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2010 Dodge Ram 1500 in San Luis Obispo,CA


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2010 Dodge Ram 1500, color brochure provided by Cole Dodge located in San Luis Obispo, CA. Find the 2010 Dodge Ram 1500, for sale in California ; call about our current sales and incentives at (805) 543-7321

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2010 Dodge Ram 1500 in San Luis Obispo,CA

  1. 1. Cole Dodge 3550 Broad Street San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 2010 (805) 543-7321 RAM 1500 | 800-4ADODGE
  2. 2. MEET 2010 RAM 1500, a pickup that takes toughness and durabilit y into territor y so uncompromising, picku hat takes t ughnes ckk ku ness durabili into territory so nc mprom sing, lity lit to rritor mpromi g, m you’re awarded with quality designed to last through a lifetim of hard labor. But what makes Ram 1 500 u re award wi d uality designed t l l ty y igned last throug lifetime h d labor B hroug ough fetime i ha m e Ram 1500 outstanding are al h out st nding are all t he except ions to t he conventional rules. R am sty ling is more than expressive; the ception to the conventional rules t ions he n n l ule m stylin t li i o than ex r ssive th t a sive; RAM. OUTTOUGHS, best-i be t n clas aerod ynami bes t-in-class[1] aerodynamic s are so good, the y actually add to fuel e fficiency [2] and quie tne ss. Only e lass compro i e i li the as namic na s- x usiv g o they tuall add o f ue efficiency [2 a quie tn ss O y h bility ow from the 5.7- ter HEMI® V ity. ower om m 7 d ally iable iab Valve m nc e link l sprin rear suspe ion, for xceptiona omfort w i i ring eae n p pt n endar uietne Ram fe atures a class-exclusive[1]] fi ve-link coil spring rear su p nsion, for exceptional comf ort with no am f u es class-ex lusive e o mp omis in capability Power f rom the 5 .7-liter HEMI V8 is more than legendar y; with innovations mo than legendar y ; with n ovation l gendar like the Multi-Di l cement System (MD ) and Variable Valve Timing (V VT), it’s also rema kably efficient. ik ti Displa ement ystem (MDS nd Vari bl Valv im g ( VT), io also remark bl effic nt s m bly fficie o OUTSMARTS, A n w n super- actical and spacious nterio om are requi e R a 1500 Cre And when super practicality and spaciou s interior r oom ar e r equired, Ram 15 00 Cre w C ab mee ts the nd u er-pra cality p comparison. It’s all here. In 2010 Ram 1500. comparison. It’s all here. In 2010 R 15 r ri s equire stora g ha he 0 ew b meets th need, off ering roominess along wi th cla ss-exclusive[1] st ora ge t h t m ake s t he compet ition pale in n with class-ex lusive s o age tha akes the o etition p al in l s exclus th OUTLASTS. [ [1] Base d on Aut omotiv e N ews cla ssifi cat ion. [2 Base d o 14 city to 2 h ighw ay E PA e st. mpg. Res ul dep end Bas Automo tive News classifi cation. [2] as on s l fi on. on to 20 ghway est. mpg Results depend mp g p u ult nd on  riv on d rivi ng h abit s and co ndit ions riving abits an d c n io bit it ions. Cole Dodge 3550 Broad Street San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 (805) 543-7321 Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab shown in two-tone Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl and Light Graystone Pearl.
  3. 3. Cole Dodge 3550 Broad Street San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 (805) 543-7321 PUT THIS FLOW CHART INTO MOTION. THIS IS STYLE WITH PURPOSE. The street presence is pure Ram 1500. But this engineering goes way beyond muscle and capability. Here, performance is so good, quality is measured in terms of decades. THE AERODYNAMIC ADVANTAGE. What you see is a dramatic forward-raking grille and sleek exterior — but the story is bigger: This design contributes to reducing air friction and drag. The results? Best-in-class[1] aerodynamics. An honor, to be sure, but one that helps improve fuel consumption, further reduces wind noise, and even helps channel rain and water away from the windshield much more eff ectively. INTEGRATED REAR SPOILER. An integral part of the tailgate design, the spoiler also functions to direct airflow away from the body — with measurable improvements that help reduce aero drag. TRIPLE-SEALED DOORS. Door seals for Ram 1500 off er a triple-play of advantages: They help lock out road noise, create an airtight seal, and boost the interior comfort level. [1] Based on Automotive News classifi cation. INTEGRATED DUAL EXHAUST. Grab a customized look and sound, straight from the factory. Available on Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab shown in two-tone Inferno Red Crystal Pearl and Light Graystone Pearl. select models with the HEMI® V8.
