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Clean Patch


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CLEANPatch is a first-in-class medical surface repair patch for hospital beds and stretchers that restores damaged mattresses to an intact and hygienic state. Inspired by a nurse and her story, CleanPatch is a cost-effective tool to enhance patient safety.

Clinically Tested - Tested and confirmed by Infection Control Professionals in a healthcare setting:

• Durable: CLEANPatch remained fully adhered to mattresses for over one year in a real hospital setting (n=72)
• Cleanable: CLEANPatch can be effectively cleaned by hospital disinfectants used during routine and terminal cleaning.
• Equal: CLEANPatch did not harbour any more organisms than the mattress it was placed on before and after cleaning.

Cost-savings - Extends the life of mattresses and stretchers reducing direct and indirect cost:
• Annual savings: CLEANPatch is 1/20th the cost of a new standard hospital mattress.
• Keeping beds in service: CLEANPatch is an immediate repair option to minimize downtime and associated costs.
• Patient Safety: CLEANPatch is a cost-effective tool to proactively address damaged and unhygienic surfaces.

Safe and simple - Designed and proven with healthcare stakeholders.
• Biocompatible: CLEANPatch is made from medical-grade, Latex-free materials and shown to be non-cytotoxic
• Easy to apply: CLEANPatch is designed to be applied in seconds by Housekeeping, Facilities Management or Nursing.

