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Financial Services Power Team (Barrie, Ontario)


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A brief overview of how independent Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate agents, Insurance Brokers and Financial Planners can work together to provide a seamless and highly valuable experience to a client looking to start their lives in a new home.

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Financial Services Power Team (Barrie, Ontario)

  1. 1. Real Estate & Financial ServicesPower Team BNI Simcoe Executives
  2. 2. DREAMS & GOALS3 MOST IMPORTANT GOALS - RANK THEM IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE Increase Income Save Tax Have My Own Business Childrens Education Buy a Home or Cottage Pay Off Mortgage Early Pay Off Debts Protect My Familys Income
  3. 3. Client Financial Snapshot MANAGE DEBT • Do you have a current plan for getting out of debt? __ Yes __ No • What is it?                     LIABILITIES LOAN TYPE - Co. - BALANCE - PAYMENT - INT% - YRS LEFT - TERM AMT • Mortgage(s): • Mtg Ins • Property Tax • Vehicle(s): Year: Make: • Credit Card 1, 2, 3, 4? • LOC 1 , 2? • Other TOTAL:
  4. 4. Save Your Down Payment!DP Saving Strategies:• Set up a regular automatic savings plan• Save any special monetary gifts you may receive• Use any investments or other collateral you may have1• Take advantage of the RSP Home Buyers PlanConsider using your RSP to help with your down payment• RSP First Time Homebuyers plan• Must be repaid within 15 years, subject to a minimum annual repayment
  5. 5. The Plan• The average First Time Home Purchase in the Barrie area is: $250,000• 95% available on first time purchases• Will need minimum 5% DP = $12,500Savings Calculator Results• Monthly savings $666.00• No. of months 18• Rate of return 7%• Total deposited $11,988.00• Total saved with interest $12,617.00• Tax refund after first 12 months $1,598 .00 Funds must be invested 90 days before being eligible for use with Home Buyers Plan
  6. 6. Mortgage Pre- Qualification•Personal Interview with client•Ability and freedom for client to be totally honest•A TRUE prequalification•Able to choose lender specifically•Advice on the best term, features important to client and any otherpreference…. (lender choice, portability, etc)
  7. 7. House Number 1 Listed for $209,000. Sold for $185,000.
  8. 8. House Number 2 Listed for $194,900. Sold for $189,000.
  9. 9. House Number 3 Was Listed for $209,000. Never Sold.
  10. 10. House Number 4Listed at $234,900. We buy for $225,000!
  11. 11. And The Dream Comes True!
  12. 12. Approval Time!• Help client keep on target with timing deadlines (paperwork, contacting lawyer, etc)• Appraisal is ordered and cleared by lender, if one is needed• Lawyer documentation is faxed• Follow up with lender for any changes• Make sure lawyer is instructed by lender• Answer any last minute questions or concerns of client prior to the closing date
  13. 13. Bank VS WFG Insurance
  14. 14. Protect more than your mortgage... …protect your family’s future.