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Showcasing various press releases that were created in 2010-2011. Many more to come! Contact me at Historysmistress.wordpress.com today!

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  • Examples of Press Releases

    1. 1. Pen To Parchment,LLC Colette Davis, Writer & Owner Press Release Examples
    2. 2. Jerome Hurricane Katrina Survivor Jerome Boykin, Jr., 30, survived one of the most devastating natural disasters in U.S. history, Hurricane Katrina. Now, the owner of JB Sweeping Company, a million dollar sweeping company he has created AfterKatrina.net to share a short story inspired by his and other survivors’ firsthand experience. With this inspiring tale of survival, determination and overcoming the greatest obstacles, Boykin hopes to inspire others to reach high and to never give up on their dreams. “That’s when it struck me that we have been forgotten in the lost city of New Orleans,” says JB, the narrator of “Rags To Riches: A Story of Hurricane Katrina Survival. ” Giving up and dying was not an option for JB and his sister Ceira and brother Brandon in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina. They survived for days in an attic, believing their father had already drown in the house. Their only means of survival was snack chips, one bottle of water and the thin light of a dying flashlight. The close-knit siblings wondered if they would ever see their family -- or their city -- in one piece again. New Orleans is a community famous for its French Creole architecture, Mardi Gras, blackened catfish, and, of course, jazz. It was originally settled on the natural levees or high ground, along the Mississippi River. According to National Geographic, in 2005, storm surge from Hurricane Katrina caused catastrophic failure of the federally designed and built levees, flooding 80% of the city. “I see an axe cutting through our roof and now we start to celebrate because finally we are getting rescued,” JB says, on AfterKatrina.net. Unfortunately, being relieved from hiding in the safety of an unbearably hot, dark attic was the highpoint of a strife-filled journey to come. Accounts of being shot at, jumped by neighborhood rivals, robbed at gunpoint, and finally fleeing with a mentor who would become like a mother, fill out this jaw-dropping tale. “It’s my birthday. I just turned 23 and we are still at the convention center living like animals without any assistance from the city or state. Suddenly I saw lots of buses pull up in front of the Convention Center.” JB says. With the wreckage all around, but a strong will to overcome this tragedy, JB applies for a bank loan. With the help of his mentor and the advance from the bank, he is entrusted with the opportunity to purchase a $75,000 sweeper truck, and sign a lucrative contract to sweep Wal-Mart parking lots. Writes Boykin, Jr., “JB Sweeping became an instant hit. I was even getting phone calls from people outside of New Orleans.” He continues, “I was making over $35,000 per month. Not bad fo a homeless guy who lost everything to Katrina.” Inspired, in part, by Jerome Boykin, Jr.’s true life experience, he has turned this calamitous tragedy into a humanitarian opportunity. He hopes to inspire people across the globe with this story of luck, tenacity and faith, detailed on AfterKatrina.net. “I will fight and die for you,” JB says to his brother and sister, before being separated for weeks, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Luckily, he didn’t have to. In 2006, Louisiana voters adopted an amendment to the state's constitution to dedicate all revenues from off-shore drilling to restore Louisiana's eroding coast line. Congress has allocated $7 billion to bolster New Orleans' flood protection. About Family owned and operated JB Sweeping Company has serviced New Orleans and its surrounding communities since 2005. Jerome Boykin, Jr. continues his work as an entrepreneur, with a successful real estate firm. He’s landed on the pages and covers of Inc. Magazine, Black Enterprise, and others.
