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Windows 7 vs windows 8 111


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Windows 7 vs Windows 8...

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Windows 7 vs windows 8 111

  1. 1. Windows 7 VS Windows 8 Cole Hart
  2. 2. Windows 7 • If you are going to be playing pc games on a windows computer you would want to be using windows 7, this is because windows 7 scores a better 3D rating, they have also tested playing two games on windows 7 (Battlefield 3 and Just Cause 2). And windows 7 has scored a better gaming report then windows 8. So if you wanted an operating system for gaming you should use windows 7, windows 7 is also a lot cheaper.
  3. 3. Gaming Reports for windows 7/8
  4. 4. Comparison feature Windows 7 Windows 8 Start-up Menu Windows 7 has a start up menu in the bottom left hand corner, and it has customisable The start-up menu is different because there isn’t a search/windows key in the bottom left , you actually have to hover the mouse over the far right side and it will bring up a side menu, which has the same applications Windows Defender Windows 7 defender only tells you if a virus is located in your computer but it doesn’t fight the virus. However windows 8’s defender actually fights the virus and can actually get rid of the virus and can stop the virus from occurring again. Windows Update Windows update on windows 7 checks if you have a update to run and it will ask you if you want to run it. Windows 8’s update application will inform you of an update and will automatically run the update (you will be able to change this function) Touch Screen Yes, the windows tablet has a external keyboard Yes
  5. 5. Windows 8/7 home screens