  4. 4. Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab interior shown in Light Pebble Beige. 1. INTELLIGENT INSTRUMENTATION. Cole Dodge Talk about a “controlled” environment, and you’re talking Ram interiors. From fi t and finish to the 3550 Broad Street ergonomics of controls, the attention to detail in this cabin translates into touches of convenience and the San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 unexpected — and welcome — sense of luxury. 2. ULTRA-COMFORT. Ventilated front seats (805) 543-7321 and heated rear seats are available on select models. Fans inside the seats circulate cooler cabin air — which helps draw heat away from the seat surfaces through microscopic vents in the seats. Live in a cool climate? Ram 1500 Crew Cab is made to order, with available heated seats in both the front and rear. 3. PREMIUM UPHOLSTERY WITH AVAILABLE STITCHING ACCENTS. The interior focuses on total comfor t and next-generation convenience. Look for quality leather-trimmed upholstery and seat bolsters with tailor-made stitching. 1 2 PURE CRAFTSMANSHIP, EVERYWHERE YOU TURN. 3 HOW THE GOING GETS BETTER ... AND BETTER. 2010 IT’S A WORK SPACE ON-THE-GO: RAM 1500 CREW CAB. HEATED STEERING WHEEL. The available heated Ram 1500 continues on one course: to create an interior that’s all The cavernous Crew Cab for Ram Light Duty handles crews steering wheel is another benchmark set by Ram. This fi ne about refinement. Here, comfort and convenience set the standard. from work sites to families, and expands Ram capability with touch to the interface that keeps you in control of the vehicle innovative storage both inside and out. With its cavernous off ers built-in multitasking capability: the steering wheel SOFT-TOUCH INTERIOR. Ram 1500 distinguishes itself with interior — nearly six more inches of rear leg room and nine more also contains EVIC — the Electronic Vehicle Information touches you can immediately feel and see. The interior features cubic feet of interior volume than Ram Quad Cab® — Crew Cab Center — interactive digital controls and displays on the advantages like soft-touch upholstery, panels and door treatments. easily accommodates up to six adults. The biggest advantage? instrument cluster. The at-a-glance menu instantly Ram cloth seats feature Stain Repel[1] fabrics — also resistant Ram 1500 Crew Cab is conveniently “garageable.” communicates a broad range of real-time information. to odors and static. [1] Not compatible with aftermarket fabric-protecting coatings.
  5. 5. INGENUITY ON THE GO. CHOOSE YOUR DRIVE AND RIDE IN CONFIDENCE. Whether you go with the capable economies of the 3.7-liter V6, the proven 4.7-liter V8, or the 5.7-liter HEMI® V8 with MDS and VVT, you’re backed with power: a 5-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty. Get details during your test-drive or when you log on to Transferable. See dealer for a copy of limited warranty. Includes towing to authorized dealer. Excludes Chassis Cabs. THE 5.7-LITER HEMI® V8 WITH MDS ENGINES TRANSMISSIONS TRANSFER CASES 5.7-LITER HEMI V8 WITH MDS. 545RFE 5-SPEED AUTOMATIC. This NVG243 TRANSFER CASE. A part-time, With Variable Valve Timing [VVT], the transmission is standard with 4.7-liter and two-speed transfer case, with three Multi-Displacement System [MDS], and an 5.7-liter 2WD/4WD Ram 1500 applications. operating ranges plus neutral. Constructed Active Intake Manifold, the HEMI V8 It features the very practical Tow/Haul of durable yet lightweight aluminum. is pure power, generating 390 horsepower Mode and Electronic Range Select [ERS], Electronically operated, with instrument and 407 lb-ft of torque. a means of greater control when upshifting panel-mounted switch. and/or downshifting. 4.7-LITER FLEX FUEL V8. Off ers NVG246 TRANSFER CASE. This high-fl ow cylinder heads and exhaust 42RLE 4-SPEED AUTOMATIC. A proven two-speed operates on-demand. Major manifolds — plus dual spark plug component that’s specifi c to 3.7-liter componentry is of tough magnesium. technology and E85 (ethanol) compatibility. 2WD Ram 1500 models, with capability Features four operating ranges, plus neutral. 310 horsepower, 330 lb-ft of torque. and sophistication to handle unexpectedly Electronically operated, with instrument large tasks. This transmission also features panel-mounted switch. At the low range, 3.7-LITER V6. STANDARD. the Tow/Haul Mode and ERS. reduction ratio is a capable 2.72 to 1. Competitive in power and torque to larger engines, with Electronic Throttle Control. 215 horsepower, 235 lb-ft of torque. Watch how proven history and is more efficiently controlled by changing port length based on tomorrow’s engineering work engine rpm. At low speeds, the manifold uses a longer port path, together: available for Ram 1500 is one of the most respected resulting in superb low-end torque; at higher rpm, the manifold engines ever designed — the legendary 5.7-liter HEMI V8, uses a short port; air moves faster into the combustion chamber. featuring the totally innovative (and efficient) Multi-Displacement SRV technology contributes to horsepower and torque. System (MDS) and more. HOW MDS SAVES FUEL.[1] This is intelligent MASTERING POWER. HEMI V8 cylinder heads feature engineering that just flat-out works. Operating high-flow ports, larger valves, and a high 10.5 to 1 compression under a wide range of driving conditions, the HEMI ratio; results are measured directly in performance. The unique V8 Multi-Displacement System (MDS) seamlessly hemispherical cylinder heads along with MDS and Variable deactivates half of the cylinders — transforming Valve Timing (VVT) give the 5.7-liter HEMI V8 indisputable the mighty HEMI V8 into clout in the world of pickups. a fuel-sipping[1] 4-cylinder. RACECAR-WORTHY TORQUE. The HEMI V8 features VVT HEMI V8 POWER AND technology long associated with Formula One cars. VVT TORQUE. The 5.7-liter HEMI increases engine breathing throughout the rpm range by varying V8 is designed to off er the points at which the valves open and close in conjunction outstanding capability that with piston position. Results include better performance, more teams up with efficiency. efficient operation, and increased torque for towing and hauling. With dual spark plugs, Variable Valve Timing (VVT), and MDS seamlessly working together, EFFICIENCY BY DESIGN. The HEMI V8 also features a Short here’s the horsepower and torque to do it all. Runner Valve (SRV) Active Intake Manifold, where air intake flow [1] Based on 14 city to 20 highway EPA est. mpg. Ram 1500 R/T Regular Cab shown in Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl.
