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Tenacious Ventures Interactive Media Opportunity


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An overview of the LIVE Web Streaming, Web Marketing, Corporate Imaging and HD Recording that Tenacious Ventures offers to event organizers and sponsors.

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Tenacious Ventures Interactive Media Opportunity

  1. 1. 
 This document overviews the next level of media coverage that Tenacious Ventures will provide your event. With our services we are able to: increase viewership, reach, attendance, interactions and brand recognition. We create a buzz and marketing appeal that happens before, during and after the closure of your event. The content we produce has a residual effect online that allows for a targeted online campaign while augmenting traditional marketing efforts. An interactive live event has a deeper more meaningful impact on attendees; increases attendee retention and while increasing how easy it is to spread the word. By leveraging new live media and the web, we further the marketing and advertising goals of the event organizers and the organizations sponsoring the event. Colin
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  2. 2. Event Organizer’s Value Add: Activation toward event / company web properties and products, Growth in interest and attendance, attendee retention, professional promotional videos, podcasts, graphics and other content, Higher value to share on web properties, deeper engagement and feedback from attendees, higher value options for sponsorship package. Sponsor’s Value Add: Higher value and activation than from regular events, expanded brand recognition, residual branding on videos before, during and after event, interview / commercial video on LIVE stream, inclusion in social marketing campaigns, access to a highly targeted market. Attendee’s Value Add: Interactive experience with organizers, sponsors, physical and virtual attendees; ability to share event content with friends, fans and followers; ability to participate and give feedback at the event, ability to reference the event’s content during and after the event.
  3. 3. Corporate Imaging Package The Corporate Imaging Package extends your brand’s look, feel and message. The videos and graphics produced are used in the live stream, pre, during and post videos, on social networks and on your main website. Having corporate imaging enables your organization to acquire a higher percentage of brand recognition, displays professionalism and establishes a strong level of credibility, aids in retaining viewers and equates to a larger market share. Corporate Imaging Packages Common Social / Video Account Setup and Design Online Account Setup and design (One Account Price) $60 Link Accounts together (Where applicable) $120 Setup Video Syndication System $120 TOTAL $300 Basic Video Graphics Logo Motion Graphic $400 Logo Watermark in Corner of Video $60 Lower Thirds Name Label(s) $180 TOTAL $640 Complex Motion Graphics Complex Logo Motion Graphic $1,000 Motion Logo Watermark in Corner of Video $240 Motion Lower Thirds Name label(s) $300 TOTAL $1,540 *Feel free to mix and match options The Online Account Setup and Design is great option if your organization doesn’t have or wants to revamp your twitter, facebook fan page, live streaming, youtube, linkedin group, flickr and / or a blog. We will setup the account(s) and design the background to synergize them with the rest of your branding. o Live Streaming Channel Example: Link Accounts Together, where applicable. When one online account is updated the information updates your other networked accounts. For example a post to your blog would automatically feed to twitter which automatically updates facebook and linkedin. A new video uploaded to Youtube will automatically update twitter which updates facebook. For Video Syndication we