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City Council Strategic Plan Update


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Published in: News & Politics
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City Council Strategic Plan Update

  1. 1. March 14th 2013
  2. 2.  Annual Council Retreat January 28th & 29th Review and Approval of Update Plan (March 14th) Identification of Strategic Plan Related Future Workshop Items (March 14th) Development of Dept. Service Plans Development of Annual Budget Reporting of Performance Measures Mid-Year Review of Strategic Plan (Prior to budget hearings)
  3. 3.  Plan the Work then Work the Plan
  4. 4.  Seven Key Initiatives  Good Governance  Financially Sustainable City  Core Services and Infrastructure  Neighborhood Integrity  Diverse Growing Economy  Improving Mobility  Sustainable City Strategies for Each Initiative Performance Measures for Plan
  5. 5. How will we measure progress?Progress in implementing this strategic plan will be monitored by regularreports, reviews, and updates. Each of these will be informed by anappropriate set of performance measures. The following is a list of theregular reports, reviews, and updates:  Annual Update (Conducted at the beginning of each year in preparation for the development of the following year’s budget)  Mid-Year Review and Update (Conducted in the summer of each year concurrent with Council review of the City Manager’s proposed budget)  Quarterly Report (Presented by the City Manager every quarter)  Annual Budget (Incorporates Strategic Plan and related Performance Measures)  Department Business/Service Plans (Prepared annually following Council adoption of the Strategic Plan/incorporate Management Performance Measures) 6
  6. 6. Questions?