  6. 6. 4 1 3 2 5 BUILT LIKE A SMOOTH RIDE, AWESOME CAPABILITY. 5. CLASS-EXCLUSIVE [2]: MULTILINK COIL REAR SUSPENSION. FREIGHT TRAIN. 2010 Ram 1500 offers road manners like it rides on the truest of rails. off ers rails Introduced last year, Ram’s fi ve-link coil spring rear suspension cuts the friction in the spring system to a fraction and reduces weight when compared to conventional leaf spring designs. The results include enhanced ride quality and comfort, better control and handling, and 1. FRONT SUSPENSION. If you’ve got a success, ride with it. The brilliant front suspension includes improvements like lighter greater confi dence — and on any road surface. Get more at weight, lower ride height, ultra-tough springs, and a tubular stabilizer bar. All contribute to comfort and control. 6 6. 1,900-LB MAX PAYLOAD. From the 2. STOP IT. NOW. When it comes to stopping, we continue unstoppable development. The Ram 1500 brake system is, in a word, get-go, it’s all about truck capability. Your impressive. The system starts with 4-wheel vented disc brakes with an antilock braking system [ABS], and then grows: The technology 2010 Ram 1500 lets you ride with 1,900 lb[3] that comprises the Electronic Stability Control [ESC][1] includes All-Speed Traction Control, Brake Assist, Electronic Roll Mitigation, Hill of maximum payload capacity — more Start Assist [HSA], and Trailer Sway Control [TSC]. No surprises here. This is all standard equipment on every Ram 1500 model. than enough to meet the challenges of your life. 3. BULLETPROOF FRAME. That unique multilink rear suspension design joins serious forces with the fully boxed and [1] No system, no matter how sophisticated, can repeal the partially hydroformed frame. Comprised of Advanced High-Strength Steel [AHSS], and with an astonishing 85,000 psi tensile laws of physics or overcome careless driving actions. Performance is limited by available traction, which snow, ice strength rating, this frame is still the strongest ever in a Ram. Benefi ts include reduced weight, increased torsional rigidity, and and other conditions can aff ect. When the ESC warning lamp in improved structural performance. the speedometer fl ashes, the driver needs to use less throttle and adapt speed and driving behavior to prevailing road conditions. Always drive carefully, consistent with 4. SMOOTH RIDE AHEAD. Add it all up. The ongoing testing along with proven engineering in the Ram 1500 frame provide the ideal conditions. Always wear your seat belt. solution when it comes to the ride: less noise, vibration and harshness, enhanced handling, and outstanding levels of comfort. [2] Based on Automotive News classification. Properly secure all s cargo. [3] Regular Cab long box, when properly equipped. Ram SLT Quad Cab® shown in Bright White.