Supplied in a pack of 5

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Clean Patch

  1. 1. CleanPatch – Product Presentation Henleys Medical Supply (2014) First-in-class medical surface repair for hospital beds and stretchers that restores damaged mattresses to an intact and hygienic state. CE Marked Class 1 medical device
  2. 2. Barbara Potter, RN • ICU Manager, 25 years hospital experience “Mattresses on patient beds are often damaged, I also know that it is impossible to properly clean a surface that was not intact, and yet it was impractical to replace a mattress each time a small tear appeared” ripped mattress pathogens 2014 © Surface Medical Inc. 2 Inspired by a Nurse
  3. 3. 2014 © Surface Medical Inc. 3 How Big of a Problem is It? Multi-phase research study in a leading Hospital conducted by the Ward of the 21st Century, a third party clinical research organization Surveyed 20% of mattresses in circulation: 213 patient beds across 33 units Results 101 mattresses, or 47% had damage (rips, tears, cracks) 30 damaged mattresses were randomly swabbed: o 20/30 (65%) tested positive for at least 1 organism o 2/30 (6%) tested positive for Clostridium difficile o 1/30 (3%) tested positive for VRE ?
  4. 4. 2014 © Surface Medical Inc. 4 Available Options Today…
  5. 5. 2014 © Surface Medical Inc. 5 What we see… Lifting Tape + Sticky Mess
  6. 6. Damaged Mattresses cause Infections! MRSA VRE Acinetobacter Other Pseudomonas Reference: Adapted from Creamer and Humphreys(2008) Journal of Hospital Infections 69.8-23 • Multiple studies have demonstrated that: Hospital mattresses harbor dangerous pathogens like MRSA and C.difficile Multiple outbreaks have been traced back to contaminated, damaged mattresses Mattress intervention, such as improved cleaning and/or returning mattresses to an intact state, have been shown to terminate outbreaks 2014 © Surface Medical Inc. 6
  7. 7. The Challenge To address this issue, we spoke to Healthcare Stakeholders in all departments (Infection Control, Facilities, Housekeeping) and the product had to; Hold up to repetitive cleaning by disinfectants Not collect bacteria on the edge Be simple to apply Be cost-effective Last in a real hospital setting 72014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  8. 8. 8 Introducing… CleanPatch™ 3.5 x 3.5 inch Medical Surface Repair Patch First-in-class medical surface repair for hospital beds and stretchers that restores damaged mattresses to an intact and hygienic state. Designed with Healthcare stakeholders to be applied in seconds Safe and Simple Extends the life of mattresses and stretchers reducing direct and indirect costs Cost Savings Independently tested by a third-party clinical organization in a real hospital setting Clinically Tested 2014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  9. 9. CleanPatch Clinical Assessment CleanPatch - Clinical Assessment Primary Study Objectives 1) What is the incidence and severity of microbial growth on the hospital mattress and CleanPatch before and after terminal cleaning? Is there any difference? 2) How does CleanPatch perform in a clinical setting over the duration of the study? 9 Project Collaborators: Dr. Thomas Louie (UCalgary, AHS), Craig Pearce (AHS), Linda Ward (UCalgary), Jill de Grood (UCalgary), Holly Wong (UCalgary), Irene Ma (AHS, UCalgary) 2014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  10. 10. CleanPatch Clinical Assessment Study Methods • CleanPatch was applied to 60 mattresses (1 on top and 1 on side) • Testing took place between October 2012 and January 2013 • 12 Microbial swabs were taken per sample collection, 720 microbial swabs were cultured. Mattress Location Before Cleaning After Cleaning Top CleanPatch Surface CleanPatch Edge Mattress Surface CleanPatch Surface CleanPatch Edge Mattress Surface Side CleanPatch Surface CleanPatch Edge Mattress Surface CleanPatch Surface CleanPatch Edge Mattress Surface TOP SIDE 102014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  11. 11. Primary Study Questions • Is there any difference between microbial growth between the hospital mattress and CleanPatch on the Mattress Top Site? Study Results • No significant difference in severity of microbial growth between the hospital mattress and CleanPatch edge or surface, before and after terminal cleaning • Reduction in pathogenic growth after terminal cleaning on all areas tested Mattress Location TOP SITE Pathogenic Growth Before Terminal Cleaning (Mean) Pathogenic Growth After Terminal Cleaning (Mean) Mattress (n=60) 1.18 0.27 CleanPatch Edge (n=60) 0.83 0.23 CleanPatch Surface (n=60) 1.10 0.13 P-value vs mattress No Significant Difference No Significant Difference Summary Results - Mattress Top 112014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  12. 12. • 72 CleanPatch applied in October 2012 on mattresses were assessed 1 year later to determine patch viability and any signs of damage • 72/72 or 100% looked the same as the day they were applied, CleanPatch continues to perform well in a hospital environment on mattresses! Study – 1 Year Follow-up 122014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  13. 13. The Clinical Study on CleanPatch met its Primary Objectives, Peer-reviewed publication coming soon! • CleanPatch does not harbor any more (or less) organisms than the hospital mattress, and is comparable in cleanability • CleanPatch performed well in a clinical setting Study - Conclusions 132014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  14. 14. Test Protocol Conclusion 180 Degree Peel Test Accelerated Aging ASTM D3330 modified PSTC-9 CleanPatch is stable for at least 2 years under accelerated aging conditions Uniaxial Fatigue test Custom designed facility CleanPatch passed test that included compression, rotation, urine treatment and cleaning on a ripped mattress (simulate patient on hospital mattress) Hospital Disinfectants testing Custom designed CleanPatch was stable when exposed to hospital disinfectants, including Alcohol, Bleach, Quaterniums and Hydrogen Peroxide (also proven by disinfectant comp) Laboratory testing performed at a GLP certified facility CleanPatch – Durability Testing 142014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  15. 15. Mattress (cover + foam) 9.5’’ X 9.5’’ X 3’’ CleanPatch (3.5’’ X 3.5’’) Mattress Cover Linen Stainless Steel PlateStainless Steel Plate 1’’ indent 12 to 60 cycles per hour 90 Degree Rotation. 45 Degree/sec A Cut in Mattress (1’’) Dome Compression Platen Uniaxial Fatigue Test - Set-Up 152014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  16. 16. Test Condition Conditions No. Compression 2,880 No. Rotation 2,880 Urine Treatment 16 Cleaning 16 Results No Change, Passed Water Leak Test* Compression = 50% mattress depression Rotation = (90O CW and CCWW from Zero at 45O per sec). Urine = Artificial Urine. 10ml/treatment. Cleaning= Hospital Grade Quaternary Ammonium (516ppm). 10ml/treatment. *Water Leak Test – NHS (UK) developed method, 10ml of water dispensed on surface + pressure BEFORE AFTER Uniaxial Fatigue Test – Results 16 CleanPatch is impermeable, fluid resistant 2014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  17. 17. CleanPatch was designed as a preventative maintenance tool for early signs of damage on hospital beds, stretchers and other surfaces. Catch the Damage Early! Characteristic of Damage site ideally suited for CleanPatch: Less than 2 inches On the surface or sides Polyurethane or Vinyl surface (not Nylon or coated covers) CleanPatch – Safe & Simple 17 EXAMPLES OF DAMAGE MORE CLEANPATCH SIZES COMING SOON! Exam tables, Wheelchairs, Commodes, Chairs may also be possible! 2014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  18. 18. Biocompatible: medical grade, latex-free and non-cytotoxic Easy to Apply: designed in collaboration with Healthcare Stakeholders, can be applied successfully with gloves (peel and stick). CleanPatch – Safe & Simple 18 Application video at 2014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  19. 19. For every 100 mattresses fixed, CleanPatch could save >20,000£ * Contact us to develop a specific economic model for your site * 100 damaged hospital mattresses Cost Savings Example 19 Without CleanPatch Option Quantity Price per Unit New Mattress 100 300 £ TOTAL 30,000£ With CleanPatch Option Quantity Price per Unit New Mattress 30 300 £ CleanPatch 70 9-10 £ TOTAL 9,700£ 2014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  20. 20. Testimonial • Over 70 healthcare facilities in North America are purchasing CleanPatch in the last few months! "Many studies have shown that healthcare equipment (e.g. mattresses, positioning pillows, stretchers, wheelchairs, high walkers) that are shared between patients/residents/clients with rips and tears have resulted in disposal as they cannot be cleaned nor disinfected properly. We hope to save some money by using CleanPatch to repair this communal equipment and also provide a safe environment for our patients. Our facility has been using CleanPatch for the past eight months and the feedback from our end users is positive, specifically the product's easy application and durability. We have been using CleanPatch on our stretchers located in the busy Emergency Department and it has been able to withstand multiple cleaning and disinfection“ Manager, Infection Prevention and Control in Canada 1000+ bed facility in Toronto, Ontario Infection Control and User references available upon request 2014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  21. 21. Met the Challenge! After over 2 years of development and testing, CleanPatch addresses the issue of damaged mattresses and stretchers; Cleanable by hospital disinfectants Does not collect bacteria on the edge Simple to apply, Peel and Stick Cost-savings possible Last in a real hospital setting for 1+ year 212014 © Surface Medical Inc.
  22. 22. Thank You Manufacturer Contact Tony Abboud Surface Medical 403-589-7642 22 Clinical whitepapers, instructions and more information can be found at: UK Distributor Contact Henleys Medical Supply 2014 © Surface Medical Inc.