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Ringer Library Shelving Contract


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Ringer Library Shelving Contract

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Ringer Library Shelving Contract

  2. 2. OVERVIEW OF PROJECT  Total Project Cost and Summary  Construction $6,067,935, Change orders to date $139,090.18  Total $6,207,025.18  Full renovation of the existing space and additional 11,800 sq. ft.  Project Update  Mechanical and electrical final inspections complete, plumbing final expected today  ADA/TAS Inspection and substantial completion walk-through on May 8, 2019  Building Final and Certificate of Occupancy expected next week  Acklam Construction is targeting the end of May 2019 for final completion.  Opening expected in August 2019
  3. 3. FURNISHINGS  Total budget available for furnishings - $875,000 (of the total project budget)  Shelving – $460,396.34 Lone Star Furnishings on Buy Board Contract #503- 16  Lead time 12 weeks  Shelving includes book bins for picture books, specialized shelving for newspapers, magazines, DVD’s and audio books  Shelving in the children’s area will be on casters allowing staff to move the shelves easily to create spaces inside the library for special programs and events – something they could not do previously  Shelving can be easily moved up and down without tools  Other items – estimated within remaining budget of $414,603.66  Will be presented at a later date  Includes: computer tables, tables and chairs for visitors, furniture for the children’s area, and office furniture (desks, shelves, bookcases, etc.)
  4. 4. RECOMMENDATION  Staff recommends approving the purchase of the shelving that is needed by Library staff to furnish the newly renovated library.