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Sponsored by Gem Migration of State of Bitcoin Q1 2015


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Sponsored by Gem
Migration of Wall Street Executives to Bitcoin
Companies Continues
77State of Bitcoin Q1 2015
Sources: WSJ, CoinDesk, LinkedIn
Blythe Masters,
JP Morgan Chase.
Now at Digital Assets
Holdings LLC
Gene Sperling,
National Economic
Council. Now advisor at
Ripple Labs
Duncan Niederauer,
NYSE. Now advisor
at TeraExchange
Paul Camp,
JP Morgan Chase.
Now at Circle
Arthur Levitt,
SEC. Now advisor at
BitPay and Vaurum
Arthur Hayes,
Citi. Now at BitMEX
Jason Weinstein,
US Department of
Justice. Now advisor at
Timo Schlaefer,
Goldman Sachs.
Now at Crypto

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