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Plantation Oaks Addition Rezoning


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Plantation Oaks Addition Rezoning

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Plantation Oaks Addition Rezoning

  1. 1. Agenda Item #2 Plantation Oaks Addition Rezoning
  2. 2. Permitted Uses Permitted in O Office & GC General Commercial Permitted only in GC General Commercial Permitted only in O Office Educational Facility, Indoor Instruction Extended Care Facility/Convalescent/ Nursing Home All uses allowed in O Office are also allowed in GC General Commercial. Instruction Educational Facility, Primary and Secondary Animal Care Facility, Indoor Educational Facility, Tutoring Car Wash Educational Facility, Vocational/Trade Drive-in/thru window Governmental Facilities Fraternal Lodge Health Care, Medical Clinics Fuel Sales Parks Funeral Homes Places of Worship Health Club/Sports Facility, Indoor & Outdoor Art Studio/Gallery Hotels Day Care, Commercial Parking as a Primary Use Dry Cleaners and Laundry Retail Sales and Service Offices Retail Sales and Service – Alcohol Personal Service Shop Shooting Range, Indoor Printing/Copy Shop Storage, Self Service Radio/TV Station/Studios Vehicular Sales, Rental, Repair and Service Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Micro-Industrial