  7. 7. BORN TO LEAD. 1. ERS WITH FLOOR CONSOLE SHIFT LEVER. Electronic Range Select off ers enhanced driver control. A simple touch to the left or right results in instantaneous down- or up- shifting, letting you adapt towing control based on road conditions and engine speed. 1 BRED TO PULL. 2. AVAILABLE INTEGRATED ELECTRONIC TRAILER BRAKE CONTROLLER. The controller allows the driver to increase or decrease the amount of brake force the trailer requires. Displays for the controller are conveniently located in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center in the cluster. Buttons for the controller are located on the lower left of the instrument panel. FULL-SIZE TOWING CAPABILITY OF 10,450 LB [1]: In the 2010 Ram 1 00, it’s what separates the men f rom the boys. he 201 Ram 1500, it’ 10 R separate the men rom arat h boys. 3. INTEGRATED HITCH RECEIVER. When more towing capability is needed, Ram 1500 Ram 150 off ers pure control, w th Electron c Range Select [ERS], a d the available floor console shift lever — allo wing you m 1500 ff ers ure c ntrol wi 50 500 ffe 00 e rol ol l lectronic a roni oni elect [ERS] an th ava e ERS] S] consol shift eve so o e e allowingg off ers a Class IV hitch receiver. The attachment points of the hitch-to-frame design off er to m anuall y limi t the top av ai ble gear. Additional tow ing-made-e as y s s tems ab ound . Tr ailer Sw ay C ontr ol [ TSC] and anual ly limit he top a v aila ually i a ailable ar ar. dit ona to w in g-ma -e s sy stem abound a ti - -ea sys tems eas und. Sway Contr [TSC] r benefi ts like reduced torsion on the frame and improved overall vehicle control over noise, B r ak s s ist o t co me stand ar th e y’ all p art o Brak e As sist bot h c ome s tand ard; the y’re a l par t of the ext ra or di na ry E lect roni c St abil ity Cont rol [ESC ] sy stem .[2] t d rd; h hey’re extrao d ina raor rao i lectron i Stab ility Con trol [ESC] ystem 2] r ab ty ont y on n e vibration and harshness [NVH]. 2 Even the tow h o o ks a n d t rail er hitch are des ig d fo r ea se-o f-u s e a d st ren th. Here’s w here those c apable paylo ad t tow hoo s an trai ow ho w nd railer tc e de ign f ease- o f- u se an streng designe for igne gned e-o f-us and reng -o ngth. ere’s wher th se apable paylo s here those ay and towing numb rs int sect wit h superb ride qualit y and control — for exceptional maneuver ing and handling. St opping wing umbe s nter t t mbers tersect pe b ride ua an contro ntrol ex tional e r ng d han ing Stoppi g n ng. opping 4-PIN AND 7-PIN HARNESS PLUG. This standard feature on all Ram 1500 models is power with those a es? One te s t-dr ive s l ou need. Hitch up more power wi th t hos e brakes? O tes t-dr i ve is all y ou need. Hit ch up more info at dodge .com /ra h ose s es t-dri h at dodge .com/ram com /r am /ram seamlessly integrated into the rear bumper — which is rated to tow trailers up to 5,000 lb.[1] W hen prope eq When properly equipped. [2]No sy s tem, no matte how sophisticated, can r epeal the laws of physics or overcome careless dr ving actions. P erfor mance is limited by avail able [1] 1] en properly quipp quipped. [2 No y stem, o atter h ter sophisticate sticated, an epea e aws p ysic r vercome careles dri n a p peal eles driving ti ns erformance limite y available es s imited a traction, trac tract ion, which s ch snow, ice and other conditions can aff ect. W hen t he ESC war ning lam in the speedome ter fl ashe s, the dri ver need to us e less th ottle and adapt speed and sn ce and d condition c itions ffect ect. c en ES C wa nin lamp the speedome te amp mp ometer hes, h dr d eeds o use s thr d adapt speed n driv n e avi t preva ling roa con tions. Al driving behavior to prev iling road co itions. A ways drive care fully, consistent with conditions. Always wear your s t b t. prevailing lin cond o drive e ully, consist nt with c h tions. Always wear you sea bel u seat 3 Cole Dodge 3550 Broad Street San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 Ram SLT Quad Cab® Big Horn edition shown in Bright Silver Metallic. (805) 543-7321
  8. 8. THINK INSIDE Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab shown in two-tone THE BOX. Inferno Red Crystal Pearl and Light Graystone Pearl. DISTINCTIVELY RAM. DECIDEDLY MOPAR. Arguably the best example of the Ram/ rguab y h est rguably he best ex mp a ab mp he R am Ra Mopar connection: a Ram 1500 Crew Cab par co e ti co m 150 rew Ca 0 ew Cab equ ipp ed wit h t he inn ova tiv e a nd qu i pp d i t up e nn ov a t ve n d n v va com e ensiv vailab Ra Bo comprehensive ava lable Ram Box ® C arg o siv a Box® ar Ma ag m e n ys t em T he d extend r/ Man age men t Syst em. Th e b ed extender/ a ge g y st e m x d / div de divider — stored at the front of the bed — der st re at he fro t o t be re he fro he f instantly ad pt to your n eds nfold o instantly adapts to your needs. Unfold it to ta ta l pt our u ds f d customize h a g re a an xt nd s able customize the c argo area and extend usable miz e x te t sa e c a go be lengt Inc de i s carg ra i car go bed lengt h. Inc luded is a c arg o rail b g t nc nclud ar g a sys tem wi th four adju stable cl eat s, wit h t he ys te w ith four dju st le cleat s , w it the s e t j t ea t a th h e Ra m B ox Ca go Organ z Ram Box C a rgo Or gan ize r t o fi ni sh the system. am Bo argo go ann nish he n h th s st m Keep your Ram 1 500 in like-new condition w ith e ee o R a 5 00 like-ne co ditio with l ke new iti t th h a n nder Th Ra il Bedlin e r an Under-The-Ra il Bedlin er — also a n Au the ntic n de r- R liner s o an u th nt th t Ram Accessor y by Mopar. am Acces ory Mopar. m cesso par pa p 1 CLASS-EXCLUSIVE [1] RAMBOX. How Ram capability becomes hugely practical: RamBox, continued. Along with 2 the bed extender are these two dry, lockable and lighted storage bins, one on each side of the bed: large enough for big tools — and even to stash a bag of golf clubs. Available on Ram 1500 Crew Cab models. 1. IN-FLOOR REMOVABLE STORAGE. This class-exclusive[1] feature makes life easier. On 2010 Ram 1500 Crew Cab models. 2. DUAL GLOVE BOXES. Take convenience to the next level — with intelligent interior design at its best. On 2010 Ram Laramie, SLT, TRX, and 3 Sport models. 3. UNDER-THE-REAR-SEAT STORAGE. Lift either section of the 60/40 split rear seat for more storage possibilities. On Ram Quad Cab® and Crew Cab models. [1] Based on Automotive News classifi cation.
