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  1. 1. From the editor: Welcome to the second issue ofCountry Avenue in 2012! In this edition I‟d like topresent to you the incredible newcomer CrystalSymonds, as well as many more feature interviewswith the artists you love; including Faith Hill andCarrie Underwood – the two dominating winners atlast month‟s CMAs. Furthermore, we bring you thelatest news from the country world, exclusives, aswell as tonnes of reviews of the upcoming albumsand what we think will be hitting the #1 spot in thenear future! Don‟t forget to check out our brandnew section “Your letters/Your pictures” -dedicated to all of you and your gig experience!Have a fantastic February! Signature Puff: Free MEGA Subscription offer: Subscribe to Country Poster Avenue and save $30! We‟d like to hear from With your monthly subscription to Country you, e-mail us at Avenue, you never miss an issue – delivered free of charge to your front door. With the first issue you will receive retail vouchers, latest downloads and more! (US citizens only)
  2. 2. Mock Up #1 Country Avenue MastheadIdentically to the front cover, I tried to Puffuse and include as many conventional Contents Mastheadfeatures of contents pages aspossible, by continuously referring This Monthback to my research. The elements Ihave included are the main Contentstitle, the front cover masthead of the From Latestmagazine (serving as a logo), a puff thepromoting the mega posters inside, a editormessage from the editor, a smaller and Page numberssimpler This Month title, three photos Featureswith corresponding page numbers, thecontents listing categorized into three(similarly to Billboard magazine), and a Photosubscription offer with the photo of thecurrent issue. I didn‟t leave massive Reviewsblack spaces so that the page looks Photo„packed‟ with content, however I madesure to lay out the page so that itdoesn‟t appear overpowering or Photo ofovercrowded to the user. Subscription the Photo magazine Offer
  3. 3. Mock Up #2 Country Avenue MastheadFor the second mock up I decided to use Puffthe same elements, but only change the Contents Mastheadlay out; this is because I wanted to seethe difference a different lay out makes This Monthin appearance and I didn‟t want to endup with two massively different pages tochoose from, as then it‟d be difficult to Latest Photocompare the two. I kept one of theslightly tilted photos as I wanted to keep Page numbersthe layout conventional; and the sizes ofmost of the elements, with slight Featureschanges, as they had to be adapted tothe new lay out. I positioned the contents Photolistings on the left side and I kept thesubscription offer at the bottom where it Reviewstends to appear in music magazines. Ihave opted for the second mock up of Photothe contents page as a template for thefinal page. I see this layout as moremature and professional, and it appears From the Photoclearer. editor of the Subscription maga Offer zine
  4. 4. APRIL 2012I constantly referred back to my initial researchin order to keep the conventions. The pagecontains a puff, which is highlighted in yellow FREE MEGA 18on black background and it accompanies a THISPOSTER! MONTH 18tilted photo corresponding to the selling point;as well as the titles of categories white on black LATEwith red page number for clarity. The artists‟ 6 8 ST THE COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS CARRIE UNDERWOOD 10 THE GRAND OLE OPRYnames are bold, which is a convention for 11 LADY ANTEBELLUMcontents pages, just like in standfirsts. Thecolumn on the right contains three photos of the FEATUmain features with clearly indicated page 14 18 RES FAITH HILL – Q&A: Your questions answered! EMILY ROOTE - COVER STORY! In her first major interview, the promising star talks of her rise to famenumbers for easy navigation. I kept the same and gives advice to young artists. 24 What’s the deal with TIM MCGRAW?colour scheme as on the front cover for 28 30 AMBER ROBERTS’ journey to the Grand Ole Opry Back on the road with TAYLOR SWIFTconsistency, but mainly used black and white 34 EMMA TOMKINS is back! The superstar talks of her return to music. 38 THE GRAMMYS – A detailed review of the winners, thefor the key features so that the page is clear losers, the fashion and the show stopping performances!and readable. Following the conventions 46 YOUR letters and photos!further, I included a message from the 28editor, and I scanned in my own signature for REVIEauthenticity, and a subscription offer which is 50 WS ALBUMS OUT THIS MONTH – ALISON KRAUSS, LEANN RIMES, KEITH URBAN and more! 52 LATEST SINGLESoften seen on contents pages. The contents 54 THE ULTIMATE COUNTRY GIG GUIDE – Live reviews, tour announcements and the best deals for the greatest livetitle follows the same colour scheme and is the experience!largest font on the whole page. I inserted the 34 FROM THEmonth of the issue and the magazine‟s Welcome to the second issue of Country Avenue in 2011! In this EDITOR edition I’d like to present to you the incredible new-masthead (and logo) on the slug of the page. I comer Crystal Symonds, as well as many more feature interviews with the artists you love; including SUBSCRIBE NOW!used the colour red to emphasise on one of the Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood – the two domina- Special offer! Subscribe to Country From the ting winners at last month’s CMAs. Furthermore, we bring you Avenue today and save $30! With the latest news from the country world, exclusives, as well as your monthly subscription to Countrypuffs and the page numbers. tonnes of reviews of the upcoming albums and what we think Avenue, you never miss an issue – delivered free of charge to your front editor will be hitting the #1 spot in the near future! Don’t forget to door. With the first issue you will check out our brand new section “Your letters/Your pictures” - receive retail vouchers, latest dedicated to all of you and your gig experience! Have a downloads and more! (US citizens fantastic February! only) Edi t or -i n-C ef hi Visit: