City Council Strategic Plan


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  • Remind them plan adopted in October following months of work by Council and staff. Six Strategic Initiatives – ReviewPlan approved with understanding further work on specific strategiesNovember – Council identified specific strategies – Policy Plan of Work (mention unsuccessful efforts at scheduling Council workshops in November and DecemberInformation is used for development of tactics/actions, budget preparation, and further planning – for example tonight we will talk about linkage to Economic Development Master Plan
  • One of six strategic initiatives
  • Each strategic initiative has a Council stated goal – review goalEach strategic initiative has a series of Council/staff developed strategies deployed to achieve goalEach strategy is implemented via detailed tactics/actions detailed in departmental business/service plansNote that with this initiative there were 4 specific strategies identified for further policy discussion and/or parameter definitionNote that tonight we will be speaking only on City’s efforts at diversifying consumer-oriented economyOthers will be discussed at a later date
  • A key component – but not only component (also consider job creation and increased property tax base) Each component have there own unique policy considerations and parametersOverarching strategy is to attract outside dollarsTraditionally, focus has been on retailers (who we recruit, who we incent, etc)Effort is to diversify but still attract dollarsFocus on events and tourism, regional athletic events, and regional medicalEvents and tourism – attract people and keep them here to spend moneyRegional athletics sameRegional medical attract people here to address their health and wellness needs and spending $ in local economyAll of these (retailers, events, athletics, and medical) allow us to be “bigger” than we are – for example if we are a regional medical center (i.e., serving a market much larger than our 97,000, then we get both the economic benefits but also the facilities and doctors that are generally only available to a larger city – residents benefit twice
  • Verify that this is the general strategyRecognize that there are related components that will still need to be discussed at later workshops (such as how this fits in with our other ED partners (this is actually one of the strategies identified for further refinement)Recognize that again, this is only one component, but an important one, and is not in place of job creation and enhanced property taxesRecognize that the strategy has acceptable bounds or parameters (understanding where Council is on these will help use a great deal in the development of the economic development master plan)Discuss use of HOT funds – what is our recommendation here?Discuss use of general funds – what is our recommendation?Other funding considerations/parameters?What about incentives? What are our recommendations here?What should our role be? Again, what are our recommendations here?
  • Next steps include using the information provided tonight as we begin updates of the Dept business/service plansAs we begin the development of the FY13 budgetMost especially as we begin the development of the economic development master plan – talk about scheduleAs for the strategic plan…..Staff will continue to carry out the identified strategiesNeed to schedule additional workshops to complete discussion of strategiesQuarterly report on successful deployment of strategies forthcoming in January or FebruaryAnnual Update meeting (really a final check on the plan as adopted in October and refined through workshops this time) in MarchBudget development – already underway but in earnest in Spring using the results of the annual update and the previous strategy discussions
  • Any other questions or direction?
  • City Council Strategic Plan

    1. 1. Council Regular Meeting January 12, 2012STRATEGIC PLAN UPDATE – STRATEGY DISCUSSION
    2. 2. Council Strategic Plan – Strategy Discussion Objectives of Item  Review Work Completed to Date  Overview of Strategy  Discussion of Policy Implications and Strategy Parameters  Next Steps (Continued Implementation of Policy Action Plan, Economic Development Master Plan, Departmental Business/Service Plans, Budget Development)  Seeking any Additional Council Input
    3. 3. Council Strategic Plan – Strategy Discussion Work Completed to Date  Strategic Plan 2012 Update – October  Policy Plan of Work – November  Staff Implementation of Council Strategies – October and on-going  Staff Assessment of Implementation of Strategies for Quarterly Report – November and on-going
    4. 4. Overview of Strategy Diverse Growing Economy
    5. 5. How will we support a diverse growing economy?  Support expansion of “consumer-oriented” economy – retail, restaurant, and services  Protect major economic assets from incompatible encroachments – Easterwood airport, TAMU, BioCorridor  Support diversification of “consumer-oriented” economy – tourism, regional athletic events, regional medical center, etc  Expand diversification efforts into bio-technology  Plan for and invest in infrastructure, facilities, services, personnel, and equipment necessary to meet projected needs and opportunities  Keep property tax rates as one of the lowest in State for comparable size cities  Maintain competitive utility rates  Ensure regulations and standards consider impacts on businesses  Protect properties from crime and property damage  Ensure adequate land is available and serviceable for economic needs and opportunities  Maintain relationship with local and regional economic partners  Share information and communicate with citizens and businesses about economic conditions through various media outlets 5
    6. 6. Overview of Strategy Support diversification of “consumer-oriented” economy – tourism, regional athletic events, regional medical center, etc  Key component of City’s economic development strategy has been to “attract” outside dollars into local economy  Primary tactics/actions have been oriented toward retail  Recruitment  Marketing  Incentive Policies  Strategy revised to diversify other means to attract outside dollars  Events and tourism (Duck Jam, World Fest, etc)  Regional athletic events (Soccer and Softball tournaments, Junior College Bowl Game, etc)  Regional medical center(Medical District Master Plan)
    7. 7. Policy Implications & Strategy Parameters Support diversification of “consumer-oriented” economy – tourism, regional athletic events, regional medical center, etc  Policy Implications  Agree/Disagree with Strategy?  Context With Other Strategies (Regional Economic Development Partners, Job Creation Strategies, etc)  Strategy Parameters  Budgetary Considerations (use of HOT funds, use of general funds, other)  Incentive Considerations (Administrative incentives, in-kind incentives, financial incentives, other)  Role Considerations (Lead, Supporting, other)
    8. 8. Next Steps Support diversification of “consumer-oriented” economy – tourism, regional athletic events, regional medical center, etc  Actions via Departmental Business/Service Plans  Budget  Economic Development Master Plan Strategic Plan  Continued Implementation of Strategies – On-going  Continued Refinement of Strategies (Policy Workshops with Council) – January/February  Quarterly Reports/Annual Update – January/March  Budget Development
    9. 9. Council Strategic Plan Further Council Guidance or Direction? Questions?