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Sample of marketing resources and a glimpse of my portfolio.

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Sample PPT Marketing

  1. 1. Marketing & Media Pen To Parchment,LLC Colette Davis, President & Owner
  2. 2. I am often asked how I got into the business. ...I didn’t the business got into me. Leo Burnet
  3. 3. Outline offers the best in one stop Internet services Partnering with Colette Davis will create a mutally benefical workload. Examples of work includes: Marketing kits, graphs, charts, service cost development, and more.
  4. 4. Marketing Plan for Restaurant Executive Summary The Boom Boom Place is: A new nightclub that should bring in about 10,000 patrons weekly, focusing on students in the local area whose numbers exceed 22,000 and grow yearly. It will bring diversity to the area because of its essential design based on African culture. The nightclub will be located in Towson-near Towson University. Once opened ‘the Boom Boom Place will have exceptional management to guide its success. The Boom Boom Club’s owner(s) have experience with club management and have thrown similar parties under the guise of the “Boom Boom Mansion.” These club parties were extremely successful. Towson is a popular spot for university students and tourists to the local area. The area has a population of 620,961 people living in the area. The addition of students from Towson University will increase the amount of business to the Boom Boom Club. Mission • It’s not just the glamour of a new sound, or the lure of dancing to great music. It’s the people who will find us to be valuable. Fun, is also part of the mission. We want to be the primary place for top performing artists to come to and reach a large audience. We will bring all students together and we will be the only venue in the area that is able to attract all local students and members of the community because of the great networking, fun, and camaraderie. Keys to Success >We provide exceptional services to our customers that leave them with an impression that will create a a core group of students and locals who will frequent the establishment. >Our devotion to creating a consistent atmosphere of networking, music and ethnic sounds will produce unique content that is appealing to all consumers. >We have developed a strict control of our costs and it will be adhered to at all times without any exceptions. Objectives >To locate and capitalize on a superb spot in Towson close to the local college. >Launch the venue with publicity and a possible grand opening event in the first year >Create and maintain a tight budget for operations, cash flow and automate it with computer control. >Try to keep costs down with a strict adherence to total beverage costs staying below 25 percent of the overall revenue.
  5. 5. Pen To Parchment created Boom Boom’s Proposal
  6. 6. Non-Profit Organizations The Single Wives Club Created Content on site and developed their Media Kit.
  7. 7. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Business Marketing Video Created for Smart Money entrepreneurs
  8. 8. Talent Dennis Carahar Award Winning Children’s Muscian
  9. 9. Pete’s Tire: PA Created an entire marketing plan
  10. 10. Creative Marketing Tactics Team work My Commit ment Development Research Communication 100% communi cation SEO optimization Social Media Campaigns
  11. 11. Thank you for your time Colette Davis Pen To Parchment,LLC