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ColdFusion Keynote: Building the Agile Web Since 1995


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ColdFusion Keynote: Building the Agile Web Since 1995

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ColdFusion Keynote: Building the Agile Web Since 1995

  1. 1. ColdFusion: Building the agile web since 1995 Tridib Roy Chowdhury Senior Director of Products and General Manager, Adobe Systems
  2. 2. ColdFusion Summit 2016 Know Yourselves 2 500+ attendees 212 companies 39% managers 61% developers 15 countries
  3. 3. Our Sponsors PLATINUM GOLD SILVER
  4. 4. Know ColdFusion Double-digit growth Launch/Launch 2000 new customers added over the last year 21 years young and still going strong
  5. 5. ColdFusion Usage Survey 2016 SYSTEM ADMIN CONSULTANT WEB DEVELOPER WEB ARCHITECT 3% 5% 51% 20% MANAGEMENT OTHER 14% 7% 435 people surveyed
  6. 6. New Application Development 6 70%build new applications with ColdFusion
  7. 7. Nature of COLDFUSION Applications 7 86%External-facing applications using ColdFusion
  8. 8. Server-side technologies used 8 26%Customers using ONLY ColdFusion PHP, .NET popular in the stack
  10. 10. Cloud: gaining traction 10 RACKSPACE AWS MICROSOFT AZURE 19% 55% 13% 30%deploy ColdFusion on Cloud
  11. 11. Exposing services as APIs 11 COST REDUCTION MOBILE NEW CHANNEL REVENUE 25% 28% 14% 10%
  12. 12. Role of ColdFusion 12 76% Rate ColdFusion as critical in their technology stack
  13. 13. Why ColdFusion matters?
  14. 14. Why ColdFusion matters 14 Performance Security Partnerships Community
  15. 15. Why ColdFusion matters 15 Performance Security Partnerships Community
  16. 16. Boosting performance 16 30%Improvement over ColdFusion 11 Performance Cached Queries 822% File Functions 67% List Functions 66% Whitespace management 25% Argument Validation 25% CFLoop 22%
  17. 17. API Manager 17 Performance Only product to publish a detailed performance white paper PERFORMANCE WHITE PAPER 30ms Low Latency 1B High Thru’put 1.8xThru’put Scalable 2x User Scalable A D D I N G O F A N O D E B A S E P E R F O R M A N C E
  18. 18. Support for Nginx Performance
  19. 19. Michael Brady, Chief Information Officer Performance
  20. 20. Stay on the wave, or be Crushed by it
  21. 21. About US 2013 Torch Award Winner Trust • Performance • Integrity BBB of Central NC marketamerica | SHOP•COM 2015: Online Sales $791,081,690 2014: Online Sales $724,292,907 2013: Online Sales $649,917,345 e-tailer | Marketing Company | Product Brokerage
  22. 22. Company Size: • e-Commerce Employees: 802 • Technology Employees: 267 SHOP•COM
  23. 23. Sites and Languages 9 Countries 5 languages Different experiences, localizations for every country & language.
  24. 24. Stay on the wave, or be Crushed by it
  25. 25. Getting crushed by the wave
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  27. 27. Response Getting crushed by the wave
  28. 28. DO YOU WANT Error Handling By Obfuscation Do you know what a rm-4 is? This received a 200 OK Not very intuitive
  29. 29. People – Great people, talent, bridge the skills gap. Read: James C. Collins – Good to Great Process –  Address the growing need for agility speed to market (Agile)  Improved Coding Standards  Release Process – Feature Based  Break free from technical debt Technology – ColdFusion  Enterprise & Adopt Latest Versions of CF Server  Linux/Apache – 20 GB RAM, 6-CPUs Each  Built Middle Tier in ColdFusion  Web Services/API architecture (and mindset)  ColdFusion – Communication with multiple data sources UV, CouchBase, SQL and MySQL  Session management via SQL and MySQL Reset People,Process,Technology
  30. 30. Technology Stack Programming Languages: Front End & Middle Tiers: ColdFusion, Java, PHP Databases: UniVerse, SQL, MySQL NoSQL: CouchBase, Hadoop, Lucene, Elastic Web Services tie it together…
  31. 31. 15 23 292 PHP Web sites JAVA Web sites ColdFusion Web sites Websites Worldwide ColdFusion is Scalable
  32. 32. ColdFusion websites systems support: • 46,324,075 monthly page views • 2.93 million visitors monthly marketamerica public websites support: • 51,108,874 monthly page views • 3.87 million visitors monthly This does not include the traffic to our ColdFusion Web Services middle tier Page Views and Users ColdFusion is Scalable
  33. 33. 35 • Scales our Technology • Grows our Business Web Services (APIs) are not just a Technical Nicety they are a Business Strategy @ marketamerica Technical Necessity Web Services ColdFusion is Scalable
  34. 34. The back office for our direct sales distributors Web Services enables our App Store
  35. 35. Affiliates: Small Businesses, Bloggers – earn money ($) when a customer buys from SHOP.COM Can earn 15% Commission
  36. 36. 38 • SHOP.COM Product Data • Build Consumer Apps • Build Business Tools • Compete in a Hackathon
  37. 37. Linux Apache Tomcat cfusion We add 4 instances of ColdFusion from cfusion sever rinse and repeat… ColdFusion Scales
  38. 38. Linux Apache Tomcat ColdFusion Scales
  39. 39. Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat • We divide instances by function • Scale horizontally Cache is king! How do we accomplish sharing cache across all servers? ColdFusion Scales
  40. 40. Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Enterprise Ehcache Terracotta BigMemory BigMemory BigMemory BigMemory Scale beyond standard local to each server for Fortunately CF is plug/play with Enterprise Ehcache ColdFusion Scales
  41. 41. Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Enterprise Ehcache Terracotta BigMemory BigMemory BigMemory BigMemory SQL mySQL UniVerse CouchBase ColdFusion Scales
  42. 42. Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Linux Apache Tomcat Enterprise Ehcache Terracotta BigMemory BigMemory BigMemory BigMemory SQL mySQL UniVerse CouchBase ColdFusion Scales
  43. 43. Networks, Load Balancers, Firewalls
  44. 44. Michael Brady @ marketamerica ColdFusion is key as an enabler and technology strategy to grow our business and build the next generation of systems and software.
  45. 45. Why ColdFusion matters 47 Performance Security Partnerships Community
  46. 46. Unbelievable, but true Source: Symantec security threat report Security New zero day vulnerability discovered every week in 2015! Vulnerabilities still found in 75% of websites
  47. 47. Security audit process 49 Security Ongoing Security Check ColdFusion Security Team Dedicated Security Czar Dedicated Security Quality Engineer 100% - Secure Software Engineering certified ColdFusion Product Secure by default Security issue backlog to zero Regular quarterly security updates During Product Development Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team (ASSET) Team of industry leading security experts ColdFusion Product Team Ensure right security architecture
  48. 48. Security incident response process When a security incident occurs Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) Team involved with security incidents ColdFusion Product Team • Zero-day incidents immediately resolved • Quarterly Security UpdatesIdentify, Mitigate, Resolve Security
  49. 49. Customers applying security updates Duration post update release Percentage - 2014 Percentage - 2016 As soon as it is available 16% 16% Less than a week 21% 25% Less than a month 28% 34% More than a month 12% 8% No regular interval 19% 14% Do not update 4% 2% 51 Security
  50. 50. Brian Peterson, Chief Information Officer Security
  51. 51. • Leading Payments Processor • ~60M payments processed last year • Linux, CF, MySQL • ~120 CF servers • CF/Java transaction processing platform
  52. 52. ColdFusion Platform ColdFusion extensibility – take advantage • Event Gateways front-end Java socket listeners • APIs used for modularity • IVR • Client data submission • Payment validation • External partner integration • Two-way SMS
  53. 53. Monitoring and logging • Standard resource utilization • FusionReactor • Custom Application logs • Error Tracker Configuration management Performance Tuning • JVM • Query tuning • DB schema Operating at Scale
  54. 54. Infrastructure • Restrict ~CFIDE • Change the admin username! • CF patching • WAF • Custom application logs • Log monitoring and alerting Code • Secure Coding Standards • Peer review • Infosec review • Manual code review • Runtime security testing Security
  55. 55. “Fear cripples developers” “The best developers spend disproportionately more time helping other developers” “Automate tests for every feature and every bug fix” “Before you build, plan to grow” “Developers must be self-motivated” “Modularity is the single most important technical factor in your ability to test and change your product quickly” Secret Sauce: Development Team by Eric Elliott
  56. 56. Brian Peterson CIO, Global Cash Card
  57. 57. Why ColdFusion matters 59 Performance Security Partnerships Community
  58. 58. Partnerships with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) Partnerships A large percentage of new customers come in through ISVs
  59. 59. VSR Systems Eric Kratz, Chief Executive Officer Witt Schenck, West Coast WMS Project Leader Partnerships
  60. 60. Who We Are… • VSR / VSRWest • Boutique Software Company located in Westchester, NY and Southern CA. • Provide 2 Cold Fusion Business Solutions which work seamlessly together or independently of each other; • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning • WMS - Warehouse Management System
  61. 61. Who We Are… • VSR / VSRWest • ERP – Mature / Tested Application (~15+ years) • Over 120 Unique Brands across multiple Industries • Garment • Accessories • Home Textiles • ~$650 Million of Sales flows through the ERP Annually • ~450 Million Transactions Processed Monthly
  62. 62. Our Markets… • ERP is focused on Manufacturers and Distributors • WMS also includes Logistical Companies (3PL, 4PL (FF)) • Clients in NY, CA, Chicago, Montreal – all have active offices/users in Asia and Europe.
  63. 63. Our Products/Services… • ERP – Designed for SKU based clients to track: • Product Design > Production > Inventory > Sales > Profitability > Financial Reporting. • WMS – Receiving, Inventory Management by Location, Shipping of Outbound Inventory, EDI • Both Products support custom configuration by Client. • Both Products give total visibility using data gathering and easy to use multi-filtering reporting
  64. 64. Highlights… • WMS • Configurable Workflow Tasking Engine • Scan/Pack/Ship Features • Architecture: ColdBox / CacheBox / Wirebox / Logbox • Propriety EDI Engine supporting Industry Standard Communications w/ XML translator • ERP • Next Release will utilize Coldbox Architecture and Workflow Tasking Engine • eCommerce Integrations • Future • Mobilizing WMS • API’s - ERP  WMS
  65. 65. Why CF?… • The reduced development time of ColdFusion’s tag based language allows us to focus on code design over development • ColdFusion is able to integrate with other languages. Want to use an existing JAVA object.. it’s as easy as dropping the library and calling createObject() • Continued growth, support and evolution of the product itself. • Superior development turn time compared to our competitors
  66. 66. Product Life Cycle…
  67. 67. Why ColdFusion matters 69 Performance Security Partnerships Community
  68. 68. Community ColdFusion Community Looking Ahead… CFfiddle A common watering hole for all things ColdFusion Merging Forums, Blogs, FAQs, Q&A, Slack etc. CF developers can now create, try, share CF applications – all from within the comfort of the browser.
  69. 69. Road ahead – ColdFusion Aether Accelerate digital transformation Containarize Modernize Platform Embrace devsecops Provision micro-services Scale your business with API Management Platform Built-in containerized deployments(dockers etc.) helping continuous deployment and testing Distribute security decisions at speed and scale – building on Security Analyser Modularize and independently manage and scale microservices
  70. 70. Thank you! Engage – Learn - Share!