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Link Building Live Webinar: Outreach Tips and Best Practices


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Tired of low outreach response and conversion rates when link building? Outreach is the cornerstone of any link building campaign and we want to help you make yours a success!

We will be sharing link building outreach best practices and in-house tips and tricks. Join Colin Eggleston, Marketing Events Coordinator and a guest link building expert, as they explore the cutting edge tactics that our very own link building team uses every day.

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Link Building Live Webinar: Outreach Tips and Best Practices

  1. 1. Page One Power Webinar Link Building Live! OUTREACH
  2. 2. Today’s Panel #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  3. 3. Colin Eggleston Marketing Events Coordinator #p1pwebinar @pageonepower @djcolinsick
  4. 4. Kyle Ochsner Link Building Expert #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  5. 5. Ben Allen Link Building Expert #p1pwebinar @pageonepower @allen24ben
  6. 6. Question & Answer Submit your question(s) throughout the presentation by using the control panel Questions tab.
  7. 7. #p1pwebinar @pageonepower Link Building Live! “If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.” ~Carl Sagan
  8. 8. #p1pwebinar @pageonepower What it takes to build a link. Section 1: Linkable Assets Section 3: Outreach Section 2: Site Prospecting
  9. 9. You’ve got mail. (Outreach skills) #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  10. 10. Metrics: #emails sent #in communication #follow ups #conversions #dead/never responded #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  11. 11. Choosing the right CRM (or no CRM) for you. #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  12. 12. BuzzStream or Google sheets? #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  13. 13. What about conversion rates? #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  14. 14. Hey, what about using templates? #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  15. 15. Finding contact info. Finding the RIGHT person to contact. #p1pwebinar @pageonepower Example:
  16. 16. Think beyond email (social media, forum message, blog comment, etc.) #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  17. 17. Crafting the perfect subject line #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  18. 18. You must ADD value in every outreach #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  19. 19. Short? Long? Be clear. #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  20. 20. Don’t forget to follow up. (without spamming) #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  21. 21. It pays to negotiate #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  22. 22. Turning a “no” into a “yes” #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  23. 23. It’s about building relationships, y’all #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  24. 24. Takeaway 1: Add value Takeaway 2: Find the right contact Takeaway 3: Be concise and clear Takeaway 4: Follow up! Takeaway 5: Relationships first #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  25. 25. Poll Question! #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  26. 26. Question & Answer Submit your questions now by using the Questions tab on your control panel. *all images courtesy of or wikimedia commons unless otherwise noted
  27. 27. Parting Thoughts #p1pwebinar @pageonepower
  28. 28. / @pageonepower / 208-229-7046