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  2. OBJECTIVES After this lesson, you should be able to:  Have an idea on how different methods of human resource recruitment are done know the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods of recruitment:  Name the two major sources of manpower.  Choose from the different methods which one is more effective appropriate applicable and less expensive to use in recruiting manpower.  Define recruitment, job posting, the word-of-mouth system, advertising media, wak-ins and unsolicited applicants, campus or university recruitment, job fair and open house, government agencies and internet; and
  4. The question, however, is are these available human resources ready to assume the Iimited avaliable vacancies in the competitive world of works? How prepared are the college graduates to assume new challenges and the complexities of increasing technological advances? -INTRODUCTION -
  5. Recruitment is the process of attracting the best individuals to join the company on a timely basis in sufficient numbers and meeting the qualification requirements, thereby encouraging them to apply for the jobs in the organization. Meeting Needs of Human Resources
  6. Meeting Needs of Human Resources The process starts soon as the need for additional personnel is identified. This process will thoroughly review and analyze the manpower requirements, in case the results of the analysis reveal that the vacancy should be filed up, then the human resource department will announce the need for the manpower.
  7. Meeting Needs of Human Resources To serve the best interests of the company, the recruitment officer must identify the knowledge. skills and abilities that individual applicant must possess in order to tackle the duties and responsibilities in the vacant position. The reference for the qualification requirements is in the existing job description
  8. 1. The Internal Source - These are the qualified candidates from the company and within the ranks of its present employees. Two Major Sources of Candidates to fill the Vacant Positions?
  9. Two Major Sources of Candidates to fill the Vacant Positions?  Promotions from within generate a chain effect since they lead to other vacant positions that may also be filled up from within the organization boosting the morale of employees and encouraging them to perform well.  The employees look forward to the brighter future, as management recognizes the performance of the employees within the organization  Inexpensive 
  10. 2. The External Source The hiring from the outside source is a management option, it thinks that no one from within among the next rank of employees can successfully perform the job or deliver the required output, then hiring an outsider would be inevitable. Two Major Sources of Candidates to fill the Vacant Positions?
  11.  This could also be resorted to when the new vacant position requires added skills due to the introduction of new technology and the need is immediate and necessary  The culture of conflict among employees who are vying for a new position. This practice of hiring from outside is resorted to by management to eliminate dissensions among internal employees competing for promotions.   This is due to:
  12. This is the process by which internal recruitment is accomplished. Every time a position becomes available it is posted in the company bulletin board for the information of all interested parties. Qualified employees are given preference for promotion or transfer to another section. 1. Job Posting
  13. The information posted in the bulletin board should specify and contain the job description:  the department where there is a vacancy, salary grade, work schedule and work conditions.  The deadline for applications should also be stated so that at the end of the scheduled date, management may open the position to outside. The standard time for job posting is a period of one week to two week.
  14. Promoting or transfering employees from within offers the following advantages a. it creates an opening for a lower easy to fill b. The more of the employee booted c. Hidden fant may be uncovered and ubed d. It saves considerable time and money. e. Employees are already familiar with the company policy and the job itself and therefore less adjustment is necessary
  15. a. Supervisors and managers want to promote someone from the department whom they have groomed for the position b. Some management members may be upset with employees who apply for jobs outside their department and tend to take such a move pony c. Losing on employee to job posting may mean having to wait for replacement that may not be as good. d. Some companies believe that it is better to bring new blood rather than recycling existing ones Some companies would not like to resort to job posting for the following reasons;
  16. The following guidelines may help in its successful implementation a. The employee must have been with the company for at least one year and must be in the curent position for at least months b. The employee must have a rafting of Very Satisfactory before he can apply for the posted vacant position. c. The employee can only apply for not more than three times in one year. These guidelines will help prevent the problem of revolving door employees who may opt to apply for virtually every job posted, lobo treats the process in a sous manner and lends credibility, thus increasing its
  17. 2. The Word-of-Mouth System This method of recruitment is found to be effective in local situations. It is one of the least expensive rectument systems. As soon as people know that there's a job opening the word spreads around.