  9. 9. Ram 1500 Crew Cab TRX4 Off-Road shown in two-tone Mango Tango Pearl and Mineral Gray Metallic. Cole Dodge DEPENDABILITY. 3550 Broad Street San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 (805) 543-7321 DAY IN AND YEAR OUT. WE TAKE DEPENDABILITY SERIOUSLY. When you drive a truck as good as Ram, you have every right to expect exceptional reliability. That’s why we subject Ram to tests that require performance far beyond predictable daily use, and demand that our components exceed conventional tolerances. We place powertrains under stresses that are unreasonable in real life. Testing techniques can be summed up in a single word: brutal. Take Powertrain Wide-Open to extremes — from minus 20 up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. But this is Ram, and Ram can take it: from Electromagnetic Pulse Testing for reliability to Acoustic Lab Testing to ensure minimal noise intrusion to Emissions Lab Testing that ensures Ram will meet current — and future — government regulations. In the fi nal analysis, this is the toughest and most reliable benchmark that Ram has ever established — and the benefi ts are all yours. DURABILITY TESTING. The preproduction testing that went into the current Ram 1500 design surpassed nine million customer-equivalent miles and included driving on all types of off-road and on-road surfaces, individual component testing, and intricate four-post, road-simulating equipment.
  10. 10. IRON-CLAD SAFETY AND 1 2 SECURITY FEATURES. Ram 1500 meets 2010 with safety and security features that are measured in quality: they’re virtually invisible to the driver and passengers but are there when you need them. Advantages like hydroformed front crush zones, intelligent side-impact protection, an Enhanced Accident Response System, advanced multistage front air bags,[1] and the standard supplemental side-curtain air bags [1] are augmented by the available Rear Park Assist System, ParkSense.® [2] BRAKE PROGRESS THAT JUST DOESN’T STOP. It’s the most comprehensive and advanced standard braking system ever on Ram, and designed to do far more than stop you in your tracks. 2010 Ram 1500 off ers an available power/memory adjustable brake pedal along with the standard Electronic Stability Control (ESC).[3] ANTILOCK BRAKING SYSTEM [ABS]. Standard on all Ram 1500 models, this four-wheel antilock brake system is an electronically operated multichannel system that controls each brake individually — the electrical system is independent from all other circuits. ABS is part of the Electronic Stability Control [ESC].[3] ESC sensors are so sophisticated, they instantly detect slippage and allowance in off-road conditions, such as dirt or gravel. ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL [ESC].[3] By combining and interpreting information from sensors, driver input, and software, ESC helps the driver maintain vehicle directional stability under many diff erent driving conditions. TRAILER SWAY CONTROL [TSC]. TSC can recognize a swaying trailer and automatically apply any individual wheel’s brakes and/or reduce the engine power in an attempt to eliminate the trailer sway. TSC applies brake pressure on all four wheels to slow the vehicle, while increasing pressure on one front wheel to counteract the sway. ALL-SPEED TRACTION CONTROL. Wheel slippage in wet or icy conditions is reduced to a minimum through automatic adjustments to both engine and brakes. HILL START ASSIST [HSA]. Class-exclusive [4] HSA is especially valuable when off-road or on inclines. HSA maintains brake pressure until enough engine torque is produced for forward motion. ELECTRONIC ROLL MITIGATION [ERM]. Sophistication at every turn: If the ERM system detects a potential rollover [for example, a corner taken too sharply, or a swerve to avoid a problem], it automatically applies the correct brakes while simultaneously fine-tuning the throttle. BRAKE ASSIST. This adjunct to the antilock braking system can sense the speed or force used to press the brake pedal. It's so refined, it can determine that an emergency stop is underway — and then instantly apply full braking pressure to help shorten stopping distances. TIRE PRESSURE MONITOR. Should the air pressure in any tire be significantly reduced, you’re forewarned by audible and visible warnings from the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Standard on 1. PARKVIEW® REAR BACK-UP CAMERA.[2] ParkView® Rear Back-Up Camera is designed all models. The available TPM System displays actual tire pressure in the Electronic Vehicle to assist the driver in detecting obstacles out of the line of sight during reversing maneuvers. Information Center. 2. PROTECTION IN MILLISECONDS. Dual-action side-curtain air bags[1] are twice the volume [1] The Advanced Front Air Bags in this vehicle are certified to the new federal regulations for advanced air bags. Children 12 years old and younger should always ride buckled up in a rear seat. Infants in rear-facing child restraints should NEVER ride in the front seat of a vehicle with a passenger front air bag. All occupants should ALWAYS wear their lap and shoulder belts properly. Always sit properly in of the former Ram edition. They cover all side windows — and stay active for five seconds. the seat with the seat belt fastened. Children 12 and under should always be in a backseat correctly using an infant or child restraint system or the seat belt positioned correctly for the child’s age and weight. [2]Always check entire surroundings before backing up. [3]No system, no matter how sophisticated, can repeal the laws of physics or overcome careless driving actions. Performance is limited by available traction, which snow, ice and other conditions can aff ect. When the ESC warning lamp in the speedometer fl ashes, the driver needs to use less throttle and adapt speed and driving behavior to prevailing road conditions. Always drive carefully, consistent with conditions. Always wear your seat belt. [4]Based on Automotive News classification. Properly secure all cargo. Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab shown in Deep Water Blue Pearl.
  11. 11. Ram Laramie Crew 1500 interior shown in Light Pebble Beige. THE ART AND SCIENCE OF TRUCKNOLOGY. TRUCKNOLOGY: IT’S THE COMBINATION OF TOUGHNESS AND TECHNOLOGY, and it works every moment you’re on the road — or off-road. Because when it comes to a total pickup, it’s all here in 2010 Ram 1500. Choose your ride, and then ride it input, 4,250 song capacity, SIRIUS® Satellite AUDIO JACK. Connect a 3.5-mm audio cable out: The ultra-spacious Ram Crew Cab, the proven Ram Quad Cab® — the most popular Ram out there — or super-practical Regular Cab. Radio,[3] SIRIUS TrafficTM and Voice Command. from your MP3 player, phone, or electronic book Whichever Ram model is right for you, count on the right UconnectTM system to keep you connected with every part of your life. reader to play audio through your car's speakers. Uconnect WEB.[4] An in-car router that WITH Uconnect , YOU’RE ALWAYS TM connects any Wi-Fi-enabled device to the Uconnect PHONE. Lets you talk on your CONNECTED — to people, places, music, Internet at 3G broadband speeds, allowing Bluetooth® compatible phone virtually hands- movies, and the Internet. multiple passengers to surf the Web and free. Address Sync [5] lets you call anyone VOICE COMMAND. Lets you select radio social networks, look up directions, check in your address book by saying their name. stations, satellite radio channels,[1] and eMail or download music. Uconnect Web is an Authentic Ram Accessory by Mopar. REAR SEAT ENTERTAINMENT WITH navigation[1] destinations using voice commands. SIRIUS BACKSEAT TV™. Passengers can Works with all Uconnect Media Center radios. Subscription required, sold separately. play DVD movies or connect gaming consoles Included with Uconnect Phone. iPod® CONTROL. Connect most iPod-compatible to this 8-inch screen. Available SIRIUS MEDIA CENTER. 730N AM/FM/CD/DVD [2] devices to your car’s stereo using the in-car cable, Backseat TV channels provides a never-ending ALPINE STEREO, TRUE MATRIX SURROUND SOUND. The clarity rocks: ® radio with 30GB hard drive, and GPS navigation then control them with your radio or steering supply of live content on three of the best Available Alpine system off ers 506 watts, dual voice coil subwoofer and true 6.5-inch touch screen, MP3/WMA support, USB wheel controls. Keeps the devices charged too. family-friendly channels. matrix-amplified Surround Sound, with 10 optimally positioned speakers. [1] When satellite radio and navigation features are equipped on your vehicle. Any voice-commanded system should be used only in safe driving conditions and all attention should be kept on the roadway ahead. Failure to do so may result in an accident causing serious injury or death. [2]In-dash DVD capability not available in all states. See your local dealer for details. [3]SIRIUS service available only in contiguous United States and D.C. Service available in Canada; see Subscription required after 12-month subscription included with vehicle purchase. Subscriptions governed by SIRIUS Terms & Conditions available at SIRIUS, XM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. and it subsidiaries. [4]The Uconnect Web feature is not intended for use by the driver while the vehicle is in motion. [5]Phone must support Bluetooth Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP).
