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Leading a multidisciplinary UX team towards a commum goal


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Process, methodologies and tools to motivate and harness the potencial of a multidisplinary team, working on different fronts of the same product, while maintaining the coherence and a same experience across all channels and services.

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Leading a multidisciplinary UX team towards a commum goal

  1. 1. Leading a multidisciplinary UX team towards a commum goal Luciana Terceiro Diogo Cosentino
  2. 2. Methodologies and processes
  3. 3. Documentation
  4. 4. • Not the end of the process; • Fidelity depends on the needs of the project and the familiarity of the teams with the documment; • Used to align visions and objectives across departments; • Can and will be replaced by other deliverables if needed.
  5. 5. Workflow
  6. 6. On our line of work Micromanaging is a DEADLY SIN
  7. 7. Business guy Business guy UX Manager FRUSTRATED UX guy/girl UX Manager Traditional workflow
  8. 8. Business guy UX Business guy UX Manager UX Our workflow
  9. 9. MAGIC Our workflow Business guy UX Business guy UX Manager UX
  10. 10. The UX has to: UX Girl/Guy 1) Estimate every new story; If that estimate doesn’t match the given deadline, we negociate. 2) Go after every information needed with whoever might have it; 5) Aprove the deliverable (whatever it is for that project); 3) Discuss all aspects of the story with the related areas (UI, R&D, Marketing, Operations etc); 4) Seek and propose researche oportunities to ensure the quality of her/his solutions; 6) Present and defend the “final” version with UI and R&D; 7) Follow the development with designers and developers.
  11. 11. The Manager has to: 1) Organize and negotiate the pipeline; 2) Create and mantain an enviroment where the UX guy can work; 5) Fill in the gaps between the team and with other teams; 3) Guide and help the UX guys develop their solutions; 4) Help the team working together; 6) Reduce friction between departments Manager
  12. 12. On keeping the Big Picture in perspective
  13. 13. On a big, multidisciplinary team, who looks to the entire ecossystem?
  14. 14. How we do that 1. Daily meetings The entire team gets together for 15 minutes everyday to share what they are doing. 2. Mandatory colleague reviews The job is only considered done after the review of at least two of your colleagues (bonus points for outsider critics) 3. Filling in the gaps When the steps above leave something behind, it’s the manager’s job, as the only one who is accompaining every history, to make the connections
  15. 15. On managing a multidisciplinary team
  16. 16. On feedback and stuff
  17. 17. Feedbacks: 1. Are given whenever nedeed; 2. Take in account every aspect of our activity which, besides providing our clients with the best possible experience, includes diplomacy and a keen sense of humor.
  18. 18. One last piece of advice
  19. 19. Don’t be an Asshole
  20. 20. 1.It is your sacred duty as a human being. Fail this and you might end as a CEO or something worse. 2. We already have to deal with assholes from other companies/departments and it is a fierce competition. 3. Ours is a profession based on EMPATY!
  21. 21. No dejes de completar nuestra encuentra online ¡Muchas gracias! Leading a multidisciplinary UX team towards a commum goal Luciana Terceiro Diogo Cosentino