  18. The Chinese company would prefer an applicant who is recommended by somebody who is loyal and tested and has worked with them for a number of years. They would prefer to hire an employee's relatives or trends. Very few Chinese companies will advertise for new positions as they regard the word-of-mouth an effective means of recruitment especially those recommended by the company employees a. Regionalism may dominate over the company employees. e.g. Tagalogs will recommend those from the same region, the Ilocanos will dominate if the one at the helm is an Ilocano and so on. b. Pulling of strings and the "padrino"system may prevail in the hiring of employees that discriminate against omer applicants who may be more qualified Following precautionary measures should be observed:
  19. 3. Advertising Media One popular and often effective means soliciting applicants is advertising it through the media, like newspapers, magazines, radio or television. Careful usually resulting in hiring, planning in terms of content, timing and location can generate a large response.
  20. a. For special skills. the ad must clearly stipulate the skills required. b. In scouting for talent, the wording of the ad should be specific. c. For applicants who want to know all about specifics, the ad must contain the duties and responsibilities of the position. d. Include the details where the applicant should send the resume or bio-data or where to apply personally if required. e. Be direct and straight forward in wording the ad. f. Avoid cute and unprofessional phrases as it may reflect on the image of the organization g. Hire an advertising agency if you are not sure of what to put in the ad. h. For hiring of executive positions, the services of a consultancy agency may be employed The advertisement should reach the target clientele and it should be designed according to the following guidelines:
  21. Agencies may also be able to provide advice as to the best day of the week to put an ad. Sunday is a good day for all positions. Other newspapers and magazines have it on Saturdays.
  22. These are ads that do not reveal the identity of the company, instead they give a box number where the resume or pertinent papers will be forwarded. This is usually done to avoid responding to a flood of phone calls or unwanted resume's What are blind ads?
  23. The following are the disadvantages: a. There might be a limited number of applicants for the "hard to fill positions"where you want interested applicants to immediately get in touch with you. b. Blind ads discourage some applicants to apply, as it may be the same company they are working with. c. Some applicants may have applied for the same position not too long ago and it is a waste of time. When scanning personal files for existing applicants compare carefully the background and skills with the requirements of the available position needed to fill up. Also review the notes of the previous interview and if possible talk to him in person. There are those applicants who may not be able to pass the initial interview due to various reasons or they may be qualified but there were not many positions available at the time of
  24. 4. Walk Ins and Unsolicited Applicants These unsolicited applicants could be a possible source of outstanding employees. They are not, however, treated very seriously by the human resource department or the company receptionist. Most often the application letters or resumes one put in the waste basket or at times put in the without even looking at the potential qualifications of the applicants
  25. a. Applications should be categorized into different skills or qualifications b. A day of the week must be scheduled for the interview of the applicants those who pass should be put in the active for three months for future reference, the applicants should be noted that their applications are for possible consideration and that they may be called within the specified period. After such period, the applications could be discarded c. Unsolicited applications can be reviewed with the list of openings in mind. The following guidelines may be put into advantages for Walk in or Call In applicants
  26. Colleges are indisputable sources of talent for an organization to top. Recent graduates are considered highly desirable for companies to select, groom and develop recruits from top schools in the country. 5. Campus or University Recruitment
  27. The job fair and open house are popularly increasing as recruitment sources. 6. Job Fair and Open House
  28. Some local government units have their placement offices look for possible employments for their constituents. The Dole has also an agency that complies applications for referral to the different companies. They screen and refer many applicants usually for manual or unskilled positions. Some are new college graduates or protegees at politicians who may not be qualified for the job. 7. Government Agencies
  29. Radio and television are now used as mediums for manpower recruitment. Since the coverage of the advertisement is of great magnitude, more qualified applicants can be reached and could even tempt other applicants who are not actually looking for jobs. 8. Radio and Television
  30. a. It is very costly, as the message has to be repeated to get the target audience b. The message must be convincing and should be done by a professional. c. The message on radio and television should be sincere and pleasing. d. The name of the company must be repeated including the telephone number so that the audience can remember where to contact the company. While they have the advantage for job recruitment the following are some points to consider
  31. The internet could become another source of employment opportunities Company profiles and job placement could eventually come into the internet. While this method is not frequently resorted to at the moment, it will come easy and handedly in the future. 9. The Internet
  32. The following advantages are: a. Application letters or resumes could immediately be sent to the company b. Immediate answers could be available through e- mail c. Other necessary information could be avaliable from the applicants. d. Immediate needs of the company on manpower requirements could be answered in a short time. e. They are less costly and get immediate response.
  33. That's it, and thank you for listening.