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M6.2- Music: an industry disrupted


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Music and how it is influenced by artist involvement mixed with public exploitation of private files

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M6.2- Music: an industry disrupted

  1. 1. Frank Ocean
  2. 2. Background • Born as Christopher Ocean on October 28, • • • • 1987. American born singer/songwriter Part of hip hop group called OFWGKTA or Odd Future. Has released one mixtape: Nostalgia, Ultra and an album that helped him win 2 Grammy Awards: Channel Orange. One of the first African-American artists to publically announce that his first love was of the same sex.
  3. 3. Presence  The presence of Frank Ocean in social media varies throughout the year; more active closer to group project and personal releases.  Frank Ocean is more of a relaxed musician who keeps to himself by not posting too many things but letting his music speak for him.  His Twitter account, which was his most active social network, and his Instagram account were recently deactivated by him after controversies and rumours
  4. 4. Websites/Social Networks     Ocean/310067275760033   c/songs  ean
  5. 5. Online Communities  Online communities that exist around Frank Ocean mainly consist of regular, remixed, and mashed versions of his hit songs.  These online communities are based on his involvement as an individual artist and as a group member of Odd Future.  The groups are created as fan pages that release up to date news about Frank and Odd Future. These groups also release their own personal remixes of Frank’s songs so fans can enjoy his music in a different variety of ways.
  6. 6. Five social media tips
  7. 7. Find your audience  Frank Ocean has definitely found his audience as his followers have proven to stick up for him after the controversial letter that he released.  His fans consist of his ordinary fans from his solo work as well as his fans from the popular group Odd Future.  Frank has not recently released any new music, but has been involved with song writing for platinum albums and nominated songs for award ceremonies.
  8. 8. Post meaningful, sharable content  When Frank Ocean had both Instagram and Twitter accounts, he posted quotes, comments, and pictures that fans would appreciate and could relate to.  By looking at his social network involvement, anyone can tell that Frank keeps to himeslf.  In a recent post by the media, Frank deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts because he felt that the photography and comments were interfering with his production of work.
  9. 9.  Frank’s music speaks louder than his words, for me at least.  His music is very unique and extremely creative from the lyrics to the underlying themes in his different songs.  Pictures that his fans post on behalf of him capture a very calm and collected artist who has contributed a lot to the music industry along with culture in general.
  10. 10. Engage your current fans  Frank engages effectively with both his fans and the group Odd Future which he is a part of by always making features on songs, producing and song writing for extremely popular and famous artists.  The group Odd Future also has a television show called Loiter Squad in which all the members of the group act out many different skits as alternative people and personalities.
  11. 11.  As far as not doing anything, Frank Ocean likes to keep things to himself in terms of what he shares with his fans; his personal life.  Frank is a very humble artist who likes to set an example for others, yet is very focused on his work as he is a major contributor to the Hip-Hop music industry.
  12. 12. Continue the social push IRL. Hand out swag. Put up flyers  In my opinion, Frank Ocean’s involvement online is not as great as other artists but still seems to be enough for fans based on his producing and features for other artists.  There are many customized clothing lines that have Frank Ocean memorabilia, but the group Odd Future has their own clothing line which contain clothing and things from the group.
  13. 13.  The Odd Future clothing line is very successful as many famous artists have been wearing clothing from them as well as millions of sales that have been made.  There are only a few Odd Future clothing stores around the world, but they are expanding to different countries as they have been increasing their popularity.
  14. 14. Post consistently  Frank Ocean engages with his audience consistently by being heavily involved in the music industry even though he has only released one studio album in 2012.  Frank’s involvement goes beyond just music as he posted a letter he wrote stating that his first love was of the same sex. This letter, I think, helped many people realize that it isn’t a bad thing to be yourself. If a famous celebrity that is looked up to can do that, many others will accept things for what they are.
  15. 15.  Finally, a link to what I think is the best song Frank Ocean has released thus far. From the album Channel Orange, Pyramids.. 