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  1. 1. HostingOur Services Are...Easy to use and easy on the eyes-this means that we make it simple fro your site to beaccessible to you and your employees so that you can upload content the way you needto . In recent times there has been a DIY trend, which is great for the tech savvyprofessionals but not so great for the business owner who has gotten in over his or herhead. It can quickly become a headache moving from coding to emails without everunderstanding that you were supposed to access the homepage from a totally differentarea.It’s confusing we know that,that’s why we are here to make your life flow easily andsmoother. Imagine the possibilities and then imagine some more because we can do allof it!Our packages for hosting services include the following:•Domain name registration•Unlimited email user accounts and 10GB of storage•Easy to use website editing tool•Website analyticsIn combination to the hosting packages, take a look at the plethora of services we offerand you will quickly see that we can provide you with everything that you need to getyour website created, marketing, mobile and more. We look forward to working with youtoday!