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Assistance to Firefighters Grant


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Assistance to Firefighters Grant

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Assistance to Firefighters Grant

  1. 1. AFG Grant Award FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program
  2. 2. Award Overview • Fiscal Year 2018 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) • The purpose of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program is to protect the health and safety of the public and firefighting personnel against fire and fire-related hazards. $345,000,000 Nationwide
  3. 3. Equipment • $168,700 was awarded for equipment. This funding will be used to purchase and install source-capturing diesel exhaust removal systems for three of our fire stations. • Station 1 - $61,900 • Station 2 - $36,900 • Station 4 - $69,900
  4. 4. Diesel Source Capture
  5. 5. Training • $146,897 was awarded for Training and related costs. The funding will be used for Blue Card Hazard Zone Incident Command Training and Certification Program (Blue Card). There are two components to the certification process. • The first component is a 40-50 hour online learning program that represents the cognitive learning process. • This is followed up with a 24-hour certification simulation lab that represents the manipulative learning process of the course.
  6. 6. Total AFG Award • Equipment $168,700 • Training $146,897 • Total Federal $286,906.36 • Non-Federal (COCS Share) $28,690.64 • Total Grant $315,597.00