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Mitigation Action Plan


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Mitigation Action Plan

  1. 1. Mitigating Risk: Protecting Brazos County from All Hazards, 2012 – 2017 This plan is a five-year blueprint for the future, aimed at making communities in BrazosCounty disaster resistant by reducing or eliminating the long-term risk of loss of life andproperty from the full range of natural disasters. It meets the requirements of the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (P.L. 106-390); Section44 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 201.6 and Part 206; and State of Texas Divisionof Emergency Management standards. An open public process was established to provide multiple opportunities for all sectorsin Brazos County to become involved in the planning process and make input during itsdrafting stage. The plan identifies and assesses the potential impact of ten natural hazards that threatenBrazos County.
  2. 2. GoalsThe overall goal of this plan is to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk of loss of life andproperty damage in Brazos County from the full range of disasters. Individual goals are:GOAL 1. Develop new, and upgrade existing capabilities for identifying the need for and implementing hazard mitigation activities.GOAL 2. Generate support for and increase public awareness of the need for hazard mitigation.GOAL 3. Increase awareness of public officials, community and business leaders of the need for hazard mitigation, and support actions to protect public health and safety.GOAL 4. Promote resource-sharing and increase coordination and cooperation among governmental entities in conducting hazard-mitigation activities.GOAL 5. Mitigate damage to and losses of new and existing real property.GOAL 6. Promote sustainable growth.
  3. 3. ActionsCollege Station has 10 “Actions” offered in this plan if grant funding becomes available; Reduce Debris Effects of Hail & Mitigation Activities Purchase Flood Prone Properties (Redmond) Mitigate existing structures with repetitive loss flood insurance claims Purchase Flood Prone Properties (Old Wellborn Rd)
  4. 4. Example Action
  5. 5. ActionsActions continued: NOAA Weather Radios Public Education Programs (Fire) Improve EOC Technologies Implement Water Conservation Program Public Education (All Hazards)
  6. 6. Benefits Minimize disruption to the community following a disaster; Streamline disaster recovery by articulating actions to be taken before adisaster strikes, to reduce or eliminate future damage; Serve as a basis for future funding that may become available through grantand technical assistance programs offered by state or federal governments. The city may apply for and accept federal grants (80/20 Match). No financial impact to the city at this time. FEMA has approved the plan pending Council adoption.