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Rezoning of 1024 and 1026 Foster Ave.


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Rezoning of 1024 and 1026 Foster Ave.

  1. 1. Regular Agenda Item # 3Foster Avenue Rezoning
  2. 2. Compatibility Features and Community Benefits•One bicycle parking space per unit•Architectural design to mimic neighborhood•Use hardi-board and brick as exterior building materials•8-foot wide sidewalks along perimeter•Limit apartment signage to low-profile option•Alternative housing option for Eastgate•Redevelopment of City core•Consulted Homeowners Association•Maximum building heights
  3. 3. Meritorious Modifications• UDO Section 5.2 “Residential Dimensional Standards” Standard R-6 Requested Requested Dimension Dimension Modification Front Setback 15 feet 10 feet 5 feet (Foster) Street Side 15 feet 10 feet 5 feet Setback (Francis)•UDO Section 7.2.I “Number of Off-Street Parking Spaces Required”: -75% of the parking requirement