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JLL - Building Surveying 2012


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JLL - Building Surveying 2012

  1. 1. Project & Development Services: Building SurveyingWhat will realise potential and add value? How can I preserve my property assets? How can I manage and mitigate the risks?The Building Surveying team can unlock the right answers, from early advice on the feasibility of a project, through establishing exit strategies tomanage dilapidations liabilities to the programming and implementation of regular building maintenance. Whether you are a funder, developer,investor or tenant, we can meet every need at any phase of the property lifecycle, from acquisition through to exit or disposal.Whatever the challenge or opportunity, we combine our wide-ranging expertise and creativity to seek out the best solutions and deliver the highest-quality results. We work with you to comprehensively match our skills to your needs and deliver practical value-driven solutions. At the same time,we anticipate and adapt to every requirement, delivering robust, consistent and timely results.Our ServicesOur intricate knowledge of the fabric and structure of buildings,as well as associated legal and regulatory frameworks, isfundamental within all that we offer. Underpinning this is thedepth and diversity of our expertise, along with experience acrossproperty sectors.Working with you at any stage of the property lifecycle, ourservices are focused on realising potential, maximising value,mitigating risks, preserving and enhancing assets, and optimising The Benefitsspace performance. • Realising the full potential - through the refurbishment of aAcquisition building and physical transformation of the property asset• Bank, construction and development monitoring• Building surveys • Mitigate risks with due diligence - providing critical advice at• Schedules of condition the purchase or disposal can have a significant bearing on transaction timing, pricing, risk management and ownership orRepair & Refurbishment occupational needs• Contract administration• CDM co-ordination • Major savings in ‘end of lease term’ settlements - early exit• Design strategies and negotiations can achieve savings on claims for• Lead consultancy dilapidations.• Party wall and neighbourly matters • Preserve and enhance assets - with planned maintenanceOccupation programmes and works• Alteration approval• Defect analysis • Initial and long-term cost reductions - our timely advice on• Expert witness advice any building or project can identity significant, operational• Planned maintenance efficiencies through programme management• Reinstatement cost assessments • Quality and experience - a strong commercial grounding alongExit & Disposal with extensive technical expertise ensures that only cost-• Dilapidations effective products, processes and systems are selected and• Exit strategies procured, while ensuring that value is never compromised• Vendor surveys COPYRIGHT © JONES LANG LASALLE IP, INC. 2012. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Expertise in Action Why Jones Lang LaSalle? • Over 120 building surveyors professionals located in 17Dramatically reducing a tenant’s dilapidation liability offices throughout the UK providing capacity, presence and local market expertise to handle everything fromChallenge a national multi-property programme to a local one-offFaced with an impending lease expiry a tenant turned to us for a project.solution on how to establish and then manage their liability. • Specialist teams for offices, retail, industrial and logistics, public sector, health, education, hotels and residentialSolution sectors that have a thorough understanding of the clients,Having determined a dilapidations assessment in excess of £1.75 players, properties and drivers in each sector.million a three-year maintenance programme including steelwork • Consistent high-quality professional advice andand stone repairs of external redecoration was instigated. In the delivery, with a focus on clear communication, regularfinal year of the term, schedules of dilapidations were prepared engagement and sound judgement, and with Director-against the sub-tenants and negotiations were held with the landlord. level advice always on hand. • Part of Project & Development Services, an integratedResults group of over 200 professionals providing co-ordinatedThe landlord’s claim was largely offset by the works which had advice and implementation on every aspect ofbeen undertaken and the costs were recovered through the construction, refurbishment, fit-out, maintenance andservice charge. Within demised areas sub-tenant claims and lease repair, and cost management.renewals mitigated the potential loss. The non recoverable financial • Market knowledge of the UK and EMEA’s largest multi-settlement with the landlord was a fraction of the claim value. disciplinary property services company, allowing clients to benefit from the seamless integration of expertise such as planning, agency and sustainability.Creating a refurbishment template for a London estateChallengeIn a residential project for The Church Commissioners in London,we were tasked with transforming two ‘tired’ single-storey mewsproperties into a contemporary house that would achieve anenhanced target rent.SolutionWith in-house design and planning support and acting as ContractAdministrator and CDM Co-ordinator, we overcame severalstructural challenges to deliver a modern design with the highest-quality finishes.ResultsThe property was let above market rent and served as a templatefor similar projects completed by the team across the estate. Contacts Helen Gough Director - P&DS T: +44 (0)20 7087 5090 M: +44 (0)7881 824446 Our Expertise - P&DS Building Surveying COPYRIGHT © JONES LANG LASALLE IP, INC. 2012. All rights reserved.