setup and manage a video distribution system that loads your videos to all of your video accounts. The popular ones include Youtube, Viddler, Veoh, and facebook. The Logo Motion Graphic is up to 10 seconds long and involves some motion activity that is in line with the look and feeling of your brand. The complex version involves more time committed and a greater amount of special effects that vary from project to project. (See top image above for screenshot) o BizTechDay Motion Example: The Logo Watermark is in most cases a scaled down version of your main logo. Depending on your logo’s layout it may need to be reshaped or revised so that it is visually appealing. The motion watermark can spin; have a graphic circling it, etc… These are similar to the motion logos you see on television. (See image above) The Lower Thirds Name Labels includes a branded backdrop for the text to sit on top of. The motion lower thirds has movement in it, and fades in and out. They can also interact with the watermark to ‘explode’ into a label. (See image above)
  4. 4. LIVE Streaming and Web Marketing 
 By live streaming events to the web in tandem with using social networks, we are able to spread brand awareness, expand viewership, have a world wide reach, increase interactions, get feedback from viewers, grow and retain your virtual and physical world audience. We pioneer the live event productions to the web and the services around it. With the latest in audio, video and social web technologies we combine engagement, retention, monitoring and strategies in to grow and interact with your audience. Having a live video stream of your event positions your organization as the thought leader in your industry, gains followers and leaves a virtual footprint of your activities for anyone in the world to find. Have Sponsors for your event? The live stream coupled with the Pre-Event Video Invites, Pre-Event Social Marketing, live and / or pre-recorded interviews, Highlight videos and Post-Event videos all offer more value for your sponsors brand name, logo and product to be displayed and / or talked about. By building these items into your sponsorship package, your event will offer sponsors more value and give you an advantage over the competition. Below are the standard prices for the Live Streaming Services. The table outlines the pricing for a 2, 6 and 10-hour event. The items are packaged into levels from Diamond down to Bronze to make give organizers an easy way to select the package that fits into their events budget. Live Streaming to Web (2 Hour Event) $18,387 $5,067 $2,585 $1,940 $880 (6 Hour Event) $22,097 $6,537 $3,695 $2,700 $1,640 (10 Hour Event) $25,807 $8,007 $4,805 $3,460 $2,400 Diiamond Pllatiinum D am ond P at num Golld Go d Siillver S ver B ron ze B ron ze (10 Hr) (6 Hr) (2 Hr) Live Stream Management (Cuts between PowerPoint, video, images…) X X XX XX XX X X $2,400 $1,640 $880 Live Stream Interviews X X XX XX XX $220 $220 $220 Pre-Event Video Invite / Trailer for Event (Up to 5 Minutes) X X XX XX XX $420 $420 $420 User Generated Content Event Highlight Video X X XX XX XX $420 $420 $420 Upload video(s) to website or service, provide links and embed codes X X XX XX $120 $120 $120 Social Media Moderation at Event X X XX XX $700 $420 $140 Interactive Online Polls, Surveys and Games During the Event X X XX XX $525 $455 $385 Pre-Event Podcast (up to 10 minutes) X X XX $212 $212 $212 Podcasts Made of Live Stream Audio X X XX $960 $600 $240 Pre-Event Marketing on Social Networks (2 weeks Prior) X X XX $2,030 $2,030 $2,030 Post-Event Live Stream Edited Highlight Video X X $1,320 $1,080 $840 Edit and Split Live Stream Videos into Segments X X $4,320 $2,720 $1,120 After Event Social Web Analysis X X $2,960 $2,960 $2,960 Live Interactive Robot(s) X X $9,200 $8,800 $8,400 *NOTE: If the above offering does not meet your needs, we are willing to build a customized package based on your event.
