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September 5, 2012To Whom It May Concern:I am writing a letter of recommendation of behalf of Michael[INSERT NAME HERE]. Mi...
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Letter of recommedation


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Letter of recommedation

  1. 1. September 5, 2012To Whom It May Concern:I am writing a letter of recommendation of behalf of Michael[INSERT NAME HERE]. Michael has been know to mefor some time as a coworker. I am the Senior System Engineer and new business development manager for mycompany {NAME}. I am more than satisfied with Michael’s skills and enjoy every day that I spend with him. I cannotwait to create another project for Michael just so that I can work with him again. He has always been engaged in hisfield and has been extremely enthusiastic. In the time that we have known each other Michael has demonstratedleadership and the ability to navigate through any muddle that a project might come across. He has been our “go-to”person and because of that we have created a niche for him in our company. He has managed a team of six engineerswhere he was not only a contributor, but a manager in all forms. He has the confidence, the drive and the ability toenter into the Master’s program.In fact, Michael has impressed me with his ability to create and respond to all tasks with enthusiasm. I have no doubtthat he will apply these very same tactics when he enters the Masters of Computer Science program. If you are lookingfor someone who is an articulate communication, goal oriented and dependable then Michael should be the man youchoose. He has over twelve years in the field of software engineering which includes time spent as a manager forsoftware applications and development government contracts. He has implemented Six Sigma projects that resulted inour company having $100,000 savings annually. He is superb in all that he does.He has shared the amazing possibilities that the MAS-WES program offers and I believe that when he becomes agraduate student at UCLA he will have a lot to contribute. He has discussed the research, the possibilities and theopportunities with me several times. Therefore, I know that he will apply himself in all ways to this program. It’s noteasy to be proclaimed as being in the top 5% of employees with our company but he is.It is not often that I am this excited about a candidate. But I know that this engineer, MichaelWill become your “go-to” guy in all things as well. He has shown to me that he has the ability to coach and createreports and to allocate resources. His attention to the needs of any task he applies himself to is great. In other words,Michael is the person to excel in this field because he possesses the most basic of things that one needs to do so-ambition. Perhaps another skill should be added here as well: intellect. He possesses both of these qualities in dubiousamounts. I have no doubt that when Michael becomes a part of your department he will devote himself and all of hisresources to it tremendously.Respectfully,