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Collaborative Solutions eHealth Event - MyFitnessCompanion


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Published in: Technology
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Collaborative Solutions eHealth Event - MyFitnessCompanion

  1. 1. myFitnessCompanion® • Small software company, spin-off from UTS • Focus on mobile Health & Fitness apps and interoperability. • For Android phones, tablets and TVs. • Works with a wide range of sensors. • Connection with Microsoft HealthVault, Fitbit and proprietary EHR systems.
  2. 2. myFitnessCompanion® Our expertise • Running trials with patients to validate use of mobile technology for remote health monitoring. • Integration of Android devices with EHR systems and sensors. • Mobile health in different countries. • Gamification, Social Media.
  3. 3. myFitnessCompanion® Peter Leijdekkers CEO Email: Mob: 04 2408 1802 Web: