Piazza Del Duomo


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Piazza Del Duomo

  1. 1. Piazza del Duomo<br />
  2. 2. The Cathedral Complex of Pisa<br />The complex is located in the center of Pisa<br />It is known as Piazza deiMiracolli (Square of Miracles) or Piazza Del Duomo (Cathedral Square) <br />Four buildings make up the square, the Duomo (Cathedral), Baptista (Baptistery), Campanile (Leaning Tower - Bell Tower), Campo Santo (Walled Cemetery)<br />It is often considered one of the main centers of medieval art in the world.<br />
  3. 3. Media/Techniques<br />The buildings were made mostly of marble, burnt clay and adorned with bronze, glass, gold. <br />Many different styles:<br /> Early Christian/Roman<br />Seperated cathedral, campanile, and baptistery.<br />Cruciform in plan and situated on an east west-axis (primary apse facing east). <br />Recycled classical columns were used to support the interior. <br />Pisan Romanesque<br />Blind Arcades: a series of arches that have no actual openings with well defined columns and are applied to the surface of the wall as a decorative element<br />Gothic style<br />Fresco paintings housed inside the buildings.<br />Domes and Tower additions.<br /> With aspects of Islamic, byzantine, and trans-alpine Influences<br />
  4. 4. History <br />Cathedral was Commissioned in 1064.<br />Built on the remains of an earlier existing Paleo-Christian church.<br />Begun in 1093 with Buscheto as the main architect. (Buried in the last blind arch on the left side of the facade.)<br />dedicated in 1118 by Pope Gelasius II, though it was far from complete.<br />Baptistery- started building in 1152.<br />Bell tower was started in 1173.<br />Bell tower begins to lean in 1185 only three stories were built.<br />
  5. 5. History<br />In 1278 the walled cemetery began construction.<br />In the 14th century gothic styled additions were added to the buildings. <br />Bell tower was completed in 1319.<br />Finally put the bell on the tower in 1350.<br />Baptistery was completed in the late 1300s.<br />Pisa was sold to Florence in 1392.<br />Improved by the Florentines in the 15th century . <br />The Cemetery was completed in 1464.<br />The last chapel commissioned in the cemetery in 1594 by archbishop Carlo Antonio Dal Pozzo.<br />
  6. 6. History<br />Restoration work was commissioned to some of the best renaissance artists after a fire in 1595.<br />1944 incendiary bombs dropped onto the walled cemetery and set the roof on fire and covered them in molten lead, all but destroying the frescos.<br /> Since 1945 restoration works have been going on and now the Cemetery has been brought back to its original state.<br />1990 bell tower is closed to the public because it was too dangerous at that point, the lean was too far.<br />2001 restoration completed the bell tower was opened to the public once again.<br />
  7. 7. Subject<br />Commemorate the greatness of Pisa during the good economic and political times. <br />The cathedral was dedicated to their city’s protector the virgin Mary<br />The Baptistery was dedicated to John the Baptist. <br />Highlights Major Medieval art pieces of that time<br />It represent Romanesque and Gothic architecture.<br />
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Economic/ Environmental/ Religious/ Political/ Social<br />The cathedral was created in a time in which Pisa was in great economic status through trade with the Arabs in Sicily and Sardinia. Referring to the city as “New Rome” <br />In the 15th century Pisa fell into political and economic decline and came under the military the domination of Florence. Pisa was maintained and improved by the Florentines (mainly the Medici family).<br />
  10. 10. Economic/ Environmental/ Religious/ Political/ Social<br />Pisa is a port city that benefited by trade<br />It is located north of the Arno River. <br />Centered within a expansive green field.<br />Often the first sight seen when entering Pisa.<br /> Separate from the growing walled city.<br />It is a cathedral that was influenced by the political power and economic wealth in Pisa.<br />Pisa played a central role in Medici family politics in Europe <br />
  11. 11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUpuhCEW4mE<br />
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