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  • Planning
  • Organisation of models
  • Organization of location: Location 1
  • Organization of location: Location 2
  • Organization of location: Location 3
  • Organization of location: Location 4
  • Organization of location: Location 5
  • Front Cover Plan and Mock Up
  • Planning

    1. 1. General Planning<br />
    2. 2. Calendar<br />
    3. 3. Organization of Models<br />Further scheduling by phone. <br />Models: Crystal Symonds –<br /> tel: 07805169133<br /> Amber Roberts –<br />tel: 07403556668<br />Emma Tomkins –<br />Screenshots of the emails sent to the models through the college system and their responses, showing interaction and forward planning. <br />Confirmed <br />schedule:<br />Due to the bad weather, further photoshoots will be scheduled for next week.<br />
    4. 4. Organization of Location<br />Location 1: Back of the Rotherfield Hall <br />Image<br />Image<br />This image will be intended for the contents page<br />
    5. 5. Organization of Location<br />Location 2: Bench outside D4, Deanfield site <br />Image<br />Image<br />This image will be intended for the main cover<br />
    6. 6. Organization of Location<br />Location 3: Stairs outside D5 meeting rooms<br />Image<br />Image<br />This photo is intended for the contents page – lead article. <br />
    7. 7. Organization of Location<br />Location 4: D4, music room<br />Image<br />Image<br />This photo is intended for the contents page. <br />
    8. 8. Organization of Location<br />Location 5: Benches near by the Deanfield site entrance. <br />Image<br />Image<br />This image is intended for the double page spread. <br />
    9. 9. Storyboard<br />Long shot- setting the atmosphere<br />Long shot – establishing the setting and atmosphere. <br />Long shot – simple and artistic. Focus on mis-en-scene. No surrounding distractions. <br />Long shot (will be cropped for the double page spread) <br />Long shot – it will become a mid-shot after editing. <br />
    10. 10. Organization of Mis-en-Scene<br />(Costume and Props)<br />White mid length dress with blue flowers – emphasising on the nature of the style and the singer’s youth.<br />Long earrings for the shot which emphasises the make-up and costume.<br />Image<br />Image<br />Image<br />Country style, checkered shirt. Loose, checkered tops are associated with country music.<br />White flower hair pin – to convey the artists’ youth and innocence. <br />Guitar – the instrument which is most frequently heard in country music.<br />
    11. 11. Front Cover Plan and Mock Up<br />Brief<br />Genre: Country<br />Target audience & market: Aged 16-28 (predominantly females), United States<br />Colour scheme: White, yellow/orange, brown, black (occasionally green) – natural colours<br />Mode of address: Personal, frequent use of “you”, “your” and “us” to create a connection and sense of community. <br />Skyline<br />Puff<br />Masthead<br />Date line and issue number<br />Tagline<br />Cover Line<br />Cover Line<br />Main Image<br />Cover Line<br />Cover Line<br />Main cover line (lead article)<br />Bar code and price<br />Buzz word<br />Buzz word<br />
    12. 12. Research: Flat Planning for Q<br />
    13. 13. 1<br />3<br />2<br />4<br />5<br />9<br />8<br />7<br />6<br />10<br />11<br />15<br />13<br />12<br />19<br />18<br />17<br />16<br />22<br />20<br />21<br />23<br />14<br />30<br />33<br />24<br />25<br />26<br />27<br />28<br />29<br />31<br />35<br />34<br />32<br />45<br />44<br />41<br />40<br />38<br />37<br />36<br />39<br />47<br />46<br />43<br />42<br />54<br />53<br />52<br />51<br />50<br />49<br />48<br />55<br />56<br />57<br />Research: Flat Planning for NME<br />Sky Line<br />Main title<br />Double page spread <br />Double page spread <br />image<br />The Duffer of St George Devlin advert<br />image<br />Canon Advert<br />text<br />Body text<br />Main Image<br />Title<br />Main image<br />Double page....... <br />Main image<br />article<br />interview<br />Body of text<br />Main image<br />image<br />image<br />image<br />Pull quote<br />image<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />image<br />title<br />image<br />image<br />Body text<br />Body text<br />advert<br />heading<br />Advert for bob<br />heading<br />heading<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Subscription offer <br />Body of text<br />Main image<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Main image<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Body of text<br />advert<br />Body of text<br />image<br />sky line double page spread<br />Body of text<br />Heading title<br />Main image<br />Heading title<br />Heading title<br />Heading title<br />image<br />Heading title<br />image<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Body of text<br />image<br />image<br />image<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Head line double page spread<br />image<br />image<br />Head line<br />image<br />image<br />image<br />image<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Advert lacoste<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Body of text<br />Head line<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Head line<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />image<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />pic<br />pic<br />Body of text<br />Body of text<br />
    14. 14. Flat Planning for Country Avenue<br />Message<br /> from the editor<br />Walmart<br />Advert<br />Article<br />Faith Hill album <br />advert <br />‘This month’<br />Section – review of the month<br />Carrie Underwood “Play On” album advert<br />Image<br />Subscription<br />offer<br />Article<br />Contents<br />Credits<br />Ipad advert<br />Advert<br />Double page spread (image)<br />Main feature article <br />Double page spread (image)<br />Double page spread (image)<br />Double page spread (image)<br />Double page spread (text)<br />Continued<br /> advert<br />Article<br />Double page spread (text)<br />Double page spread (text)<br />Taylor Swift <br />Album<br /> advert<br />Advert<br />Double page spread (image)<br />Double page spread (images)<br />Lady Antebelum album <br />advert<br />Continued<br />Tim <br />McGraw <br />album <br />offer<br />Reba McEntire article<br />Brad Paisley advert<br />Article<br />Double page spread (text)<br />Article<br />Double page spread (text)<br />Crystal Symonds album advert – related to the artcile<br />Image<br />Double page spread (text)<br />Advert<br />Advert<br />Double page spread (text)<br />Article<br />Faith Hill interview<br />Double page spread (image)<br />Article <br />Image<br />Image<br />Image<br />Allison<br /> Krauss<br /> article <br />Double page spread (image)<br />Article <br />Kellie Pikler album avert<br />New albums image<br />Carrie Underwood tour promotion and dates <br />Corresponding image<br />Your<br /> letters<br />Faith Hill advert and tour dates in left column<br />Download this month<br />Miranda Lambert tour dates and album advert<br />“Your pictures” section<br />New albums reviews<br />Music review<br />Music reviews<br />Music review<br />Merchandise<br />
    15. 15. Reflection<br />Planning is a vital aspect of this project. Firstly, I created a calendar with brief details about what I was going to do each day – precise to the hour. In the calendar I ticked off tasks which I had completed to help me keep track of my progress. I made a list of five models who I thought would suit the country themed magazine and verbally asked them if they’d be available for a photoshoot. Three of them had agreed to be part of the shoot. The same day I sent out an e-mail via the college system with a rough schedule of times and dates and requested for a confirmation or adjustment for those dates. I kept in contact with each of the models in college, through mobile phones and online to let them know that the shoot is still going ahead. On the first day of the photoshoot, due to the bad weather I hadn’t been able to go ahead with Crystal’s photoshoot as it was raining, the benched were wet and there was a misunderstanding with the student who was lending me the guitar. Therefore, this weekend I will be sending out another e-mails asking Crystal for another shoot. Amber and Emma’s photoshoot went ahead successfully as they were under a roof or inside the building. <br /> I organised the locations keeping in mind the suitability of the settings as well as trying to pick spots where the crowds aren’t big. I had chosen simple locations so that the background isn’t distracting, but artistic, so that the audience is able to focus on the model and the mis-en-scene, not the surroundings. Filling out the location recce informed me in depth about the circumstances I would need to take into consideration. Furthermore, I made sketches of the “storyboard” which illustrates the specific types of shots and camera angels for the images. I decided that I will take them all using long shot, so that I can edit and alter them as I go on. I accurately organised the mis-en-scene, having asked my friend for a guitar (the instrument mostly associated with the genre), flower hair pins (emphasising on youth) and a checkered shirt which is quiet loose and follows the codes of country style and music. <br /> I created four different types of font for the masthead, and I will ask my audience to pick the one they prefer so I can make my final decision. I also outlined the brief details of the magazine purpose and style to refer back to as I go on. In addition, the flat planning research supported me in creating my own layout for the front page (following conventions) and flat plan for the pages of my magazine, which helped me visualise my magazine. I picked natural colours for the main colour combination, with the intention that it conveys the theme of country and the environment. I will be using the personal mode of address to create a bond between the editor and the audience, as well as a feeling of community. <br />