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Legislative Update


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Legislative Update

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Legislative Update

  1. 1. City of College Station 86th Legislative Session Recap July 11, 2019
  2. 2. Session Overview 7,324 bills filed 1,429 bills sent to the Governor 1,229 signed by the Governor 144 bills filed without the Governor’s signature 56 bills vetoed by the Governor
  3. 3. Texas Legislature HOUSE 83 Republicans and 67 Democrats 116 Males and 34 Females SENATE 19 Republicans and 12 Democrats 22 Males and 9 Females LEADERSHIP Governor Greg Abbott Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick Speaker Dennis Bonnen
  4. 4. Governor’s Emergency Items *School Finance Reform and Increasing Teacher Pay *School Safety *Texas Mental Health Care Consortium *Property Tax Reform *Disaster Response
  5. 5. State Budget Highlights $250.7 billion two-year budget 2020-2021 • $6.5 billion in new state funding for public schools • $5.1 billion to buy down local property taxes • $94.5 billion in funding for public schools and universities • $84 billion for health and human services programs • $31.1 billion for transportation
  6. 6. Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act of 2019 SB 2 Highlights Reduces the rollback rate from 8% to 3.5% Requires an automatic election to exceed the rollback rate Junior colleges and hospital districts are excluded Includes a carryforward provision Taxing unit can “bank” unused increments for up to three years Includes procedural changes to the adoption of a tax rate by a city Includes property tax appraisal procedural changes New Terminology Effective Tax Rate is now the No-New-Revenue Tax Rate Rollback Tax Rate is now the Voter-Approval Tax Rate
  7. 7. Public School Finance Reform HB 3 Highlights $11.6 Billion in new funding for public education $6.5 Billion to public school districts $5 Billion to property tax relief Public school district property tax revenues capped at 2.5% State public school funding increased from 38% to 45%
  8. 8. / Bills of Interest HB 81 - Public Information Law -information related to receipts and expenditures of public funds by a governmental body for a parade, concert or other entertainment event paid for with public funds is subject to the PIA HB 347 - Annexation -removes the tier system related to municipal annexation HB 440 - General Obligation Bonds -prohibits bonds that exceed 120% of the expected economic life of the improvement/property -unspent funds can only be used for a separate purpose if approved by voters HB 884 - Carolyn and John David Crow Memorial Parkway
  9. 9. Bills of Interest HB 852 - Municipal Building and Inspection Fees -restrictions on considerations by a city in setting building permit or inspection fees HB 1325 - Hemp -allows for a federally-approved program for Texas farmers to grow hemp as a crop -allows for the sale of certain hemp products in Texas HB 2439 - Building Materials -preempts local ordinances that regulate certain building materials HB 3143 - Tax Abatements -extends the Property Redevelopment and Tax Abatement Act to 2029 SB 21 - Smoking Age -prohibits the sale of cigarettes, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products to Texans younger than 21 years of age -provides an exception for persons serving in the military
  10. 10. Bills of Interest SB 65 - Contracts/Lobbying -requires an “Interested Parties Disclosure” (Form 1295) for any contract for services that would require a person to register as a lobbyist -requires a political subdivision that has ever had a contract with a state agency for consulting services to (1) post information regarding lobby contracts on a website and (2) include lobby expenses in the budget SB 476 - Dogs in Outdoor Dining Areas -prohibits municipal restrictions on restaurants that permit dogs on outdoor patios -requires posted signage SB 1152 - Cable/Internet Right of Way Franchise Fees -eliminates certain public right of way fees levied on cable and telecom companies by cities SB 1640 - Open Meetings -modifies the circumstances under which a violation of the open meetings act occurs -defines “deliberation” to include written exchanges -prohibits a “walking quorum”
  11. 11. Other Issues *Short Term Rentals *Super Preemption Bill *Tree Ordinance Preemption *Employee Working Conditions *Paid Sick Leave Preemption *Scooters *Camping on Sidewalks
  12. 12. Next Up *Political Fundraising *Retirements & Resignations *Campaigns *Interim Committee Business
  13. 13. Dates of Interest November 5th constitutional amendment election November 9th first day to file for 2020 primary December 9th last day to file for 2020 primary February 18, 2020 early voting for primary begins March 3, 2020 primary election November 3, 2020 general election November 9, 2020 pre-filing of bills begins January 12, 2021 87th Texas Legislature convenes