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Comprehensive Plan Amendment: BioCorridor


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Comprehensive Plan Amendment: BioCorridor

  1. 1. Regular Agenda #5 (Item 14-293) BioCorridor Area Future Comprehensive Plan Amendment Discussion
  2. 2. Other Considerations Concept Map Presidential Corridor Gateway District Community Assets and Image Corridors Secondary Image Corridor (47/60) Primary Arrival Gateway (2818/60) Secondary Welcoming Gateway (47/60) Memorial Cemetery and Aggie Field of Honor Easterwood Airport Economic Development Master Plan Strategic Initiative: Support and Stimulate Biotechnology Research and Advanced Manufacturing Strategic Initiative: Support Retail Development
  3. 3. Existing Land Use Designations B USINESS PARK This land use designation is generally for areas that include office, research, or industrial uses planned and developed as a unified project. Generally, these areas need good access to arterial roadways. S UBURBAN COMMERCIAL This land use designation is generally for concentrations of commercial activities that cater primarily to nearby residents versus the larger community or region. Generally, these areas tend to be small in size and located adjacent to major roads (arterials and collectors). Design of these structures is compatible in size, roof type and pitch, architecture, and lot coverage with the surrounding single-family residential uses.
  4. 4. Research Valley BioCorridor Concept Master Plan (2011)
  5. 5. BioCorridor Concept Map