddly”
  4. 4. What is the Purpose of my the firm?
  5. 5. B.A.U. • • • • Beyond B.A.U. CSR Sustainability Growth is the Growth is achieved through quality • primary goal Models are•heavily subsidized Economic and Business Model are full cost Externalities are someone else’s problem • Externalities are being internalized ResponsibilityResponsibility and accountabilityindependent • and accountability are mutually are aligned
  6. 6. Their future rests in their ability to understand the environmental, social, and economic concerns of the market community that is occupied by consumers citizens
  7. 7. I spoke to our regional HR head about the program, basically she also agrees hospital visit program best fits with the needs of our corporate. Moving forward, I would like receive a detailed proposal and cost indication from your organization, please see below our preferred program outline, I am responsible for Water-related innovation in Company’s Product division. A division that we believe, needs some radical rethinking. Some things that we have long taken for granted need to be challenged. For example, the profligate use of water in our daily rituals.
  8. 8. “We Comply” “We contribute”
  9. 9. 1st world BOP Markets
  10. 10. Validation Investment Awareness Systems Profit