Time For a Change... Ecological Buildings.


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This is a Keynote we had to present to the class. The information is not there because we had to remember it.

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  • Our topic this term is about ecological buildings we had to come up with a big question and subsidiary questions that relate to the subject.

  • Green Materials are reusable and renewable. So unlike other building materials there is less risk of them running out. They also require very little processing or transporting. This means there environmental costs are low. There is plenty of Rocks and sand in New Zealand. Rocks can be used for indoor and Outdoor projects. The look of natural materials is also nice which is beneficial.

  • Green building materials are more expensive because the products are reusable and are a better quality. Also production methods (How to make it) are more expensive because they are environmentally friendly. How ever, it does not mean that green buildings will cost more because other costs will be less. For example life time costs are lower. Power water and health costs will be less when living in a green building.
  • Using green materials is so much better for people working with them, and living in houses made from them. They are not toxic like other building materials, so they are safer and healthier. You will also have less doctors fees because you are living in a healthy environment. Some studies have found out that allergies and asthma have reduced when the people live in green buildings. The study also said peoples sleep improves. This helps their work life and they can do their jobs better.
  • Green buildings help to reduce water and wind erosion. Erosion is when wind and water and things like that effect and change soil and rock. Sediment in water ways is also reduced. These buildings also cost the community less for portable water (safe water) surge and power. Because the cost are high at first some communities have not realised the long term benefits. You have to look at the life time benefits for the community not first costs.

  • Time For a Change... Ecological Buildings.

    1. 1. Time For A Change... Ecological Buildings By Nicole Morgan
    2. 2. Task... Our topic this term is about ecological buildings we had to...
    3. 3. Big Question.
    4. 4. What are the benefits of using “green” materials to our planet?
    5. 5. Answer... Green Materials are reusable and renewable....
    6. 6. Subsidiary Questions...
    7. 7. What are the Cost of green buildings? Green building materials...
    8. 8. What are the Long term effects on peoples health when using green materials? Using green materials is so much better...
    9. 9. What are the effects on the community when you use green building materials Green buildings help to...
    10. 10. Bibliography I got my information from the... -Internet -Mums friend Jill Greathead. She is on The Carterton District Council and is in charge of waste disposal.She has a lot of knowledge on green issues.
    11. 11. Thanks For Watching ☺