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BioCorridor Zoning Amendment


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BioCorridor Zoning Amendment

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BioCorridor Zoning Amendment

  1. 1. Agenda Item # 2 BioCorridor Planned Development District
  2. 2. • The BioCorridor PDD consists of approximately 196 acres of land – 51 acres in Bryan – 145 acres in College Station Background
  3. 3. Background January 18, 2018 BioCorridor Board directs staff to propose changes to BioCorridor PDD ordinance. September 6, 2018 P&Z in both cities recommend approval of 20 proposed changes: - 2 land use changes related to Multi-Family - 18 text amendments and clean-up items September 13, 2018 College Station City Council approves land use changes and directs staff to present remaining amendments to the BioCorridor Board for review. September 25, 2018 Bryan City Council approves land use changes. February 8, 2019 BioCorridor Board recommends approval of PDD amendments.
  4. 4. Changes approved by both cities in September 2018: Section 1.2 – District Purpose Standards  adding “stand-alone multi-family on property located between Turkey Creek Road and the proposed extension of Atlas Pear Drive” to the list of specific residential use examples  clarifying that “multi-family not part of a mixed use development except as otherwise allowed in Sec. 1.2.D.” is a prohibited use by adding said statement to the ordinance. Background
  5. 5. Proposed Amendments to the BioCorridor PDD  Signage  Special District Signage: Appendix A-2  Development Standards (Response to Repeated Waiver Requests)  Removal of Block Perimeter  Increased Maximum Setbacks  Allow Parking closer to the street  Powers & Duties  The BioCorridor Board shall review and make recommendations to the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission regarding amendments to the BioCorridor Planned Development District ordinance.  Clarification Edits  Identified During Review Process
  6. 6. Proposed Changes: Signage  Appendix A-2: Special District Signage  Article 3 – Definitions • Special District Identification Sign: A sign used to identify a Special District. Specifically regulated by the standards set forth in Appendix A-2 • Special District: A self-identified cohesive area that does not meet the definition of District.  Section 9.6.E.2 & G – Signs • Special district identification signs that the BioCorridor Board has approved as set forth in this Ordinance. The location and placement of these signs shall not impede traffic safety. • Special District Signs - Special district identification signs shall be allowed in accordance with the concepts as set forth in Appendix A-2, and located within this PDD.  Section 9.6.H – Sign Standards • Sign Type: Special District Signs – See Appendix A-2
  7. 7. Proposed Changes: Signage  Section 7.7.A.6 – Sign Permit • Special District Signs in general conformance with Appendix A-2 shall not require additional approvals from the BioCorridor Board.  Section 4.4.A – Recommendations • The BioCorridor Board shall review and make recommendations to City Staff of College Station and Bryan regarding improvements in the public realm that further the aesthetics, identity, and access to and within the BioCorridor Planned Development District.
  8. 8. Proposed Changes: Development Standards  Section 1.3 – Dimensional Standards • A minimum of 50% of the building façade must be within the maximum setback area • Buildings that face multiple right-of-ways shall only need to conform to the maximum setback regulations of one right-of-way as approved by staff at time of site plan.
  9. 9. Proposed Changes: Development Standards  Section 8.2.G.3 – Blocks (Perimeter) • Block perimeter shall not exceed the following dimensions based on the land use designation: a. One thousand six hundred feet (1,600 ft.) in the BioCorridor Research & Development District; and b. Two thousand feet (2,000 ft.) in the BioCorridor Office and Research District. c. The BioCorridor Manufacturing District shall be exempt from block perimeter requirements.  Section 9.4.H – Off-Street Parking Standards • With the exception of a single-loaded row of angled parking along a one-way drive aisle located between the building frontage and the right-of-way, no parking is allowed adjacent to any street within 10 feet of a local street and 25 feet of a non-local street. • To allow parking within the 10 or 25-foot separation area, screening is required as a visual buffer between parking and the right-of-way. Screening shall consist of a decorative wall at least three feet in height or dense shrubbery having year-round foliage at least four feet in height.
  10. 10. Proposed Changes: Clarification Edits  Section 9.5.A.2.k – Access Management and Circulation • If a bus stop is located on or adjacent to the subject tract, a facility capable of storing a minimum of four (4) bicycles shall be provided near within 50 feet of the stop. The bus stop bicycle parking facility is in addition to the facility required in Bicycle Parking Spaces Required section of this Ordinance.  Section 9.8.C.1.d – Landscaping and Streetscaping • The preservation of existing trees is highly encouraged. Sites that choose not to barricade and protect existing canopy trees with a DBH diameter of four inches (4 in.) or greater when measured 1 foot above the ground throughout the development process are required to provide an additional ten percent (10%) more landscaping points than the minimum required in accordance with the regulations below:  Section 9.12.A – Drainage and Stormwater Management • The developer/applicant shall submit support in the form of a site plan, drainage plan, or correspondence, representing that they have incorporated a minimum of two of the following measures to provide additional water quality benefits, the design of which shall be proposed and sealed by the applicant’s engineer, architect, or landscape architect, as appropriate
  11. 11. Appendix A-2: Special District Signage
  12. 12. Appendix A-2: Special District Signage
  13. 13. The BioCorridor
  14. 14. Waiver History Year Development Application Type Total Waivers Waiver Type 2019 2018 CamWest Preliminary Plan 2 Section 8.2.G ‘Blocks’ Block Length and Block Perimeter 2018 CamWest Site Plan 2 Section 1.3 ‘Dimensional Standards’ to allow a reduced minimum setback from HSC Parkway, & Section 9.4.H.1. ‘Parking Lots’ to allow two-way drive aisles and parking between the proposed buildings and HSC Parkway. 2016 Traditions PH 101-106 (Atlas) Preliminary Plan 18 Section 8.2.G.1 and 8.2.G.3.a ‘Blocks’, Block Length and Perimeter & Section 8.J.2 ‘Access Ways’ 2016 ViaSat Site Plan 1 Section 9.4.H.1. ‘Parking Lots’ to allow two-way drive aisles and parking between proposed buildings, HSC Parkway and South Traditions Drive. 2016 Biomed Site Plan 2 Section 9.4.H.1. ‘Parking Lots’ to allow for a two-way drive aisle with two rows of 90-degree parking spaces between Building 2 and BioMedical Way, and a two- way drive aisle and one row of 90-degree parking between Building 2 and the Public Way. 2013 Nutrabolt Site Plan 1 Section 9.4.H.1. ‘Parking Lots’ to allow two-way drive aisles and parking between the proposed buildings and HSC Parkway & Club Drive.
  15. 15. Waivers -Camwest -Traditions PP (Atlas) -ViaSat -Biomed -Nutrabolt