  5. 5. Live Stream Management is the basic item needed for the live stream. With this option we can switch between PowerPoint presentations, pre-recorded videos, images, websites, and the desktop for demos. With the latest in technology we bring a live broadcast to the web for the virtual audiences. The LIVE video stream sustains the virtual audience and acts as a catalyst for viewers to interact with the physical event. o Hello Digital, UK West Midlands Example: o Social Media Breakfast Seattle Example: Live Stream Interviews are done on-site at the event live into the cameras. These can be done with the interviewee alone on camera, getting interviewed by one of our trained interviewers, or your organization can assign the interviewer. o Social Media Breakfast Seattle Example: Pre-Event Video Invite / Trailer for Event that attracts attendees and gets them excited about the event. Viewers are encouraged to share it with their social networks. The BizTechDay video invite was embedded in over 6000 sites within 10 days of its launch. o Biz Tech Day, San Francisco Example: o Chic Meets Geek, San Francisco Example: The User Generated Content Event Highlight Video is a video that is made from the pictures and videos taken by the attendees and photographers at the event. At longer events, with a high volume of photos and videos submitted this video can be produced and ready to show by the time the event is over. Attendees are baffled when they see the rapid turn around rate and the quality of the video. o Product Camp 2009, Example: Upload video(s) to website or service, provide links and embed codes for the video invite, highlight video and provide embed codes for segments of the live stream. This allows the videos to be shared and distributed anywhere on the web to reach the maximum amount of viewers. Social Media Moderation at the Event. A professional community manager moderates the conversation on the social networks to keep the drive the conversation and keep it on track, to engage with users to get them watching the live stream, encourage them to follow / join your organizations social account(s) and go to your website. They can ask and answer questions or give comments in virtual conversations, while we are broadcasting video and radio shows. Also, if the format of the event permits it, we take questions from the social networks and present them to the panels / speakers. o Example of Conversation, BizTechDay:
  6. 6. Interactive Online Polls, Surveys and Games During the Event. We launch custom polls during the event to measure the metrics you want to track, for example to determine what viewers and attendees like and don’t like about the event. You can also select two games that drive traffic to your site, draw in attention during the stream, augment your physical attendees experience (while growing your follower and fan count online). Some options include trivia, a link treasure hunt on your website, content submission contests (best video, picture or tweet at the event), etc… These drive social marketing of your event to all of the attendees and viewers followers and fans. Pre-Event Podcast. Up to 10 minutes. The podcast creates buzz online about the upcoming event. These can be overviews of what will be at the event, the content discussed, a pre-interview with a speaker, panel member, event organizer, etc… Podcasts Made of Live Stream Audio. The entire event is cut into segments and trimmed into the most important takeaways while retaining as much of the core content. This enables people that couldn’t make it to listen to the show while on the go or for those that attended the event to refresh their memory. Pre-Event Social Media Marketing (2 weeks prior) starts the conversation on blogs, twitter, facebook, YouTube and other social platforms. The marketing raises awareness about participating in the physical and/or the virtual event. Social marketing before the event acts like radio advertising or commecials, in that, we can coordinate giveaways, host contests, gather feedback or suggestions for the event, send out polls, and further interact with the attendees that will be at the event or watching virtually. o Washington Interactive Network Twitter Page Example: o Social Media Breakfast Seattle Facebook Fan Page Example: Post-Event Live Stream Edited Highlight Video that takes the recorded live stream footage and shortens it to around 5 minutes of the best shots and sound bites. This video is used to recap the event and for future promotional activities. Edit and Split Live Stream Videos into Segments that can be uploaded and distributed around the web to the most popular video sites. This creates more exposure for your event, it’s content and links are used in the description to drive users to your website. Live Editing On Site. We pull together the coverage of the event and edit it on site so that it is online as the events unfold. After Event Social Web Analysis to determine the activity level of online users, the main topics they discussed, gather feedback about the conference, etc… so that we can reward and evangelize the top contributors, make adjustments for the next events to suite the needs and demands of the target market, address any negative comments, assess the value of each online activity and the amount of traffic or appeal it created. (Analysis will vary depending on the accounts active during the event) Interactive, Telepresence Web Robots allow guests from anywhere in the world to virtually attend the event. The virtual attendees can interact with the attendees or booths that are physically at the event. There is an onboard webcam for the person to see the event, a microphone so people at the event can talk to the virtual attendee, speakers for the virtual attendee to project their voice, a screen for them to display their face on and a remote so the robot can roam the event.
