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Support the common ground health clinic 2012


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Support the common ground health clinic 2012

  1. 1. Support the Common GroundHealth Clinic in New Orleans
  2. 2. The Common Ground Health Clinic has beenproviding quality health care and community education in New Orleans since September 9, 2005.
  3. 3. We’ve come a long way from an allvolunteer crew providing services out of the Masjid Bilal Mosque…
  4. 4. To a converted corner store across the street...
  5. 5. In 2012, our combined team of staff and volunteerscontinue to provide high quality services, on a sliding scale,that include primary care, medical interpreting in Spanish & Portuguese, herbal medicine, health education, dermatology, endocrinology, social work referrals, acupuncture, laboratory tests…
  6. 6. …As well as working in the community to address societal factors thatcontribute to ill health, such as systemic racism and poverty. We do this through anti-racist education sessions with the People’s Institute for Survival & Beyond, through the advocacy component of our Latino Health Outreach Project, and through our collaborations with other social justice organizations in Greater New Orleans.
  7. 7. The clinic’s Outreach programs include gardening projects, cooking classes, health fairs & wellness events, community resource guides, and youth art workshops, all enlivened by collaborations with community partners.
  8. 8. In today’s economic climate, increasing numbers of people in our community are struggling to meet their most basic needs. Clinics such as ours, called “safety nets” by many, are needed more than ever to provide services for theuninsured and under-insured, and to remain attuned to the most marginalized voices among us. It is our policy toprovide services regardless of the individual’s ability to pay, even as we struggle with our own sustainability.
  9. 9. It took a combination of vision, courage and perseverance to found this clinic.
  10. 10. Ensuring that our work issustainable calls for nothing less.
  11. 11. So, this is where you come in.
  12. 12. Every single person has a part to play inkeeping this clinic open. There is no amount too large or too small to give.
  13. 13. Here are some ways that YOU can help1. Ask your organizations (church, mosque, club, krewe, association, etc.) to take up a special collection, or work with you to co-sponsor an event – a dinner, car wash, live music, etc., to benefit CGHC.2. Walk up to any Whitney Bank teller and make a donation. Your donation will be deposited directly to the CGHC account.
  14. 14. More ways for YOU to have an impact3. Make a donation at the clinic here in Algiers (New Orleans), at 1400 Teche Street. Envelopes are available at the Front Desk.4. Become a monthly sustainer through our website: http://www.commongroundclinic.org5. Join our Cause on Facebook, and invite your friends to do the same!
  15. 15. And finally:Tell everyone. Yes, EVERYONE.From your Aunt Jean to Oprah. From your co-workers to Spike Lee.From your doctor to Dr. John. Everyone needs to know about thisclinic. Word of mouth is how we got this thing started, and that’s howwe will keep on growing good health in our community andchallenging the health care system to change nationwide.
  16. 16. Visit our website for updates on our work, details on our history and guiding principles, and to give what you can to keep the clinic open. THANK YOU.