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C shea 21 ctto presentaion

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C shea 21 ctto presentaion

  1. 1. Vehicle Extrication Hollis Fire
  2. 2. NOW ● Lecture ● Skills Review ● Full-Scale Scenario ● Line Officers ● Firefighters ● 9 Hours (3 - 3 hour sessions)
  3. 3. Current Challenges ❏ One class is devoted to lecture. ❏ All JPRs are not completed due to time constraints. ❏ Officers are only able to assess a single incident.
  4. 4. Why we Want a Change ● Reduce lecture time. ● Ensure consistent comprehension of SOGs and Protocols. ● Allow for more hands on time. ● Ensures we complete all JPRs.
  5. 5. Where are we Headed Pre-Training Material Increased Skills More in-depth Scenario Evaluation/Review of Training
  6. 6. Pre-Training Material ● Review SOGs ● Review Basic Vehicle Rescue PPT ● NIOSH or Near-Miss Report ● NH EMS Protocols ● Knowledge checks
  7. 7. Pre-Training Material
  8. 8. Skills Review ● All basic hands on skills are reviewed at the company level training. (no change)
  9. 9. Full Scale Scenario
  10. 10. Evaluation/Review of Training ❏ Using an online polling software. ❏ Ensures we meet objectives. ❏ Provides feedback for making next session better.
  11. 11. JPR comparison NFPA Objective Old New 10.1.1 Plan for an incident X X 6.4.1 The ability to operate hand and power tools used for forcible entry and rescue as designed X X 10.1.2 Establish "scene" Safety zones X X 10.1.3 Establish Fire Protection X X 10.1.4 Stabilize a common passenger vehicle X X 6.4.1 Use cribbing and shoring material; X X 10.1.5 Isolate potentially harmful energy sources * X 10.1.6 Determine the common passenger vehicle or small machinery access and egress points X
  12. 12. Implementation Challenges ➢Resistant to change ➢Information will be available outside the building ➢Learning curve for some members ➢Timeliness of pre-training and evaluation completion
  13. 13. Skills Review ● Vehicle Stabilization ● Isolate energy sources ● Determine access and egress points ● Create access and egress openings