    3. 3. Jerome Part II    /24-7PressRelease/ - HOUMA, LA, October 21, 2006 -- One year after losing everything but his life in the hurricane Katrina, Jerome Boykin, Jr., 23, has not adversity get him down but has instead found tremendous success by offering a free service to others over the Internet. Boykin was recently featured in "USA Today" for his rise to success in spite of adversity. Boykin's new web site http://www.EveryFace.com has attracted significant attention from people who blog, use dating web sites, and social networking sites. H letting people post their picture on the front page of his site for free, and includes many additional services as well. His goal? To make Internet history by posting one million faces on his web site, and he expects to accomplish that goal in 2007. Social networks connect people with all different types of interests. People can use social networks to make new friends, and share common interests. Users of  sites spend a lot of time surfing for other users they can network with and add to their list of friends. Boykin makes that process easier and fun, but does not charge any fees, so his site is gaining rapidly in popularity. "Anyone can upload a photo and post their profile in just a couple minutes," explained Boykin. Once a member posts a photo they can also begin to communicate with other members of the online community, and they are rewarded for sharing their new pro and photo with other people they already know. "The first thing people look for to help them decide on contacts they would like to make online is a picture. I created EveryFace.com with that in mind," said Boykin Just  one  year  ago  Katrina  destroyed  his  home  and  his  community,  but  Boykin  did  not  let  that  discourage  him.  He  quickly  got  back  up  on  his  feet,  started  a  n cleaning business, and quickly found local success. He  then  went  to  work  on  developing  EveryFace.com,  and  he  recently  launched  his  project  to  collect  one  million  pictures  of  faces.  His  enthusiasm  and  determination to succeed even in the face of destruction all around him have paid off, and will continue to bring him success for years to come. About EveryFace.com Jerome Boykin is the creator of EveryFace.com, a social networking web site. Membership is free and all services are free. Members can post a picture for other see, and are granted credits for getting others to sign up. The goal of the project is to accumulate one million pictures of faces. Press Contact: Jerome Boykin 985-856-4175
    4. 4. Smart Money Entrepreneurs October 04, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Daymond and other well-known panelist will talk to entrepreneurs about what investors look for in attractive startup  companies. The event will also introduce equity crowdfunding as a new avenue of funding for entrepreneurs. "With the growing popularity of the equity crowdfunding industry and the launch of SME, now is the perfect time to match up entrepreneurs with potential investors, whether they be traditional or the crowd" says SME  Founder & CEO, Jeremy Andrews. Event attendees will have time to network, and meet Daymond John.  The event will take place at Alley New York on Tuesday, November 27, 2012. It kicks off with a reception and networking at 6:00pm. At 7:00pm, Jeremy Andrews,  Founder and CEO of SmartMoney Entrepreneurs will open the main event with "Different Ways to Raise Capital." Then attendees will watch a live one-on-one  negotiation between a CEO and an Investor. After the CEO/Investor negotiation, Daymond John, Founder of FUBU and star of the hit ABC show Shark Tank will  open the conversation about what he looks for in startups as he considers investing in the company. Daymond will be joined by Charlie O'Donnell, Partner of  Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, and other popular panelists in the NYC startup scene. The final culmination of the main event will be 5 well-vetted entrepreneur's  delivering five minute business pitches to the Panelist and the crowd, entitled "Pitch to the CROWD".  This is a live event and tickets are selling out. However SME will host a live webcast for people who cannot make the event, or miss purchasing a ticket. Those who will be watching the Webbing can pre-purchase tickets beginning now. Ticket price for the live event is $100.00 after November 1st. A limited number of "Early Bird Tickets" will be available at SME's Eventbrite page. Live webcast ticket price is TBD, available on Eventbrite.  The event has some more treats for attendees. On-site event attendees will have a chance to enter a giveaway for a new and unlocked iPhone 5. Also, the first  twenty attendees will receive one $5.00 iTunes gift cards.  Sponsorship levels are available for companies interested in reaching the event's participants. A platinum sponsor will have one-on-one time with Daymond John to discuss their business. Gold sponsors will be promoted on all event marketing collateral to reach both attendees and webcast viewers. Silver sponsors will have  company details included in on the event brochure, and have the opportunity to drive new customers to their business.  More information about the event, the business pitch competition, and sponsorship opportunities can be found on the event's webpage, http://smesharkeorg.eventbrite.com/.
    5. 5. UnMake Me Book Release Book Release UnMake Me Press Release …pssst 10 free copies to lucky readers! Posted on September 25, 2012 by COLETTE1980 It’s like the Island of Dr. Moreau meet’s the Matrix. Unmake a novel by Colette Davis is a carefully crafted tale of a young Dr’s journey to a mysterious island where humans are being genetically modified to become stronger, faster and indestructible. Dr. Julie Allen arrives at the Ching Corporations island as part of a panel of experts sent to determine if animal genes can successfully be manipulated in order to create the perfect human.   But when she begins working with a batch of creatures that were already horribly awry, she realizes that the corporation is using her and the crew. Her fellow members are caught in a deadly plot all in the name of money and greed. Her chance at freedom comes at a high cost, and along the way she looses her entire team. Will she be able to survive the Island? Will her team diaper in a volcanic eruption?   Unmake me is a science fiction novel set in the 22nd century. People of that time are perfect, because they can simply walk into a store and become that way. Want better teeth, theres a modification for that and that’s just the beginning. But life is not all its cracked up to be. There are dark things that turn the modification world. There are people, the natural borns being sold into slavery and genetically manipulated as case studies all in the name of greed. Those people are the unwashed, and those people are fighting back on the Ching corporations islands. Along the way Julie encounters a strange subject, a girl with dark eyes, who speaks without moving a muscle. She becomes the leader of the mutations, leading them onward in a bloody plot to revenge their lost humanity.   With each twist and turn, readers will be guessing what comes next. This is not your average science fiction story, and it’s not all unicorns and castles either. If you have anything to read this week, you need to pick up a copy of the eBook UnMake Me by Colette Davis. Now sold at online retailers.   Colette Davis is a 15 year veteran of the writing field, and has ghostwritten countless novels. This is her second novel and not her last. She resides in Kansas with her family. Contact Colette Davis Visit:Unmakeme.blogspot.com   http://www.amazon.com/Unmake-Me-Volume-Colette-Davis/dp/1479246352
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