  7. 7. Pre-Event Recorded Interviews Pre-Event interviews are recorded in either high definition or standard definition. This can be added onto another option or done before regular events to create an online buzz. The interviews are often used to augment the live video stream; HD recorded videos, placed on websites and shared on social networks. This is a great way for event organizers to add value to their sponsors and give them something they can show off on their web properties before and after the event. In most cases, the interviews are used to increase the quality of the live stream and post-production videos. The interviews can be of the sponsor, event organizer, speaker or whomever you wish to showcase. Recorded Interview Recorded Sponsor Interview $555 Recorded Interview with Exhibitor, Speaker or Attendee $495 Sponsor Interviews. Extend your sponsorship package by giving sponsors a high quality way to share what they do and why they enjoy supporting your event. The video acts as an event testimonial, augments the livestream and can be displayed on web properties. o SMBSeattle Waggener Edstrom Example: Interviews with Exhibitors and Attendees. Capture the info, highlights and excitement that defines why people show up to the event. Use these videos to reach out to the online communities and increase their interest and desire to attend and interact LIVE. o PAX Exhibitor Interview for Example: o PAX Attendee Interview for Example:
  8. 8. HD Recording of Event The whole web is moving to HD. We are already seeing YouTube, facebook, myspace, veoh, viddler, vimeo and many other sites have opened up their services to High Definition 1280x720 video. Why limit your viewership? Upgrade to an HD recorded event so everything is crystal clear. High Definition Recording of Event (2 Hour Event) $4,480 $3,900 $2,180 $780 (6 Hour Event) $7,680 $6,460 $2,740 $1,340 (10 Hour Event) $10,880 $9,020 $3,300 $1,900 Diiamond D am ond Pllatiinum P at num Golld Go d Siillver S ver (10 Hr) (6 Hr) (2 Hr) HD Recording of Event XX XX X X XX $1,900 $1,340 $780 HD Event Highlight Video XX XX X X $1,400 $1,400 $1,400 Split HD Video of Event into Segments X X X X $5,720 $3,720 $1,720 Videos Loaded to Major Video Sites X X $600 $360 $120 Video Editing Done On-Site X X $1,260 $860 $460 HD Recording of Event that can be displayed online on your website and video websites after the event. Much of the web is opening up to HD videos. This service adds that extra polish to enhance your online presence. HD Event Highlight Video that overviews the best clips and sound bites of your event. The highlight video can be used to raise brand awareness and as a promotional video for your next event. o SMBSeattle Example: Split HD Video of Event into Segments. Having your event broken and edited into segments allows marketing to happen between your events. These are typically released periodically to maintain the buzz from the previous event and give people a reason to come back to your website and social properties to see what’s new. Videos Loaded to Major Video Sites. We will load all your videos from the event you to the major video sites on the web. This includes Youtube, viddler, vimo, veoh Video Editing Done On-Site. This is the best option for quick and rapid turn around of edited HD video. After each speaker or segment of your event we take the footage and begin editing it down while at the event. The video can then be released as early as that evening or the next day.
  9. 9. Equipment The equipment required will vary based on the venue your event is at and the equipment that is already being provided by your organization. Below is a table of the typical equipment necessary to complete our services. If you need more equipment or have any of the items let’s talk to discover if we can merge systems to cut costs. Equipment Quantity Rate / Fee Line Total Video Camera(s) 2 $75.00 $150.00 Tripod(s) 2 $20.00 $40.00 Web Cam(s) 2 $15.00 $30.00 Laptop(s) / Computer(s) 2 $40.00 $80.00 600W Fixed Light 0 $30.00 $- 800W focusable light 0 $40.00 $- 24" Lighting Softbox 0 $30.00 $- Wireless Mic(s) 3 $75.00 $225.00 Audio Mixer 1 $75.00 $75.00 Potable Audio System 1 $285.00 $285.00 LCD Projector 0 $200.00 $- Projector Screen 0 $150.00 $- TOTAL $885.00 Below is a list of requirements that we need for setup and to ensure the best quality live stream. • Internet connection of at least 800kb per second. Preferably an Ethernet connection but wireless will do depending on the connection speed. • If there is a built in audio system we need either an XLR, ¼” or 3.5mm audio line out. • Access to a power outlet. • An area of the venue devoted to video production. The best area will vary based on the layout of the venue. • Adequate lighting for video recording. If the venue is dark, we can bring in lights that focus in on specific areas.