  12. 12. OUT-AND-OUT OUTFITTED. Authentic Ram Accessories by Mopar 2 9 provide the style that matches your Ram’s 4 power. From grille to gate and everything in between, these are the accessories to get the job done — and look good doing it. 1 3 10 5 11 4. Uconnect TM WEB. Get high-speed Internet in your truck. Uconnect Web by Autonet Mobile is the fi rst Internet service that turns your truck into a Wi-Fi HotSpot. The ultimate 6 portable office allows you to connect laptops, Toughbooks,TM smart phones, etc. You can surf the Web, manage your fleet and check your eMail. 1. 2. Now your truck can be connected at your job 3. site at all times. No cell cards or software 12 SPORT PERFORMANCE HOOD. For added CHROME FRONT AIR DEFLECTOR. CHROME BED SIDE RAILS. These required. Subscription required; sold separately. show, this stamped aluminum dual-scooped Stylish air defl ector is designed to help authoritative steel rails are a full 2 inches 5. HEAD-RESTRAINT DVD hood features molded bezels. Utilizes existing deflect road spray and bugs up and away in diameter and add distinctive fl air and REAR SEAT VIDEO.TM mounting hardware. from your windshield. definite functionality and convenience. 6. TELESCOPING TRAILER TOW MIRRORS. BODY KIT. Make a statement, and give CHROME HONEYCOMB GRILLE INSERT. CHROME BODYSIDE MOLDINGS. Help your Ram a sleek and powerful stance. Chromed grille insert features a honeycomb protect your Ram’s sheet metal in substantial 7. BED STEP. Body Kit includes a Front Valance, Side Sills design and matches the grille surround for a style with these chrome moldings availablee 8. RAMBOX CARGO ORGANIZER. 7 and Bed Accents. bold look. for Quad Cab® and Crew Cab models. Black k available for Regular Cab. Cab 9. ALUMINUM RUNNING BOARDS. 20-INCH CHROME-PLATED CAST 20-INCH CHROME-PLATED 10. PICKUP BOX UTILITY RAILS 13 ALUMINUM WHEEL. Good looks will CAST ALUMINUM WHEEL. CHROME EXHAUST TIP. A beautiful AND SLIDING TOOLBOX. take you far with this custom wheel, This premium wheel features a stylish enhancement to your existing single- matched to your vehicle’s specifications five-spoke design and a chrome finish that exhaust system, giving your Ram a sporty 11. BED-MOUNT CARGO BASKET for a balanced ride. will last for years. fi nished appearance. WITH CARGO NET. CHROME FUEL FILLER DOOR. Adds CHROME TUBULAR SIDE STEPS. These Choose from a full line of accessories that 12. FIBERGLASS TONNEAU COVER. a bright complement to the body color of side steps feature black molded endcaps, feature a fi t, finish, and functionality designed 13. TRI-FOLD SOFT TONNEAU COVER. your Ram. slip-resistant step pads and drill-free specifically for your Ram. Check out mounting brackets. and step up to substance with style. 14. RAMBOX BEDLINER. 8 14
  13. 13. TRIM LEVELS AND EQUIPMENT Each successive trim level features the equipment of the previous l l, with exceptions noted. ssive level features he i t f the pre r leve with e ceptions oted h 15 TR OFF-RO 1500 TRX4 OFF-ROAD CREW CAB 5 500 R F-RO -RO ROAD R W AB R RO A Tw one lliant lac Two to Br lliant Black Cr tal Two-tone Brilliant Black Crystal wo- o a lack a 1500 LARAMIE CREW CAB 0 LA AM CR M R CAB Pearl a d Mineral Gray Metallic ar an Minera Gr Metal and Minera etallic Two-tone Inferno R C ystal Pearl Two Two-tone Inferno Red Crystal Pearl e rno n st sta tal 1500 ST REGULAR CAB R REGU AR CA an and ght G aystone Pea and Light Graystone Pearl Grayst n s Bright Bright White te 1500 SLT QUAD CAB® SL QUAD CAB 1500 SPORT QUAD CAB® 500 500 SPORT QUAD C B ADD Austin Tan Pearl s in ear D Deep Water Blue Pearl Water Wat Blue Pe t ST SLT TRX & TRX4 SPORT LARAMIE CAB/BED CONFIGURATIONS Engine/Transmission Engine/Transmission Engine/Transmission Engine/Transmission Engine/Transmission All specifications are in inches. 