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  1. 1. Cole D Dodd for employer Thank you for taking the time to review my resume. I would like to acknowledge my ability to stay on task and get a project done in a neat, timely fashion. I'm good at following instructions to the T, and have an acute sense of leadership. I have been diligent in studying Software Engineering, retaining the information, and yielding positive results. While my education is unorthodox for this field of expertise I have become confident in my ability to code and troubleshoot problems that arise. I hope my qualifications meet your expectations and that we have the opportunity to discuss employment. 434 Lost Cove SpiceWood, TX, 78669 417-468-8792
  2. 2. Skills & Expertise Software Languages • Entry level experience working with XML, HTML, XHTML & HTML 5 • Entry level experience working with CSS & CSS 3. • Entry level experience with JS. • Entry level experience with Jquery. • Entry level experience with Python. Version Control • Entry level experience working with the Git VCS. ◦ Additional experience working with Git bash on Windows. Text Processing • Entry level experience working with LibreOffice. • Experience working with Microsoft Word. • Experience working with Sublime text. Personal Attributes • I am a scientist with a love for creativity and learning. • I am a leader with an affinity for team leading & coordination. • I have strong troubleshooting abilities. • Intrinsically motivated autodidact. Experience CodeCademy Through CodeCademy I’ve learned everything from the basic design and format of HTML documents, to the complexities of styling and creating a more intricate webpage. CodeCademy is not an accredited program, however it gives you the experience of actually troubleshooting and writing code. Searching through endless lines of elements and solving the problem makes you understand why things work the way they do.
  3. 3. About Myself I have one year of hands-on experience writing code. While I do not have the typical source of education in this field of work I am confident in my ability, CodeCademy's educational programs, and in the person who has inspired and taught me along the way. Anthony Dodd is an employee at Rackspace and has taught me invaluable information about writing software and the “tricks of the trade.” I am new the this career but always learning new information and trying to improve upon myself. I know that I have the ability to be a great fit inside you're company and to only improve the work environment. References Anthony Dodd • Cell: 512-417-1411 • Email: Recommendation I personally recommend Cole Dodd for a Software Developer I or equivalent position. He has demonstrated competence in the fields of XML/HTML, CSS, Git version control usage, as well as an entry level understanding of Python. Cole has the ability to learn quickly and fully. When properly invested in, he will become a most valuable resource to any organization. Anthony Dodd Senior Sofware Engineer, Rackspace Hosting 512-417-1411