Investing In Florida


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Investing In Florida

  1. 1. Colin Smith Florida Half Off, LLLP 416-995-1948
  2. 2. Or, how to get an Orange, not a Lemon!
  3. 3. Top Ten Reasons to Invest in Naples NOW! 10. Florida is the ideal Canadian vacation/retirement destination! 9. Accessible! Easy to Get To Low Travel Costs 8. Financial indicators are ideal! Canadians are the top investors in Florida Over 80% of new mortgages in Naples are Canadian investors (RBC) 7. Dollar close to par More purchase power for your dollar Low interest rates You can get a mortgage!
  4. 4. Top Ten Reasons to Invest in Naples NOW! 6. Prices are at an all time low!  Condos took a hard and immediate hit due to a high percentage of speculator ownership  Naples economy less affected than others; recovering quicker than others 5. Housing Crisis appears over in Naples  Other areas of Florida continue to be a high risk of equity loss before any gains realized  Buy in at the bottom of the “S” curve  Solid Equity Gain 4. Naples is a Stable and Affluent Community  Naples stability enables investors to take out HELOC’s or HELOAN’s against property
  5. 5. Top Ten Reasons to Invest in Naples NOW! 3. Strong Infrastructure  Appropriately built vs. overbuilt  Developer Paid  No Heavy Industry = No Pollution  No “big city” issues  Low Taxes 2. Ideal Lifestyle for any age and life situation  Spectacular climate/Beautiful beaches  Incredible shopping, dining, family attractions, culture  Golf courses - 40+ public courses, 80+ private courses
  6. 6. Three Investment Choices First, Investment Only:  For the investor with no interest in using the property for personal use at this point in time.  Return on Investment  Positive cash flow  Equity gain or both.  Usually rented to long-term tenants.
  7. 7. Three Investment Choices Second, a Vacation Property: Thirdly, a Second Home:  For the investor who wants  For the retired or semi- to use the property on a retired investor wanting vacation basis and would use the property as a like to rent it out to friends winter home for 1-6 and family on a weekly months at a time. basis or to lease it to short-  May choose to rent out term renters. remaining time to pay for  Pay for your investment investment. and vacation time by generating revenue.
  8. 8. Why buy a property from Florida Half Off? Two words: Turnkey Investing Our extensive property research and due diligence ensures solid investment potential with no surprises Our team of professionals on both sides of the border will make sure you purchase properly Our complete property management team includes screened tenant placement for peace of mind We safely navigate through the “danger-zones” so you will have a “no-worry” investment
  9. 9. And finally, one more reason to buy in Naples 1. Right Now It’s 28 Degrees There =  Naples, you should be there!
  10. 10.