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Lincoln Recreation Center Expansion


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Lincoln Recreation Center Expansion

  1. 1. City Council Meeting November 14, 2013
  2. 2.  Included in the 2008 Bond Authorization.  The original scope for the project developed in 2008 included an 8,000-10,000 SF facility expansion and additional parking.  Project Budget is $4,285,000
  3. 3.  Facility  Asbestos  Facility   Condition Assessment Use Assessment Additional meeting space Provide flexibility to allow for active and passive areas  Construct a new building  Renovate portions of the existing building  Demolish small storage building, restore and preserve the large storage building  On-site vehicular circulation
  4. 4.  Public engagement meetings at the Lincoln Center   August 20th (afternoon meeting) August 27th (evening meeting)  Parks  and Recreation Advisory Board October 8th
  5. 5.  Staff recommends proceeding with the development of bid documents  Design in FY 2014     Renovate the existing building and abate the asbestos Design a new 15,000 SF facility Additional parking as an alternative if budget is available Bid & Construct in FY 2015  Current Construction Estimate is $3.5M  Parks is forecasting one additional part time employee in FY2016 to staff the expanded facility.