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Sponsored by Gem Break Even State of Bitcoin Q1 2015


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Sponsored by Gem
Break Even for Bitcoin ATM Owners is 11 Months;
Average ATM Generates $5,520 profit per year
57State of Bitcoin Q1 2015
Sources: CoinDesk, BitAccess, Reddit, CoinATMRadar
Notes: Annual profits vary significantly depending on transaction volume. BitAccess machines are doing about $30,000 in transactions
per month (Montreal installed machine). Skyhook Bitcoin ATM in Philippines has on average 40-50 transactions per month. However,
the average bitcoin purchase size is not revealed.
Operation Metrics
Number of transactions/month 100
Average transaction size ($) 200
Transaction fee revenue (%) 5
Revenue per year ($) 12,000
Cost Metrics
Bitcoin ATM acquisition cost ($) 5,000
Place rent/month ($) 200
Exchange fee (%) 0.2
Cash logistics/month ($) 300
Costs per year ($) 6,480
Profits per Year ($) 5,520

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