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Small flyer from the Life Cycle Institute. www.LCE.com with interesting information and links to useful change management resources and articles.

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Learning is-change-change-is-learning

  1. 1. Learning is Change. Change is Learning.® changing behavior to produce results for over 30 years ®
  2. 2. Learning is Change. Change is Learning.® Those who learn and adapt faster have a competitive advantage. Organizations with a structured change management process and an organizational change management competency have the ability to learn and adapt faster with greater results. A 2008 McKinsey & Company global survey of over 3,000 executives revealed that nearly 70% of all organizational change initiatives fail. What makes the other 30% successful? According to Prosci’s 2012 Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking report five factors determine the success of change efforts: > Visible and active sponsorship > Frequent and open communications > Structured change management approach > Dedicated resources > Employee engagement and participation > Engagement with and support from middle managers In a culture of empowerment, ownership, and accountability people will embrace change as long as they are part of the change. Life Cycle change management consultants can guide your organization through culture change, process change, software implementation and reorganization. We can provide your staff with the strategy, tools and processes you need to succeed through change. Change Management Services: 800-556-9589 | changemgmt@LCE.com | www.LCE.com Change Management Planning Create a change management strategy to proactively manage the people side of change and to create the knowledge and skills necessary for supervisors and managers to be effective change agents. Scope of Services: • Risk Assessment • Change Management Strategy • Change Management Training • Communications Plan • Risk Plan • Training Plan • Coaching Plan Change Management Implementation Training and coaching for your implementation team to create an integrated project plan. Collaborate with the project team to effectively manage the people side of the change. Scope of Services: • Structured change management strategy and plan • Knowledge transfer of change management best practices to the project team • On-site coaching for sponsors, project team and process teams • Change and communication effectiveness assessments Enterprise Change Management Competency Build the internal organizational change management competency to consistently apply change management processes in organizational change. Scope of Services: • Prosci Change Management Certification Training Learn to apply Prosci tools/methodology and earn an individual license to apply the Prosci tools • Consulting (two weeks) – Support in applying learning to achieve specific goals within 90 days • Results Engine – Web-based tool to encourage accountability and document progress Learning is Change. The Life Cycle Institute is proud to be the first Prosci Authorized Training Provider in the United States. As a Prosci Authorized Training Provider, we offer the most comprehensive options for change management training. Prosci is the world leader in change management best practices and research. Prosci’s methodology has become one of the most widely used approaches for managing the people side of change in corporations and government. Build competency in change management by participating in a top-tier training program which utilizes best practices research from more than 2,000 companies worldwide.
  3. 3. Learning is Change. Change is Learning.® Those who learn and adapt faster have a competitive advantage. The Life Cycle Institute’s High Impact Learning process delivers the ability to learn and adapt faster. High Impact Learning integrates learning, leadership and change management competencies to produce documented, sustainable results. We can better understand and facilitate High Impact Learning using 3A Learning® Align, Assimilate and Apply. Alignment Phase: Before participating in a learning event participants should have a thorough understanding of what they are expected to learn, how their behavior is expected to change, the results they are expected to achieve, and how these results contribute to the overall goals of the organization. Assimilation Phase: During the learning event the focus is on assimilating new knowledge and skills. An effective learning event will engage them to apply what they already know to build relevant skills and knowledge that they can focus on and practice during the class. Application Phase: Applying what one has learned is where 80% of learning takes place. It is using the skills and knowledge within the work environment that makes the learning stick, causing a behavior change that produces desired results. In this phase it is important to experience early success. This early success depends on leadership support and coaching. Existing work systems, and often the people, resist change. Since learning is changing behavior, people will encounter resistance. They will need someone supporting them with encouragement, coaching and running interference as they attempt to adapt their behavior. Learning Services: changing behavior to produce results for over 30 years® New Course Development (classroom & online) • Align learning objectives to organizational goals. Engage Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). • Online Systematic Approach to Training (SAT), Task-Based Curriculum Development, SCORM-compliant Course Delivery Methods • Live classroom, Live online, Computer- based training (CBT), Interactive Courseware (ICW) Course Conversion • Convert existing courses into active, results- producing learning engagements • Convert classroom-based courses to synchronous or asynchronous online training Trainer Development • Train-the-Trainer courses and customized workshops • Trainer coaching • Strength-based assessment in eight key facilitator competencies • Individual development planning (IDP) Blended Learning • Create blended products that include classroom and online training. Prosci Change Management Programs The Life Cycle Institute is proud to be the first Prosci Authorized Training Provider in the United States. Four Prosci Change Management Programs are offered: • Change Management Certification Program • Change Management Coaching Program • Change Management Sponsor Program • Change Management Orientation for Employees Change is Learning. ALIGN ASSIMILATE APPLY RESULTS
  4. 4. Learning is Change. Change is Learning.® To learn more about the Life Cycle Institute, contact: 800-556-9589 | changemgmt@LCE.com | www.LCE.com Life Cycle Engineering’s experience with change management began early in our 35-year history. After working exclusively with the U.S. Navy for 10 years, we recognized a need in commercial industries for the same types of proactive processes we were implementing for the government. This shift to commercial industry helped us to quickly realize the need for more collaboration within the organization when it came to changes that affect the way people work. When we integrated the technical solution with a structured change management approach, results exceeded the original business case. Employees not only accepted the change, they embraced it, because they were included as part of the solution. In 2005 Life Cycle Engineering adopted Prosci’s change management approach as our standard methodology. As an engineering firm, the decision to use Prosci’s change management model was easy. Their structured methodology reflects and enhances our engineering approach. Engineering and Change Management Go Hand-in-Hand Regardless of how transformational your change is, the process is methodical and engineers know process! Most change efforts fail for avoidable reasons. In other words, failure was inadvertently designed into the solution. As an engineering firm, we bring the experience of using structured engineering processes into your organizational change initiatives. We can help you to design success in and design failure out of your project plan. Life Cycle Engineering’s History with Change Management Change Management Articles: • You Cannot Mandate Change • How to Fail at Change Management • The ABCs of Change Sponsorship • What are coaching cards and how are they used? • Change Management: Some Things Can’t Be Delegated • Planning for the Emotional Side of Change • Team Charters: What are they and what’s their purpose? • Generating Buy-in for New Ideas Learning Articles: • How do you create a high performance team? • Using the CLICK Model to Keep Your Skills Fresh • Making Agile Work of Course Development • Re-imagining Leadership, Re-energizing the Workplace • Finding the Hidden Teachers in Your Organization • Simulations: Thinking Outside of the Box to Build Capabilities • 3A Learning® : Align, Assimilate, Apply • Training the New Workforce Change Management Videos: • Change Management for Project Success • Learning is Change. Change is Learning.® • Free Change Management Risk Assessment • Leadership: Coaching and Feedback • Managing the Emotional Side of Change • Leadership and Problem Solving • Not All Change is Created Equal • Leading Organizational Change Learning Videos: • High Impact Learning That Produces Results • Top 10 Ways to Kill a Rapid Course Development Project • Top 10 Essentials for Effective Course Development • Train the Trainer: Power of the Flip Chart • 3 Whats to Plan a Presentation • Four Principles of Learning to Practice • Instructor vs. Facilitator • Learning Objectives that Produce Results • Learning Impact Maps • Is Training the Answer? FREE Resource Library Featuring hundreds of resources including articles, videos, reports, whitepapers, blogs, e-newsletters and more. Visit www.LCE.com or use the QR Code below. Don’t have a QR Code Reader? Free applications are available for most smart phones.