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Trust, Users, Delivery GDS presentation to Code for America 2012


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Presentation given to Code for America Summit 2012 on the work of @gdsteam and @londondatastore

Published in: Technology
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Trust, Users, Delivery GDS presentation to Code for America 2012

  1. 1. Emer ColemanDeputyDirector for DigitalEngagementGovernment Digital Service@emercoleman
  2. 2. TrustUsersDelivery
  3. 3. Trust means having a clear setof principles
  4. 4. Digital by defaultPutting users firstLearning from the journeyBuilding a network of trustMoving barriers asideHelping technology leaders flourishNot doing everything ourselves (wecan’t)
  5. 5. Creating roomin governmentfor a newgeneration ofdigital talent@1jh
  6. 6. For (almost) the first time inGovernment we’re usingAgile, iterative processesOpen technology platformsWorld-class inhouse devteams
  7. 7. And we’re focusing,relentlessly, on usersand needs
  8. 8. Users - what is the user need?
  9. 9. Our first major project isGOV.UKPutting the information andservices from hundreds ofdifferent government siteson a single, definitivedomain
  10. 10. Simpler, Clearer, Fasterservices for UsersSavings and Innovationfor Government
  11. 11. Simpler
  12. 12. Type your point inhere
  13. 13. Clearer
  14. 14. Type your point inhere
  15. 15. Faster
  16. 16. Type your point inhere
  17. 17. Delivery
  18. 18. We’re rebuilding nationalinfrastructure in an open,agile way
  19. 19. Small teams of world-classdevelopers, designers andmanagersIterative, user-focused productdevelopmentTight control of experiencedesign
  20. 20. Fix PublishingFix TransactionsGo Wholesale
  21. 21. It’s not about dataCollaborateTake risks
  22. 22. They made athing....
  23. 23. @jaggeree
  24. 24. Thanks!