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Rental Registration Program


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Rental Registration Program

  1. 1. December 12, 2013
  2. 2. Survey Recipients  Rental property owners and property management companies  Neighborhood representatives (HOAs, Neighborhood Associations, etc.)  City Departments (Fire, Police, Public Works)
  3. 3. Survey Questions  Rate ease of registration/renewal process  Rate helpfulness/professionalism of staff  Rate perceived benefits of the program  Solicit suggestions on ways to make program more effective  Additional comments or recommended changes (open-ended question)
  4. 4. Sample Survey Question How convenient is the rental registration and renewal process? o Extremely convenient o Very convenient o Moderately convenient o Slightly convenient o Not at all convenient
  5. 5. Civil Process/Administrative Penalty Possible, but would require due process, with…  Notice to property owner,  Administrative hearing process, and  Right to appeal
  6. 6. Rental “Permit” Process Move from rental “registration ” to rental “permit” process  Could revoke permit for good cause ▪ Certain type of violation, or ▪ Certain number of violations within a year
  7. 7. Other discussion points  30 mile requirement for local point of contact  Exception for home occupied by family member?
  8. 8. Next Steps  Conduct surveys  Present survey results to City Council  Recommend changes to rental registration ordinance based upon survey results and direction from City Council