3.7L V6/4-speed automatic 4.7L V8/5-speed automatic 4.7L V8/5-speed automatic 5.7L HEMI® V8 with MDS/5-speed automatic 5.7L HEMI V8 with MDS/5-speed automatic 4.7L V8/5-speed automatic (Crew Cab) Standard Equipment Standard Equipment Standard Equipment Standard Equipment Standard Equipment Body-Color Upper Fascia Body-Color Grille with Black Inserts Monotone Exterior Appearance Two-Tone Paint with Wheel Flares Black Upper Fascia, Gray Bumpers Chrome Grille with Black Inserts Two-Tone Paint with Wheel Flares Body-Color Grille with Chrome Billet Inserts Chrome Bumpers, Grille and Inserts Chrome Grille with Black Inserts Chrome Door Handles Painted Accent Color Bumpers Body-Color Front Fascia/Bumper Chrome Power Heated Mirrors with Vinyl Floor Rear Sliding Window 17-inch Aluminum Wheels Body-Color Rear Bumper Signal/Puddle Lamps Vinyl 40/20/40 Front Seat/Folding Rear Passenger Visor Mirror P265/75R17 On-/Off-Road Tire Body-Color Heated Mirrors with 20-inch Chrome-Clad Wheels, Six-Spoke CREW CAB Total Length: 227.5 Manual Windows and Mirrors Stain Repel Cloth Fabric 40/20/40 LT275/70R17 All-Terrain Tire (4x4) Signal/Puddle Lamps P275/60R20 BSW Tires Total Width: 79.4 Manual Door Locks Front Seat/Folding Rear Seat and 3.92 Axle Ratio with 20-inch Chrome-Clad Aluminum Wheels ParkSense® Rear Park Assist System Bed Length: 67.4 Air Conditioning Underseat Storage Limited-Slip Differential P275/60R20 OWL Tires Power Heated Front Seats Bed Width: 66.4 Tilt Steering O/H Console with Reading Lamps Skid Plates — Tow Hooks Dual Exhaust with Aggressive Note 430 Media Center Radio with Surround Bed Depth: 20.0 Remote Keyless Entry Quad Burner Headlamps Quad Burner Headlamps Sound Speakers and Subwoofer CD Radio 17-inch Aluminum Wheels Fog Lamps Fog Lamps Remote Start P265/70R17 BSW Tires SIRIUS® Satellite Radio TRX Off-Road Decals Sport Cloth High Shoulder Bucket Seats, Leather-Wrapped Heated Steering Wheel Side-Curtain Air Bags Electronic Vehicle Information Center Rear Sliding Window 8-way Power Driver, Split/Fold Rear Dual-Zone Automatic Temperature Control 4-Wheel Disc ABS (EVIC) in Cluster with Tire Pressure Display Passenger Visor Mirror Monotone Interior Leather-Trimmed 40/20/40 Heated Bench Electronic Stability Control Seat, Power 10-way Driver, 8-way Passenger, Express One-Touch Power Windows Floor Console-Mounted Shifter Automatic Headlamps with Rear Split/Fold and Storage Power Door Locks Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel with Base Audio Speakers Security Alarm Black Power Heated Mirrors Audio Controls Bed Rail Caps Memory System with Mirrors, Seats, Floor Mats Soft Upper Instrument Panel and Electronic Range Select Door Trim Pedals and Radio QUAD CAB Total Length: 229.0 26-Gallon Fuel Tank 115V Power Inverter Bright Accents/Woodgrain Door Trim Total Width: 79.4 32-Gallon Fuel Tank for Regular Cab Long Box Power Adjustable Pedals Bed Length: 76.3 Dual Exhaust — Refined Power Note Bed Width: 66.4 Laramie Badge Bed Depth: 20.1 WHEELS 1 2 3 4 5 1. 17-inch drop-center steel wheel with Black center cap [Standard on ST models] Give your Ram the personal touch — 2. 17-inch chrome-clad steel wheel [Optional on ST models] and create a ride that’s all your own. 3. 17-inch painted aluminum wheel [Standard on SLT and TRX models] The wheel selection for 2010 Ram 1500 4. 17-inch chrome-clad aluminum wheel [Optional on Laramie models] REGULAR Short Long ranges from capable 17" wheels to CAB Box Box authoritative new 22" aluminum rollers. 5. 20-inch painted aluminum wheel [Standard with Big Horn Group, Optional on SLT] Total Length: 209.0 226.9 6. 20-inch chrome-clad aluminum wheel [Standard on Sport, Optional with Big Horn Group] Total Width: 79.4 79.4 6 7 8 9 10 Bed Length: 76.3 98.3 7. 20-inch chrome-clad aluminum wheel [Standard on Laramie models] Bed Width: 66.4 66.4 8. 22-inch polished forged aluminum wheel [Standard on R/T, late availability] Bed Depth: 20.1 20.2 9. 20-inch 5-spoke chrome-plated cast aluminum wheel [Authentic Ram Accessory by Mopar] 10. 20-inch 6-spoke polished forged aluminum wheel [Authentic Ram Accessory by Mopar]