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Pebble Creek Rezoning


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Pebble Creek Rezoning

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Pebble Creek Rezoning

  1. 1. Agenda Item #1 Pebble Creek Rezoning
  2. 2. Subject Property RS Restricted Suburban:~175 acres NAP Natural Areas Protected: ~16.5 acres GC General Commercial: ~16.5 acres O Office: ~1 acre NAP NAP GC O RS RS
  3. 3. Restricted Suburban: Intended for moderate development consisting of medium-density single-family lots. These can average 8,000 square feet in area when clustered with open space or should consist of larger lots when not clustered. General Commercial: For areas that should have a very intense level of development activities. These areas tend to consist of major retail centers, and serve the community at large and its visitors. Natural Areas - Protected: For in areas permanently protected from development for reasons such as the preservation of floodplain or floodway. Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designations Natural Area - Reserved: Intended to represent a constraint to development and areas that should be preserved such as floodplain.
  4. 4. RS Restricted Suburban Non- Clustered Clustered 10,000 SF avg. lot area 8,000 SF avg. lot area 6,500 SF avg. lot area 6,500 SF avg. lot area Max 4 lots / acre