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2011 Topps Inception Football


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2011 Topps Inception Football Hobby Box Overview

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2011 Topps Inception Football

  1. 1. 2011 TOPPS INCEPTION FOOTBALLTopps Inception Football is designed to capture the drama, excitement, and buildup surrounding the 2011 Rookie class as it spotlights all the top drafted position players recruited for the NFL Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot. Rookie on-patch, on-letter and on-laundry tag Autographs! Every Autograph and Relic hit is a Rookie player! Featuring on-card Autographs on elegant 72-point stock!All images and relics will be NFL branded Each 7-Card Encased Pack Includes: 3 ROOKIE HITS! 2 Rookie Numbered On-Card Autographs or Rookie Autograph Jumbo Patch Card 1 Numbered Rookie Jumbo Patch or Relic Card PLUS 2 Numbered Parallel Cards 2 Striking Veteran Base Cards hobby exclusive! Ships at the inception of the NFL season in early July!
  2. 2. 2011 TOPPS INCEPTION FOOTBALL Rookie On-Card Autographed Cards AT LEAST 1 PER PACK!Rookie On-Card Autographed Base Cards35 NFL Rookie Premiere participants pen their names directlyon their first high-end trading cards! Every card is numberedRookie On-CardAutographed Parallel Cards Platinum: Numbered to 1/1 Red: Numbered to 25 Green: Numbered to 50 Rookie Autograph Red Parallel Card Grey: Numbered to 99 Blue: Numbered to 150Rookie On-Card Quad Autographed CardsFour Premiere Rookies team up and sign each of these bookcards numbered to 5.Rookie On-Card Triple Autographed CardsThree’s not a crowd as 3 Rookies put pen to paper on cardsnumbered to 10.Rookie On-Card Dual Autographed CardsDynamic duos appear with each of their signatures numberedto 25.Rookie On-Card AutographedSilver Signings CardsThe same 35 Rookie Premiere players sign a black version of Triple Rookie Autograph Cardtheir cards with silver ink. Numbered to 25.Rookie Autographed On-NumberInception Patch CardsThe 35-player Rookie Premiere roster signs JUMBO-sizednumber patch swatches from their jerseys.Each card is ONE OF ONE,Rookie Autographed On-Letter Patch CardsThis time the rookies sign the letter nameplates from theirjersey backs. Each signed letter is affixed to ONE OF ONE cards.Rookie Autographed On-Laundry Tag CardsLast but not least each rookie signs his ONE OF ONE jerseylaundry tag. Rookie Silver Signing Card
  3. 3. 2011 TOPPS INCEPTION FOOTBALL Rookie Autographed Relic Cards Rookie Autograph Jumbo Patches Each rookie featured with his autograph and JUMBO-sized multi-hued patch on numbered cards Platinum: ONE OF ONE Red: Numbered to 25 Green: Numbered to 50 Grey: Numbered to 75 Rookie Autographed Jumbo Patch Grey Parallel Card Relic Cards 1 PER PACK!Rookie Jumbo Relic CardsEach of the draftees with a JUMBO relic piece and numberedRookie Patch CardsA player along with a multi-color patch on cards numberedRookie Jumbo Relic and Patch Parallel Cards Platinum: ONE OF ONE Red: Numbered to 10 Rookie Patch Card Green: Numbered to 25 Grey: Numbered to 75Rookie Jumbo Patch CardsThe entire class again with a JUMBO patch displaying multiplecolors on each of these numbered to 15 cards.Available in a ONE OF ONE Platinum parallelRookie Jumbo Team Patch CardsEach of these cards flaunts a JUMBO team logo jersey patchrepresenting the rookie’s new team. Numbered to 4.Rookie NFL Equipment Logo Patch CardsOne of one cards brandishing the NFL Equipment patch from each Rookie NFL Equipment Logo Patch Cardplayer’s jersey collar.Dual Rookie Jumbo Relic Cards“Two for one” as 2 rookies appear with 2 JUMBO relics on one card.Numbered to 15Dual Rookie Jumbo Patch CardsA duet with 2 player and 2 JUMBO multi-color patches on each ONEOF ONE cardQuad Rookie Patch CardsA rookie quartet and four patch swatches are presented onnumbered to 15 cards Dual Rookie Jumbo Relic Card
  4. 4. 2011 TOPPS INCEPTION FOOTBALL VETERANS 4 PER PACK!Base Cards2 per Pack. 100 Veterans suit up for the season on uniquelydesigned 72pt. cardsParallel Cards2 per Pack Platinum: 1/1 Framed Printing Plates: ONE OF ONE Red: Numbered to 25 Green: Numbered to 50 Grey: Numbered to 79 Blue: Numbered. 1 PER PACK! Blue Parallel Card 2011 TOPPS INCEPTION NFL FOOTBALL CARDS all featured images and relics will be nfl branded ORDER TODAY!® TM & © 2011 The Topps Company, Inc. Topps and Topps Football are trademarks of The Topps Company, Inc. All rights reserved. © 2011 NFL Properties, LLC. Team Names/Logos/Indicia are trademarks of the teamsindicated. All other NFL-related trademarks are trademarks of the National Football League. Officially Licensed Product of NFL PLAYERS | NFLPLAYERS.COM. Please note that you must obtain the approval of the NationalFootball League Properties in promotional materials that incorporate any marks, designs, logos, etc. of the National Football League or any of its teams, unless the material is merely an exact depiction of the authorizedproduct you purchase from us. Topps does not, in any manner, make any representations as to whether its cards will attain any future value. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. For a chance to get an autographed/relic insertcard, see pack for details. Topps has authorized only the packaging and distribution of the number of sequentially numbered cards stated on the card, but cannot guarantee that counterfeit or other unauthorized cardswill not exist. † Although these players have agreed to provide these cards to Topps, we cannot guarantee that all autographs and/or relics will be received in time for inclusion in this product. In the event of unavailability,Topps reserves the right to substitute an alternative autograph and/or relic card. Topps does not, in any manner, make any representations as to whether its cards will attain any future value.