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Responding to the King Palm Sunday Sermon 2023

  1. Responding To The King John 12:12-19
  2. Responding to Expectations John 12:12-13 FIRST POINT
  3. • We fail to see the Demand of Christ When we look past the truth of Jesus… • We fail to see Christ’s Spiritual Blessings • We fail to see Jesus’ True Concern
  4. Responding to Truth John 12:14-15 SECOND POINT
  5. • We must Praise Him as our King • We must Proclaim Him as our King Because of the Truth of Jesus…
  6. Responding to Jesus John 12:16-19 THIRD POINT
  7. • We Reject Him by our Sin • We Receive Him by our Surrender In our Daily Life…
  8. Responding To The King John 12:12-19